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1. Cooperation

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1 Becoming a light to the world

1 You wish to live in truth and light and to be a messenger who offers truth and light to the world. You and a partnership of like-minded individuals have asked for guidance in establishing your wish.

2 Begin by making yourself and your efforts nothing but a channel for blessings of good from the Source to others.

3 You might think that you are the most interesting thing in life, but your ego must become null and void. You must forfeit your self-interest in favor of love for another. You must work as hard to yield your self-interest as you do to help another.

4 Losing yourself in universal love should be your ideal and the ideal of all who seek Him. Universal love is what you must feel for others if you are to help others to find themselves.

5 As you work alongside other individuals in your daily life, the promises of Christ, the Water of Life, will be made more plain.

6 Concentrate all your attention on whatever task comes your way. Let your mind reflect His: "Not my will but Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Be a means of moving blessings to someone, and He will bless you. "They who seek my face shall find it."

7 You will reflect yourself, and reveal yourself by comparing your thoughts and activities to His during your everyday business.

8 Serve your spiritual growth by serving others in a cooperative manner. Seek those spiritual resources that may help you understand cooperation according to your ability to know and to understand. You are a vital part of the effort that will present a light to the waiting world. As you seek, you shall find; as you knock, so the door will be opened. As you practice – not preach – but as you practice, your daily life will be a light to the waiting world. Let your yeses be yes and your noes be no. Don’t equivocate, for you have guidance from the Source that could give light to a dying world – not just to an individual, but to a world!

9 As you try in your own way to cooperate and to be of service to others, you are lifted up. As you raise Christ Consciousness in your daily affairs, you raise cooperation in the universe. In the beginning, the forces that manifested themselves in the material world brought cooperation into being. You also contain that Creative Force; this allows life, hope, peace, and understanding to endure. Build it within yourself first and then in the lives of others, because they, in their own way, seek to bring better understanding to the world of the senses.

10 Pray that you may be acceptable to Him when you leave your home and when you return to it. Holy are you if you try to be a light to your brother and sister, and do not weaken in the face of trials or temptations. God will not tempt you beyond what you are able to bear. Bear your partners’ burdens; take each other’s burdens into your hearts as you understand them, so that when He replies to your meditation, “What will you have me do, O Lord?” your answer is: “Here I am. Send me.” 

2 Meditation

11 Meditation is fundamental. Set a specific time to meditate with your partners. Any partner who can’t cooperate with the others in this way can have little to do with the group’s achievements. Whether these acts are great or small, working in accord keeps harmony. Harmony begets peace. Peace allows understanding, and understanding gives rise to enlightenment. You must all share in meditation.

12 Each of you has your own style that works for you. If style becomes the guiding element, then hope or faith is lost to style!

13 Between the man who made a long prayer or the one who not even raised his eyes but smote his breast and said, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!” who was forgiven?

14 If you meditate in humbleness of self and humbleness of mind, if you lose your personality in Him, then it doesn’t matter how you meditate – prone, standing, walking, or sleeping – you live and you die in the Lord.

15 Meditate on this: Father, as I seek to see and know Your face, may I come to know myself, even as I am known, so that I, as Your light bearer, may serve as a better example of Your spirit in the world.

16 Let your mind be not caught by the five senses, but be open to spiritual forces that may come through your efforts if they are made in accord with God’s will. Let your prayer be repeatedly:

17 Not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in and through me. Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those whom I meet, in every way. Let my leaving home and my returning home be in accord with what You would have me do, and as the call comes, my reply is, "here am I. Send me. Use me!" 

3 May you as partners again enlighten ages yet unborn

18 Improving the thoughts and lives of other individuals is a natural consequence when you lose yourself in Him through service and self-sacrifice. Agreeing to meet as instruments of blessing is cooperation. Being a blessing is cooperation in action. Regardless of your emotional, physical, or material state, meet people as you find them, and inspire them. Meet each challenge as you find it and make headway with it. Improve each person or event that you encounter. This is also cooperation.

19 This is a philosophical truth: Cooperation must be the spirit that gives your partnership life. As the soul is made one in purpose, let cooperation motivate you who are sure that the harvest is in Him. Man labors, but God gives the increase. Has the spirit come from Him? Then the increase must come from Him.

20 Individuals like yourself gather cooperatively to make spiritual gains in the material world. The soul of that group be divided or united in Him, depending on the spirit that motivates such a group. What your group is examining here is ancient and has been examined around the world and throughout time. May you as partners again enlighten ages yet unborn, awakening them to the truths that make the souls of humankind secure in the knowledge of Him.

22 You have been associated with one another during previous lifetimes, and you have prepared yourselves to be messengers by way of these lifetimes. Combine your efforts in a cooperative manner so that your soul and the souls of your partners advance by doing this work, so that all individuals regardless of their social circle can profit by your effort if they choose to do so.

23 Attitude gives birth to contention, as well as to peace, harmony, and understanding, for as you know, "When I would do right, the spirit of unrest is ever present." As you weed contention out of your mind and more and more you nurture harmony, peace, and understanding, so does this become the attitude with which you seek.

24 God does not cater to anyone’s self-image. “Whether you shall sit on the right hand or left is not my decision to make,” said He who would guide you, if you would let Him, the Lamb of life, lead you.

25 While you pursue the work of these lessons and contemplate them in your own way, do the work! In your own way, be a light to other individuals inside this partnership and out. Make His name prominent in their lives.

26 Give your best to Him. 

4 Cultivate the mind of the Christ within yourself

27 By cooperating, you offer to explore work and ways of thinking that are new to you. As line upon line and precept upon precept comes into the world, so does it enter the world through your surrendering yourself.

28 Open your hearts to the unseen forces that surround the throne of grace, beauty, and might, and throw about yourselves the protection that you find in thoughts of Him, so that you can accomplish your work, make your thoughts active in the lives of others, and even bring health and prosperity to others through your efforts as individuals and as a group and as an active force with Him in the physical world.

29 Open your heart, your mind, and your soul to be a channel of blessings to others. Cultivate the mind of the Christ within yourself, He who took upon Himself the burden of the world. You, in your own little sphere, can also take upon yourself the burdens of the world. The joy, the peace, and the happiness that may be yours is in doing for the other individual. Gain an understanding of the laws of right living and bring your mind into line with the Creative Forces, which are of His consciousness. You may secure that consciousness by putting into action what you know is right.

30 If you would have life, you must give life. If you would have love, you must demonstrate love. If you would have friends, you must be friendly, and if you would have cooperation, you must cooperate by surrendering yourself to what you are trying to accomplish, whether it’s bringing light to others, or bringing strength, or health, or understanding. These are fixed in Him.

31 Know in your heart that He is faithful to His promise, as long as you, to whom the promise is made, are faithful to Him. You who seek God will find Him! If you would have mercy shown to you, then be merciful to those you meet. If you would be forgiven, then forgive them who know not what they say or know what they do. He promised: "As you lift Me in your life, so shall you be lifted in life here, now, and hereafter."

5 Put to work what you already understand

32 You are ready to apply what you have learned of cooperation towards knowing yourself. You will learn more of cooperation as you practice cooperation.

33 As you seek in His name to know the Father’s way, step forward with singleness of purpose. Don’t dwell on contrived and man-made obstacles. Know in whom you believe. Know He has brought all things into being. As you seek and use His strength, in His name, you are His. You will become and be the lights that show what is false. Through turmoil, strife, and contention, that peace, His peace, will keep you safe in Him.

34 Learn the lesson of cooperating to accomplish a single end. Remember what He said: “Which one of you can add a single hour to your life or eighteen inches to your height by worrying really hard?”, but “You, when you pray, enter into your inner room, and having shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” Remember that your nourishment and your wisdom comes from Him.

35 You will be ready to begin your spiritual work when you feel the strength, power, and understanding that the light bestows. As you use what you know, the light charges you. When will that translate into inspired service? Do not become confused in waiting. Don’t worry that just any source or any channel is getting through to you. Know that He whom you have named has directed you, for "I call my own sheep by name. They do not know the voice of a stranger."

36 While it is good to look for further understanding, it is better to put to work what you already understand. You can ease or impede your circumstances depending on how you apply your own abilities, your own talents, and your own understanding. Learn a plain-spoken approach to reincarnation and the origin of life and light for your own purposes and as a partner in order to be a better instrument for manifesting life and light.

37 Look for direction in regards to your place in the partnership by applying what you know, and through testing it, gain a less confused understanding.

38 Consider the elements within you that are sensitive to outside pressure. This partnership is just like your body. Its separate parts must function cooperatively. If one part of your body - or if one partner - struggles against another, then, naturally, chaos results.

39 Examine your own heart and mind. You will gain insight and understanding each day, for, as He said, “Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.”

40 Apply His love and His light in your own life, and begin to see what He wants you to do each day. Don’t tell you neighbor how he or she should act. Have you labored under the same circumstances? Rather, let everyone measure himself or herself by his or her own standard, and be up to the discipline of applying your own standard to each hour of the day and to each circumstance that you encounter.

41 Put to practical use what you learn about cooperation, and from your “aha” moments.  You never know whom you might nudge towards a more enlightened view of his or her relationship to God and to other individuals.

42 Advance through your day humbly, mindful of God and of His knowledge of you. Hunger as a child hungers for his parents’ love to know His love, His law, and His direction. If you look for these you will find them, for He is in His holy temples. Are you holy? Do you desire to be holy? Are you seeking the good of your neighbor over your own gain? Get to know Him and His way, and you will be on speaking terms with your neighbor.

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