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10 Cross

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1 A clear-cut stand

441 In the course of this lesson, The Cross and the Crown, you will make a clear-cut stand in regards to how you act and what you keep foremost in your mental mind and in your spiritual mind. As Paul said, "I resolved to be acquainted with nothing among you except Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and Him crucified." He, along with the Cross, represents something in your life and you come, ultimately, to the Cross. This is true of your life and of the many appearances of your soul on the earth. He, along with the Cross, is also the experience of every individual whose soul who has returned repeatedly to the earth. He, along with the Cross, has been primary in every belief system of every religion on earth, all of which come, ultimately, to the Cross. Keep this foremost in your mental and in your spiritual mind. This is the reason for the Cross, the Crown.

442 He knows you by the name He’s given you. The central theme - the grounds for your approach - must not be, "What is my cross?" which is the usual first question in every material mind, but rather, "How may I with His aid best meet my cross as I approach the Crown of Righteousness?" Not as a worldly or even a mental kingdom, but the Cross of Glory, the Crown of Glory in, through, and by His Name.

443 The affirmation for this lesson is: Our Father, our God, as we approach what may give us a better insight into what He bore in the cross, what His glory may be in the crown, may Your blessings, as promised through Him, be with us as we study together in His name.

2 Nine questions to answer

444 You have reached the stage in your development where to serve means to share in a practical way the changes that occurred within you as you worked through these lessons. You must, in the way that is most characteristic to you, be a channel of blessing to your brothers and sisters by teaching these lessons, and by passing on what you have learned as a result of your studies. To teach these lessons, it would be helpful to ask yourselves questions like these:

445 Why have you chosen the way of the Cross?

446 Why must you bear a cross, just because the cross was borne for you by Another?

447 Why did He, the maker of heaven and earth, have to bear a cross as a man?

448 Why did He come into the world as a man, in order to bear a cross as a man?

449 Why do you bear much of what He bore, yet say that by accepting His instruction, the cross becomes easy to bear?

450 You must answer these and similar questions, and find in your own heart an answer that satisfies you in light of how living through these lessons and teaching them has changed you.

451 Does your life, lived in accordance with your own faith, your own virtue and understanding, and your own walking in the Presence, explain why your soul must bear a cross?

452 Why have you chosen the Cross, rather than any other system of thought that might unify your many lives on Earth and link your current material and spiritual challenges?

453 Why is the Cross, the emblem of shame, still necessary for you to bear, if, ultimately, you are meant to gain the Crown? Your soul has reached that stage in its incarnations where you’ll no longer think of the Cross as an emblem of shame. Instead, you’ll say as Peter said, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life."

454 You have concluded that the Son of man needed to enter the world for the sake of human understanding, and that the Cross necessarily became the symbol of He who offered himself.

455 He came into the world that He, by overcoming the world, might gain the Crown.

3 Meet, endure, and overcome

 456 You, like He did, find your cross in rising above the world, surmounting the issues of life that confront you, and becoming heir to the Crown of Glory with Him.

457 What, then, is this Crown of Glory? Does it describe only those circumstances that have to do with the spiritual life? Did overcoming these challenges give Him authority? Did rising above the world make this Son of man the Lord, the Glory, the Crown of Life?

458 He, as your pattern, or as your archetype, opens the way for your soul to meet the crosses and to endure the temptations and to overcome them – to become a joint heir with Him to the Crown of Glory.

459 You have the temporal, mental, and spiritual power to become a Son or a Daughter of God, to fulfill that purpose for which you are called, to carry on in His manner: meeting, bearing, and overcoming within yourself, not in sorrow or in in wailing, but in the joy of the Lord.

4 Endurance, then joy

460 The first the sign that you have met the cross that you have endured is that in whatever circumstance you find yourself meeting your cross, you meet it in the joy of the Lord. Happiness and joy go hand in hand.

461 When you have triumphed, you are joyous in the knowledge that He has granted you the potential to meet your cross, that He has leant you His strength to use and the determination to conquer it, and that He has done so for the sake of your understanding.

462 With joy, then, you serve by making known to others the Way of the Cross and the Crown of Glory. You serve with joy, knowing you are spending your life in the way that He would have you do, for He is always present. The door is open. Virtue and understanding find expression. Faith is renewed day by day, for you understand your relationship to each and every circumstance that arises - whether mental, material, or spiritual. You understand that the Father is a cooperative force in whatever line of work you are engaged for His service.

463 By enduring the cross, the patience that makes you aware of your soul finds its kinship with the Father’s patience through your attitude towards service, and through your attitude towards those you serve every day.

464 As He has said, not in times nor seasons, not in new moons nor in any place, but every day, every hour, demonstrate His love in a way that makes it plain to everyone you touch that He walks with you, that He is your friend.

465 With the cross comes the crown to you if you’re faithful in the few things, and your joys shall be many in the service you are called to do, for His path is made plain if you look for it.

466 As He has said, he that seeks shall find, to him that knocks shall the door be opened.

467 You shall enter into the joys of your Lord, enjoying that crown that brings joy, happiness, harmony, peace, for He is the Prince of Peace.

5 The end of karma

468 His glory in the Crown is conditioned by one behavior: your Faith-ful-ness.

469 In the beginning, He was the Son.  He made the Son and the Children who went astray. Through His various lifetimes, He mastered the world, bearing the cross in each and every lifetime, reaching the final hindrance with all the power and knowledge gained by having risen above the world. By His own choice, He accepted the stumbling and grief that all human beings must meet, hence doing away with what you call karma, which everyone must encounter.

470 The immutable law of cause and effect is at work in the material, the mental, and the spiritual world today, but He, in overcoming the world, in beating the law of cause and effect, became the Law.

471 The law of cause and effect, then, remains the schoolmaster for most individuals, or the school of training for most individuals, while you who have named the Name are no longer powerless under the law of cause and effect as an unchallengeable principle but are under His mercy, for in Him all things – including your desires – are in step.

6 Lose yourself in His ways

472 Accept the Cross as your Ideal, meeting and prevailing over the promises and traps of the material world, rather than have as your ideal an award for some mental exercise or the recompense for any labor individuals value in this lifetime.

473 Dilemmas arise that test your commitment. Know these are productive and that you are equal to them. Facing these questions will guide and support you in days ahead when you need strength. Don’t give way. The Crown and blessings lie ahead.

474 Preserve your faith. If you endure through trial and temptation, you will wear the Crown of Life.

475a From she who has been given much, much is required. You have imposed goals on yourself that reflect the hope you feel, 475b goals that renew your hope.

476 Renew your hope only in the measure you need it to drive you through your trials.

477 Recognize the trials of your past lives through studying your hardships or the hardships of others. Still, your good cheer brings peace and harmony to the individuals around you.

478 The way of the Cross is light. Though it may have its crown of thorns, it also has glory that befuddles your finite mind. As the infinite opens the way the thorns become less and the way brighter.

479 Embrace that state of mental and spiritual receptiveness that follows communion with Him in your inner self, for He is able to steer you through all shadows that arise.

480 Keep your course clear and your heart receptive to those calls from within, so that His radiance - through your mental development - yields more peace and harmony from being content in His service.

481 Keep your face to the light and the shadows fall far behind. His strength supports, His love is abundant, His power is always at hand to those who are faithful in His service. Lose yourself in your love of His ways.

482 In the promise that through you may come blessings to many, make yourself a perfect channel, so that those who seek His face may see His glory through you.

483 When the opportunity arises for you to share what you gained through the mental and material aspects of your spiritual relationships, be ever ready to, as He said, "Go call your brother."

484 Your worship of the Lord is in your day to day service, in making His ways known to others through your life experiences, experiences that act for others as signposts along the way for His promise that, if you endure, you will bear the cross and the crown, the trials and the reward.

7 The Temple Mount

485 In the Temple Mount, the law and the prophets were represented in the physical (Moses), the mental (Elijah), and the spiritual (the Christ).

486 The pattern, or the archetype of the mount represents your physical body. It’s the platform for your soul, the stage for each lifetime of your physical, mental, and your soul body. That is the mount!

487 As long as there is perfect coordination on the mount – on the stage – all things work together for the good of your life drama. When there is rebellion on stage, then there is disconnection, destruction, disconcerted effort, and the coordination – the cooperation between all the components – vanishes in chaos. The stage goes dark.  Death in the physical follows, caused by the disintegration, through anarchy, through each player on the stage and behind the stage acting independently. The ideal, the architect, and the building collapse. The spiritual body, the mental body, and the physical body, have their platform – their stage, their mount – withdrawn.

488 So, by defeating all the traps of the world, He set that achievement as the Throne, the mercy seat, the archetype. It is the archetype within the temple in the mount; it is the archetype calling to you from within you in this lifetime. You can say, as He said, "I will arise and go to my Father, in Him, through Him. I will! I will!”

489 The mount is the pattern or the model provided to the Jews in the Temple Mount for their edification, as they approached what they worshiped during that period, and the example in the mount is represented in your body through Christ’s rising up at the time of His transfiguration, His change from His physical state into His spiritual state, which makes specific reference to the Cross and the Crown, to misery and then to perfection.

490 As the wall of the dry outer court of the Temple Mount represents the limits of your physical body, use your mental body to approach the lush inner court, which represents your spiritual body, and the holy of holies where you may speak face to face with the Father. 

491 In the same way, find the physical, the mental, and the spiritual template in yourself. This is the example you must follow, the manner in which other individuals to whom you may be a channel of blessing would conduct their lives and unquestionably, the manner in which you conduct yourself in this lifetime. 

8 Let Him guide you through each day

492 As you study and prepare yourself to teach these lessons to other individuals, analyze yourself; determine what has been and what may be motivating you.  Cast aside selfish considerations. Don’t fan the appetites that would only satisfy your body’s desires.

493 The method of reflection and discussion with your partners by which you approach each lesson suggests the shape of the lesson which should follow it. This time it’s God Is One.

494 As He said, there is no other name uttered among men through whom you may be rescued, and rescued from what and for what purpose, you may ask? Only from yourself and your individual hell! You dig it with your own appetites!

495 This Name which has been chosen should stand as the answer to those questions. To you whom He has called to service along a specific course or in a specific area of endeavor so that you may become a channel of blessing to someone, to you He gives the power to become a child of God.

496a Your course is front of you. Remain faithful to your commitment. 496b Reason guides you as you awaken through these lessons, but follow where He leads you. 496c Let Him guide you through each day.

497 Keep to your present opportunity, that of conveying to those you meet your vision of what lies ahead.

498 Keep to your course. The unconditional authority of His power brings you comfort.

499 The door is open. The path is in front of you. Let what leads to a closer walk with Him guide every footstep.

500 He protects the path you walk on. Trust Him.

501 Be joyous in your service. Don’t let trouble discourage you. Know peace, happiness, and joy in the Lord.

502 Keep your heart singing. Keep the splendor of Him before you. Amen!

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