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11 One

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1 He gave His son, His self

503 It’s a good idea to review, now and then, what you have learned in order to better understand it. The principles, the truths, and the lessons are in front of you. You alone shut out the kingdom of heaven that might have been yours if you fail to apply these lessons.

504 You must live the lesson to make it complete. You must meet the challenges it poses and resolve them. The solutions that enable you to live nearer in accord with these truths and these lessons are also the solutions that must make the lesson complete for the lives and the challenges of other individuals.

505 As Jesus argued, If you know the truth the truth shall set you free. In the Cross then, you have more freedom than you might think or imagine.

506 As you begin the next lesson, God Is One, your affirmation should be:

507 As my body, mind, and soul are one, You, O Lord, in the manifestations in the earth, in power, in might, and in glory, are one. May I see in what I do, day by day, more of that realization, and manifest more of it.

508 The culmination of this series of lessons will be Love, for “He so loved the world that he gave His son,” His self, that humankind should come to the realization of the Oneness of the Father on the earth.

509 You and your partners have been chosen to manifest the power, the might, and the glory of the love of the Father, so that you come step by step to the realization of that wonderful experience in yourselves of being a channel through which many may come to know the mercifulness of God, the loving-kindness of His love, the power in His name.

510 Be on fire with the powers that manifest through you! Be less self-centered and less selfish. Be more at peace and in harmony with those experiences you encounter as you go about emanating His love. Apply what you are gaining through your walks with Him in prayer and in meditation.

511 Meeting together will now take on the purpose of spreading those truths that make you free in your determination to become lights – helpers for, through, and by, His power.

512 As you seek to know His way, so does He raise up in you what He has appointed you to do.

513 Keep your heart open, that the Voice of Him who has called quickens each thought and each act in your daily walks.

514 Little by little, line by line, you grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding of His ways. They are not hidden, nor far off, for all is made plain to those who want to hear and want to see the glory of the Father’s Oneness. 

2 A sense of anticipation

515 You are learning. You are anticipating a change that will take place within you. You are to become more conscious of oneness.

516 Oneness will manifest itself through your effort to apply these lessons in your lives, but you may also obtain a helping hand towards oneness by studying this sense of anticipation and studying oneness or from studying another experience like it.

517 Work together as partners to attain unity of thought. Cooperate in every way to reveal His love, love that you manifest in your spheres of influence. Remain determined and resolute.

518 Then, as your body, mind, and soul permit, you will find enlightenment in a way that will enhance your power of speech and enhance your work.  You will become more spiritually conscious.

519 The Creative Forces are being awakened within your partnership. It would be worthwhile, would it not, to prepare yourself so that the Master, as He speaks with you, might, through you, speak the lesson of Love that He lived in His lifetime as the man of Galilee?

520 You’ve been promised that through you, in part, may come one who will be a blessing to many, so that many may speak with those higher sources face to face. Cleanse your body. Purify it, and renew it, so that you’ll have the vigor you need to accommodate the power and might when you and the Creative Forces unite.

521 How might you accomplish this? You know that all is well with your soul. You know, too, what you must do to make your body fit to hold the power, the might, and the magnificence that you will convey to others.

522 Be faithful, as the parable illustrates, to the trust which the Master has placed in your hands, for the reward that comes with faithfulness is nothing compared to the crowns of benediction that will be yours in His presence in this – yes this – material world! 

3 Raise the vibrations of your flesh

523 Life is the manifestation of creative force in the material world in whatever form you observe it, but there are also phenomena all around you that are engaged in work at various levels of complexity that you don’t see or even know of.  How many lifetimes have you squandered, unacquainted with Life because you’ve misused your perception? "Whoever finds his lower life will lose the higher life, and whoever loses his lower life on My account will find the higher life."

524 In learning to properly exercise your recognition, regardless of the particular plane or sphere you inhabited, how many lives have you wasted when you could have been gaining intuition? The ways you’ve applied your consciousness have their results in the material world – in your material world, in the world you encounter every day.

525a The end of your life will be the beginning of your transformation, or your change into a new form. b Paul states in Colossians: the body perishes so that the renewed life may be made manifest in material things. c These two states, the beginning and the end, transpose; they change places with one another, so, as the scripture tries to make clear, when life ends it begins. The first is last and the last is first. d When you lose your life, you shall find it in the service of Him who is life!

526 Cleanse your body and your thoughts, cleanse yourself in every way necessary to raise the vibrations of your flesh, so that your experiences during periods of trance and meditation on subjects such as the lesson, Love don’t injure you.

527 You will have a message from the Master. You will you hear His word when, as He has said, your vibration resonates with the vibration unique to that realm. 

4 Individuality and Personality

528 Your thoughts, your style, the course of your will, and your spiritual receptivity are the forces that are shaping the vision of oneness you will one day experience. Through the use of these, you will help others gain a greater concept of the Oneness of the Father in the material plane.

529 Remember that there are contending forces within you. There is your individuality, that which is you from lifetime to lifetime: your soul, and there is your personality, that which is you from day to day - your ego (for lack of a better word). These forces are what you have built, or what you and the living influence of life itself have built.

530 May your individuality and your personality be made more and more aware that: "My life, my activities, my thoughts, and my meditation, must be more and more in accord with the will of the Father."  By doing this, your personality and your individuality become more godlike, less selfish, and less influenced by your appetites. 

5 Who is talking?

531 You feel, sometimes, a force, what seems to be a power from outside of you. This is built into what you, through your experience, attribute to such an influence and power over your consciousness.

532 To be sure, this is a manifestation, but rather than it being a specific entity acting on you from outside, it is, in fact, the awakening within you of your own capacity to associate and connect and communicate with influences from without. As was said a long time ago, if you will hold and magnify within your consciousness what you desire, that voice, that presence that would help you attract various individuals, must be from the universal influences, or from His messenger. May this be magnified in you and for you. Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power.

533 Don’t be afraid when you hear, "It is I." See these experiences as ordeals provided you to make you aware of how your inner self may be controlled by those powers, those influences that you entertain.

534a Be mindful when you entertain strangers that come to you in your consciousness. They penetrate your inner self, and they reach to the cosmic spheres. These are often angels. Clothe and feed them only upon the words and the urgings of the Spirit of Truth. b These strangers are worth entertaining, c because through these beings, you may experience the illumination you have long sought. The time is near at hand.

535 "Seek and you shall find" is spoken for your soul. It is spoken in reference to those entities who would be your guides, the influences in your lifetimes, and this citation bears on what you are presently studying, God Is One.

536 As to who is doing the talking, who do you want? Who would your inner self entertain?

537 Do not attribute the voice to forces lower than His emissaries.

538 While you are conscious of vibrating more and more closely with the light that shines more than ever into the darkness and though there may come strife, though there may come disappointments, though there may come turmoil from without and from within, know that His peace promotes harmony between you and God with the cooperation of your personality and individuality. 

6 All movement is the manifestation of God

539 When you feel slighted by another, when your material mind tells you that the course of events or others’ inclinations have created stumbling blocks that are not compatible with your ideal, then know that all movement is the manifestation of one power. It’s the attempt by the other individual, quite unaware, to assert either the power and glory of God, or at worst, to assert their own selfish purposes!

540 If your hate, your grudges, or your selfishness have driven away a friend or a rival or has cost you your own self-respect or your relationship to your Maker, how can your soul be one with Him?

541 Do you understand the admonishment that you must account for every careless word you speak? That this is in reference to your oneness of purpose? That your mind, your body, and your soul’s capacity for learning is under surveillance when you talk?

542 To get the concept, you must believe that He exists and that He is one and that He rewards those who seek to do His biddings.

543 But you are composed of what you’ve built through your incarnations, through the choices you’ve made. He does not come to dwell with you without your invitation.

544 Where is your own will? Is it one with His, or is it bent to fulfilling your own desires and your own selfish interests?

545 How sincere is your desire to know that the Lord your God is one? Enough to act on the assertion rather than to placidly acknowledge it?

546 Then act! Be up and doing, with a heart that is singing the joyous message that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is within! I AM the brother! I AM the equal with the Son in my relationship to the Father!

547 That should make clear why you should be joyful and glad in your heart and speech as you and your partners develop your discussions.

548 Your life will mean more! Hasn’t scripture told us the whole earth and everything that’s in it is the Lord’s and everything that’s in it? True, you may stumble over what you do not yet comprehend: that you have mental body, a physical body, and a spiritual body, and that they are one!

549 As your body, mind, and soul are one, so is God one in His manifestations of power, might, and glory.

550 The way is not long, nor is the cross more grievous than you can bear if you trust in Him who said, "I will not leave you as orphans, desolate and helpless; I will come back to you."

551 It’s through power of will that children of God are capable of being equal with Him in the reverence that He would share with you. As He said, "I am one with the Father. You are one with me, and I am one with you."

552 He is Life. You have your part in that Life. Make explicit that your desire, your heart, your mind, and your soul are one with Him. Bring to anyone and everyone the knowledge that the power of God, through the Christ, is able to rescue those even in the darkest of circumstances. 

7 Illuminate those around you

553 Don’t be reluctant to bear witness, by word or act, to your friends and co-workers, nor underestimate the potential of bearing witness to the power the manifestations conveyed to you during your encounter, and their impact on you. By your witness, each soul and each individual becomes more and more aware of the Oneness of the Father in the world.

554 You are reaching that place in your lifetime where the signs, where the current running through you, and where the consciousness within you has become acutely aware of the lessons and their truths - the lessons and truths that you are to express during your encounters with others and to nurture in yourselves and in the lives of other seekers.

555 Follow the impulse within you to radiate beyond yourself the light, the understanding, and the enlightenment that is obtained from within.

556 Truly was it said by Him, "You do not light a lantern to put it under a basket."

557 Let the light which is created from within propel the light that illuminates those around you, harmonizing the motivation of your inner self and the acts of your outer self. Let what others see be motivated by the light from the love of the Giver of life, light, and immortality.

558 Work to show that you are willing to undertake what would gain you little recognition from your peers. Know to where you have been called, for His approval is sufficient and His mercy is far-reaching. He understands you: He provides you with intuition that alerts you to things that would otherwise frighten you regarding the omnipotence of the Lord.

559 Keep your path straight. Avoid the appearance of evil. Find fault in no woman or man.

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