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12 Love

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1 It’s the expression of what’s inside you

560 Affirmation: Our Father, through the love that You have manifested in the world through Your Son, the Christ, make us more aware that "God is Love.”

561 The first lesson you must learn: Love is the expression of what’s inside you.

562 You believe, and yes, you know and you understand that what hinders your soul is selfishness and self-centeredness exclusively, and that these prevent in you even the dawn of what love means.

563 You are anticipating what you hope to become aware of, what you hope will manifest in your life respecting Him who was love made manifest.

564a You recognize maternal love when you see it and love in friendship b when you speak without reservation or thought of yourself - the expression of love raised up through good will - c and love of an ideal. These are part of everyone's experience.

565 You may find in this lesson what you’re seeking. By taking the lesson to heart and putting it to work, what each of you seeks to manifest through the lesson, you may, in fact, manifest, or as you endeavor to make love manifest, you may find what you seek.

566 Take this lesson to heart and put it to work. As you endeavor to make love manifest, you may find what you seek.

567 You may see it expressed in a baby's smile; in the hope, in the light, in the seeking, in the manifestation of that which is love undefiled.

568 You may find you can manifest what you seek in the way you handle squabbles that arise every day between you and the people you meet. You can encourage someone with a kind word – in effect, giving a cup of water to anyone wanting one or needing one. You may show those individuals the love that is manifest in "God Is love."

569 You may see it in the rose as it seeks with what it was endowed to manifest the beauty that celebrates its Maker.

570 You may find what you seek through the beauty of song, in the harmony that expresses the soul within - whether through musical instruments or through the voice – the soul raised in praise to the Giver of light.

571 You may find what you seek by doing with your hands the work that comes your way each day and doing it well, making yourself useful, so that in each moment of your life you exemplify the expression, "in so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me."

572 You may find what you seek by doing the duty that is your lot. You act for purely worldly reasons, yet by not thinking about yourself, you manifest love by wholly imitating His love and His life of sacrifice until He comes again!

573 You may find what you seek in the days to come when you occupy those positions that were shaped for you or accorded you through the lives of other individuals who have spent their talents in the service of Him who called them; that your family honor might be what brings you knowledge of your life and your heart as you spend your days in His service.

574 You may find what you seek in the satisfaction of having a contented heart, in knowing that, in the course of each day, you have taken advantage of the opportunity to show kindness here, that you have gone out of your way to make the lot of a neighbor brighter and more joyous.

2 Good work is accomplished through kindness

575 To know the whole truth that makes one free. The love that prevents slurs, slights, unkind remarks towards other individuals, that prevents stumbles here and disillusionment there, that preserves faith, the foundation of God manifesting in your life, few have found this.

576 When you express slights, slurs, or even suspicions towards other women or men, you cannot be expressing all of what love should be and should mean.

577 If you expect mercy, you must show mercy to other individuals. If you want peace and harmony in the love of God you must act with love, peace, and harmony towards humankind.

578 "Do not let your heart be troubled. You have put your trust in God. Put your trust in Me also." In every good work the Father shows his love through His Son to those who bless His holy name, and you accomplish good work not by creating resentment or discord, but in the little kindnesses and by your demeanor, whether at home, on the street, or here. Keep your course uncluttered.

579 You may find, in this lesson, what you’re seeking. By taking the lesson to heart and putting it to work, what each of you seeks to manifest through the lesson, you may, in fact, manifest. As you endeavor to make love manifest, you may find what you seek.

580 Through the results of your speech and actions, you gain awareness of His love, the love that surpasses all human understanding, yet is a practical, personal love that creates joy through the services you render, even when you have to endure the same kind of toil, pain, and misunderstanding that shape the lives of so many who would walk with Him if they knew.

581 By revering Him and not promoting yourself, you become conscious of what He could accomplish through you if you let Him.

582 The scriptures say of Jesus’ mother, "Mary quietly treasured these things in her heart and often thought about them." The Creative Forces will reveal to you, as you serve other individuals, what stimulation your soul needs for broader and better service in His name.

3 Love celebrates Him

583 During your work on these lessons, you have refined the definition of who you are. You have developed a better concept of the Father, of the Son, and of why He, the Son, came to earth. You now understand that as children of God you have access to the throne of mercy, grace, peace, and pardon through the Son by way of confronting in your own lives the same trials that He did.

584 You have had your problems, your own trials in reaching this understanding as you worked to prepare yourself to give truth, light, and even the words of life to other individuals. May you, as you help to prepare this present lesson, find love that surpasses understanding; peace, as He gives peace; love, as He gave love.

585a Enter more often and deeply into His throne room, into your inner self. b If you have them, let your eyes see and your ears hear what the Spirit says to you during meditation. c If you prepare yourself, you will, in this lesson, find in Him a brother who speaks with you. d You will have the experience of speaking with Him through such a dedication. e His promises are sure. Did he not state, "I will not leave you as orphans, desolate and helpless; I will come back to you" and "If you love me, keep my commandments - that I may dwell with you"? Through you, He will shed abroad the light and the Love of God over the children of men!

586 By hovering, by wringing your hands, you often delay what you hope for. Open yourself, and know that He will speak with you. "Be not afraid, it is I." Then, when you’re open, you’ll have not one but many such experiences.

587 Let there be manifested in you the same love He showed you. The promises He made you are true, if you represent the Spirit of love, faith, hope, and charity as He did. "If you love me, keep my commandments" is always His invitation.

588 If your ways are His ways, rejoice in the love that is shed on you. Pass it on. In giving, you receive the joy that He bestowed. So did the radiance of the Father shine on the earth. Although you face trials and disappointments, His love enables you to know and to understand what He would have you do each day - here a little, there a little.

589 In the course of your day, let His light so shine in you that those you meet will know that it is the Father’s love by the way you speak and by the way you conduct your affairs, for as He said, whoever projects His love keeps the Father’s ways daily. Patting yourself on the back is the same as self-worship, but worshipping the Father and the Son shows you are willing to do what He bids you to do day after day. What, then, are His biddings? "Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence—and love your neighbor as well as you love yourself!"

590 As an instrument of the love that He manifested, examine the way you act when you leave home and when you return. Know that if you seek you shall find. Know that if you knock, He will open the door, and know, as He has stated, "My ways are not your ways" unless you keep the way of the Lord. In your praising, don’t laud your individual contribution. Instead, demonstrate His infinite goodness through your conduct day in and day out.

591 By virtue of your heart’s abundance, you speak while the love of the Father through the Son constrains you; that is, if you will be less selfish, less self-centered, and more desirous of demonstrating His love, His abundant mercy, His peace, and the harmony that comes from being quiet in the Lord, joyous in service, and happy in whatever state you find yourself. Whom the Lord loves He calls into service, if you will just seek His way rather than "my way or your way." Let your yeses be yeses in the Lord. Let your understanding guide your spiritual pursuit, for it alone is eternal.

592 In exhibiting His love, know "whatever you desire that others would do to and for you, even so do also to and for them,” because you give expression to the Father in your demeanor towards your brothers and sisters. Your conduct during any situation reflects the purpose in your heart. Keep your heart clean. Keep your purposes in Him, for He is the way and the light.

593 Honor the Lord, for the ways in which He guides you are the ways in which your soul can know Him better. Because he loved you, the Father gave you His Son. If you love Him, submit to His ways day and night, for His ways are not more than you can bear; nor will his ways elude you if you endeavor to know His face.

594 Work hard to earn His approval, for, as the scriptures tell us, he that seeks to know He will in no way cast out.

595 Love celebrates Him, and the more love you proffer in your daily life, the more it yields evidence of His grace in the world.

596 Demonstrate the love that He manifested through you by forgiving you Live without envy or strife, and intend nothing other than accomplishing good results through your endeavors, for the more you intensify your certainty of the Father, the more you manifest the Spirit of the Christ. "In so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me."

597 He has asked everyone, "Love me, keep my commandments that I may dwell in you even as I dwell in the Father."

4 God is love through Christ

598 God so loved the world that he gave his only and unique Son.”

599 God, the Father, the first cause, and as a manifestation of Himself, brought the world you know into being through love. At the same time, He offered humankind, His creation, His creatures, the ability to become one with Him. He brought the son we call the Son of man, the Christ Spirit, the love made manifest, into material being in a plane we call earth.

600 That son was shown the way to become one with the Father, by way of the love of the Father. Jesus made that love manifest by giving His earthly, material life for a cause: by being an example, a meditation, a contact with the Father, and a mediator for man. In love and through love, God is love through Christ Consciousness, through the Christ Spirit, and through the Son of man who manifested love through all His trials on earth.

601 So, as stated by His beloved disciple, John, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only and unique Son,” that you, through Him, might have life – might have God – more abundantly. He, though He was the Son, learned obedience through the ordeals which He suffered.

602a If you climb up any other way than by stopping to meet the challenges that are part of every day, the same as He did, then you sneak in through some other channel. b They who choose some other way become the children of darkness, and they are known by these traits: envy, strife, and hate, and these yield sedition and rebellion and the like.

603 In His presence, have you opened the door? Have you always been satisfied, or have you been dismayed at times at what you’ve seen within yourself?

604a Attend to what you’ve secured in yourself. Put on the whole armor and be fruitful in the love of Him who calls, that everyone should hear, should know, and should understand that God is in His heavens and that His love endures even for those who harden their hearts and wills, because He wants no one to perish. b The servant may never be greater than the master. He has promised that you may be equal and one with Him – but only through Him, through His manifestations. Through Him, you live in the earth. You move, and you have your being.

605 Through the love you manifest in your daily life, exemplify the love that compels you to offer everything within you as a result of He, the Master, having spoken with you!

5 At-onement

606 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. He said, Let there be light - and there was light. Like begets like, and light is both cause and effect. First, the children of light act with love, for "Though I may have the gift of prophecy, though I may speak in unknown tongues, though I give my body to be burned and have not the spirit of the Son of man, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit, I am nothing." The children of light know Him, and He calls each of them by their name.

607 At-onement means making your will at one with the Creative Forces, the forces that are the compelling influence in thought and mind, the builder of each of your physical, mental, or material acts.

608 In achieving at-onement, your will is made one with the Creative Influences in this incarnation. At-onement means the same thing as atonement.

609 Atonement, or the shedding of blood, redeemed humankind and showed it the way to at-onement with Him. Without the shedding of blood, there was no remission of sin. Shedding blood was the beginning of humankind’s concept of making atonement for the wrongs done to itself and by itself in relationship to the Creative Forces.
610 The error that an individual or that humankind makes is more often against himself or the species than it is the breaking of any law related to divine influence in the incarnations of a single individual or the development of a race of humans.

611 Love is law, and law is love, in its essence. Breaking the law requires atonement and forgiveness, in order to diminish the error or uproot its effect on the individual’s incarnation.

612 Hence, in shedding his blood, the man Jesus atoned for all men, through making Himself at-one with the law and with love. Through love, God gave you the desire to join His brother in a state of at-onement.

613 There is no other name under heaven which can rescue humankind.

6 Don’t tire of doing good

614 Jesus said, "By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your souls" that you may know Him as your elder brother who is at the right hand of God to make intercession for you each and every day and who calls unto all who will listen, "in so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me."

615 Life, in all the ways it expresses itself, drives every animate force, every creative force, and every action, and life drives the love of expressing that life. Truth is a result of life's love expressed, but these are barren turns of speech unless you experience them from within the consciousness of your own soul.

616 You are a living example of the love which He manifests in you who seek to know His way. Don’t tire of doing good.

617 As you seek in your own way, you will find a more personal idea of what Christ Consciousness means for you in your daily life.

618 In your deeds, in your behavior, you see He has kept His promise that "I will come and dwell with you. If you love me, keep my commandments." These commandments are neither grievous nor hard to bear when you do them selflessly and not for public recognition.

619 "If you had learned to recognize Me, you would also have known My Father. From now on, you know Him and have seen Him. I am in My Father, and you are in Me. May you know the love that makes life burn as an ember in a darkened and unregenerate world. For unto me must come all who would find the way. I AM the way. You are my brothers and sisters. You have been begotten in the flesh through the love made manifest in the earth."

620a To gain from this lesson, you must have in your own heart and soul what you want Him to manifest in your relationships with other individuals. b Spend more time communing in your inner shrine, in the holy of holies, the throne room of God’s presence. Meet the presence of the Father there. Know the love of the Christ in action. Experience and see truth and the Holy Spirit in the results that come from dedicating your ideals to God.

621 As a representative of those who would know His way, inquire by way of your inner self to know how He would have you offer the love He has manifested through you. Christ’s promises reflect the love of His Father for Him, and you express that love in the acts of your mind, your body, and your personal conduct. His ways are not beyond your power to unfold, nor are they strenuous to those willing to be examples of His love ‘til He comes again.

622 He will not delay his return, if those who love Him will just manifest His love on the earth.

623 The children of light are called at this moment into service, in order that His day be pushed forward, lest many grow weak.

624 By the power of His name, He shows glory and love to all those who seek to know and to do His biddings. To the person who is faithful with a few things, He allots the care of many. So, keep to the course you’ve set, knowing that He is always present with you.

625 Your course is to recognize the ways in which He is trying to use you, for as the love of the Father was born out in the life of the Master, so may His love for you be confirmed in the hearts, in the minds, and in the souls of those whom you touch every day. To you whom much is given much is required: yet, who would resist His demands rather than learn His ways and put at others’ disposal every day the love that surpasses human understanding?

626 In offering your love for the ways He would have you go, don’t look back at what frightens you, for if you turn your face to the light, the love He bestows will illuminate your speech, your actions, and your life. As He said, "If you love me, keep my commandments," for they are not grievous if you want to follow His direction.


7 Recognize the ways in which He is trying to use you

627 Endeavor to live what you have learned here. Let your efforts sing His praises, for He may forgive you in the same measure as you proffer love. Abide by what He said, and conduct your affairs in the light.

628 Work hard to gain His approval, rightly teaching the words of truth and avoiding the appearance of evil, so that no one speaks evil of your love and your goodness. Rejoice in the Lord and in His promises, so that day by day, in you and through you, many may awaken and call Him blessed.

629 Your course is to recognize the ways in which He is trying to use you, for as the love of the Father was born out in the life of the Master, so may His love for you be confirmed in the hearts, in the minds, and in the souls of those who you touch every day. To you whom much is given, much is required: yet, who would resist His demands rather than learn His ways and put at others’ disposal every day the love that surpasses human understanding?

630 Don’t lose strength. Don’t be defeated. Don’t lose patience with your sister or brother or with your neighbor or most of all, with yourself.

631 Finally, dwell in the spirit and in the mind that has brought you to your understanding and consciousness of His love made manifest.

632 Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

633 Study the lessons He provided. He presented Himself, His entry anticipating His return to the omnipotence that He had before the world was, before His crowning, so that you in your lifetimes could experience what He did. If you live your life so that it manifests His love, the very rocks and stones will cry out in praise, even if you keep your mouths shut.

634 Yet these lessons will bring you all you seek, if you exhibit the love He gave. Indeed, "Though one may possess all things and have not love, his life is nothing."

635 Be patient in doing good. Don’t consider how much time has passed, for in so doing you give the forces of doubt a place in your life, and they who doubt or look back are worse than infidels. Much joy and peace have come to you. The little discouragements that make you falter, if you keep your heart singing, will bring you brighter joys and greater appreciations, and the radiance of the Son will be made the brighter in your lives.

636 Live each day as if you were to meet Him the next. In that anticipation and in that reverence, don’t let those goings-on that would hinder you have a place in your consciousness. By this means, His children and His brethren establish faith that removes mountains.

637 To manifest the love He has bestowed on you, just be kind to others, not to impress or to manipulate, but to do the little things that bespeak of a mind that often speaks with Him, and not for notoriety, but because you are willing to undertake things that are often despised by others, chores that yet reflect the love of the Father for His children. As the father weeps for his children, so does the heavenly Father have mercy on those who would revere Him.

638 Michael: “Come my children! You have all been called to the way that shows your neighbors and your sisters and brothers that the Father loves His children. Who are His children? You who keep His commandments day by day are His children. You who are faithful and true are given the crown of life. The harvest is ripe. The laborers are few.

639 Don’t let your troubles weary you, because the pathways are being revealed to you who show yourselves faithful and true. Don’t lose strength. The day of the Lord is near at hand!”

640 These twelve lessons form the starting point for those who seek Truth. However, the greater part of these lessons is merely knowledge unless they are put to work every day.

641 Your next lessons will be Opportunity; then, Day and Night; and then, God: the Father and His Manifestations on the Earth.

642 These, as you will see, will also become living truths as you practice day in and day out the fundamental Truths you discover.

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