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 Cooperation: Lesson I
Cooperation: Lesson I

Cooperation: Lesson I


9.14.1931, Norfolk, VA

8:00 PM

1. GC: You have before you the group which desires to be guided through this instruction, and to learn how they may best be a messenger in presenting to the world the truth and light the world needs. You will answer the questions which this group asks.


2. EC: Yes, we have the group gathered here, seeking to be messengers, so that they, as a group and as individuals, may give the light to the waiting world; that they may be the light to the waiting world.

3. Each of you gathered here have been associated with one another in your various lifetimes on earth; each of you has prepared yourself to be a messenger by way of these lifetimes. So may you, as a group, combine your efforts in a cooperative manner in order to give yourselves, this group, the classes, and humankind, what you gain by doing this work.

4.  Some of you are meant to be teachers; some of you are meant to be healers; some of you are meant to be interpreters. Let each of you, then, do your job and your part well, in the manner you are meant to do, knowing that, by whatever means the instructions manifest themselves through you, you will become a light in your own actions and field of endeavor.

As the instructions manifest themselves in their various ways, some of you will become prophets, some of you will become teachers, some of you will become administrators, and some of you will become ministers.

What you receive, you shall give. You that come together in this work will give, for you have been promised: as I have given and am in the Father, so through me may you do as I have done, and you shall do greater things than I have done; for as I go to the Father, and you come to me, as you ask in my name, so shall it be done for you!

5.  Then, as there comes into the minds, the hearts, and the souls of each of you, so there will be revealed to you what you shall do!

6. We are ready to answer your questions.

.  (Q) Outline for us the steps which we must take that we may become more of one mind, that we may be of the greatest influence for good.

(A) Each of you should learn that first lesson, and pass that lesson along: All of you should be together in one mind for one purpose and one aim; or, first, learn cooperation.

Learn what that means in a world that is waiting; in a world that is watching; in a world that is seeking to know, seeking to see, a sign. You will be able to give the sign that enlightens a seeking, a desiring world, only if you have drunk of the cup that makes for cooperation in every sense of the word.

Cast not pearls before swine, [don’t give the sign to anyone who is not seeking this valuable intelligence RR] but don’t be overly anxious for the moment [that you see the sign Ed.] either.

Wait on the Lord, for, as He has promised you, he that seeks shall find, and you will receive, each of you, powers from on high. Use these powers in a constructive manner, in a manner that fits the desire of the group and of each person. Do not think of your own desire, but let that mind be in you as was in Him, as may be in all those who seek the way.

8.  (Q) If it is acceptable to the [higher or universal] instructors, tell us how we may best prepare a course of lessons for this and similar groups.

(A) Each of you will receive the lessons first as individuals; you will meditate about them with respect to your own level of development, desire, and ability.

The first lesson, as you know, is to learn what it means to cooperate in one mind, in God’s way. Prepare yourself by meditating day and night on the question, “What will you have me do, O Lord?”, and the answer will be definite and clear to each of you, if you will seek in His name, for He is among you in this present hour, for all who seek in that attitude of prayer.

Pray that you may be acceptable to him in your daily affairs. Holy is he that seeks to be a light to his brother, and falters not in the face of trial or temptation. God tempts no one beyond what they are able to bear.

Bear one another’s burdens; take each other’s burdens into your hearts as you understand them, so that when He replies to your meditation, “What will you have me do, O Lord?” your answer is: “Here I am, send me.”

9. (Q) What would be the best subject for the first lesson?

(A) Cooperation. Let each of you ask in meditation what will be your part in this lesson, and you will hear the answer.

10. We are finished for the present.

For Bible citations from 262.1 Index, go here.



9.20.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:45 P.M.

1. GC: You have before you the group, and the subject of Cooperation as the first lesson. You will answer the questions of each as I ask them.

2. We have the group; many of you we have had before. We recognize that the group and each of its members seeks how they might teach the lesson of cooperation to other individuals, and how they might apply cooperation to their own lives and with each member of the group.

3. Ready for questions.

4. (Q) [307]: Is not universal love necessary for us in order to have unity of purpose?

(A) Universal love is necessary so that there may be a unity of purpose, or desire, on the part of the group and its members. Universal love is also necessary if the group and its members are to help others to find themselves. Losing yourself in universal love should be the ideal of all who seek.

5.  (Q) [307]: I offer myself as a teacher of truth. How may I become more spiritual and efficient?

(A) Practice makes perfect. As you practice and put into use by way of word and deed, day by day, so do you grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding. Remember this: He that would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.

6. (Q) [307]: Am I led through my dreams?

(A) Often times.

7. (Q) [993]: What is my specific role in the healing group?

(A) As a leader of prayer, that there may be harmony among those who are helping to bring to consciousness truth, life, light and immortality to those who are seeking aid through your group.

8. (Q) [993]: Is my method of meditating correct? If not, suggest a meditation that would be suitable for my development.

(A) We believe that first you must establish the purpose of the group. Meet, and let one member of the group trace the needs of one – or more – of you. Then let the leader suggest various methods of meditation that he thinks – or that another member of the group thinks – might meet the individual’s need. Either group meditation or individual meditation might be initiated for your problem, or something completely different; that which is correct for you.

9. (Q) [115]: How can I best cooperate with this group?

(A) Be an agent of light to those in the group and out. Bring those together who may aid or give an understanding to the various groups as they go about their work. Be a real ambassador: your body has been called that in the past. Make it so now, for that is how you are inclined.

10 . (Q) [404]: How can I best cooperate?

(A) Be the secretary for the group, aiding each in their respective efforts to be of one mind.

11. (Q) [404]: What is my best time for meditation?

(A) At sunrise.

12.  (Q) [379]: Is there a message for me as to how I can best cooperate with this group?

(A) The answer to your question is there for you to discover, if you will make the effort. Act on what you grasp during each meeting and engagement, for it is line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little that your understanding builds, like the yeast that rises the whole loaf. In so doing may those blessings that may come to others through your actions be your best contribution in and with this group.

13.  (Q) [341]: Please advise us as to how to conduct our meetings?

(A) That would depend on the characters of those who meet. Write down the lessons we give you for your group and for other such groups to study. Let each member of the group arrive at their own understanding, and let that understanding become part of the lesson. Each member should take part in the discussion and contribute their grasp of the lesson. You might think that the most interesting thing in life is you – yet you must become null and void, in the sense of losing your self in the love for another. You must do as much to lose your self as you do to help another.

During a meeting where there is to be some special message received, or aid given to an individual in a spiritual healing, conduct the meeting in the same way. Let everything be done in decency and in accord.

14. (Q) [341]: How may I cooperate with this group?

(A) Direct your energy for the good of others in the group, whether it’s during a lesson, during meditation, during a healing -- whenever.

15. (Q) [341]: To what advantage may we use the ideas presented in the Song of Sano Tarot [by Nancy Fullwood] for the benefit of this group?

(A) We could hope that your authority regarding the tarot would be superior to this one, and that you would seek a higher one! [See 262-2, Par. R1] 1

17.  (Q) [69]: How may I best prepare myself for the work in hand?

(A) Preparing yourself for what is to be attempted by a group is different than preparing yourself for an individual activity, as we have indicated, by proposing that each member learn the lesson of cooperation. You must cooperate with each other, you must each have the same intention and purpose, especially when you may be gathered together for some definite action, such as giving aid, for, remember: Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

As part of the group, don’t be independent, but neither be dependent upon any member of the group: be dependent on God! The dependence you put on individuals falls short. What you gain through working cooperatively with other individuals is the power of the higher forces, which manifest through each of you in the form of understanding and knowledge. As was said of old, In all your getting, get understanding.

18. (Q) [303]: How may I cooperate?

(A) In the various ways that each individual in the group – including you -- has discovered through living in body and mind. Each of you have passed through your individual trials; you know how to talk to those who seek aid and understanding. Through the group, you can better offer sympathetic knowledge of the sources of information, whether directly through the spiritual realm, or by way of the spiritual realm as you have discovered it through your life experiences. So, as you learn the lesson of cooperation, you may gain empathy for what others in the group have experienced, and this will help you to advise the group, as well as help you to be a missionary to many individuals outside the group.

.  (Q) [288]: Does the dream I had last night, in which I travelled on a ship and arrived at the Statue of Liberty, indicate my part in this lesson?

(A) Symbolically. As the statue stands for a spirit that is supposed to emanate from a nation, so does the body receive and record the developing spirit in the minds, hearts, and souls of many – the many thousands that may be reached through you.

20. (Q) [288]: How may I best cooperate?

(A) Give your best to Him. [See also 262-12, Par. 10-A.]

21.  (Q) General: What should be the subject for the next lesson?

(A) Let’s take one at a time! Let’s finish one, first! Have you compiled [assembled] this one, already? This is just the beginning, so begin at the beginning. Do not have so much compiled, or data gathered, that the result is a harum-scarum, but, as we have said, do all things in decency and in order.

First, complete your first lesson. Accomplish that by assembling the contributions of each member of the group: what they give, what they desire to give, what they would like to see given, what they would give to others, by knowing what cooperation means. Each member of the group contributes a smattering. You have asked us, “What may I do to cooperate;” so, put cooperation into practice within your group, and then present the results as a lesson. After you’ve accomplished that, we’ll begin the first lessons of knowing your self! How may I know my self?

22. (Q) Who should be the leader of the whole group?

(A) As the spirit moves! As the compiler, Miss Wynne; as the secretary, Mrs. Miller. As for the groups, let those who are naturally leaders – lead!

23.  (Q) Is there any special message for this group at this time? 

(A) As you begin to serve yourself and others through a cooperative manner, seek those sources that may help each member of the group to understand cooperation, according to their respective ability to know and to understand; each member is an integral part of the whole that may present a light to the waiting world. As you seek, you shall find; as you knock, so the door will be opened. As you practice – not preach! – as you practice, so will your activities be a light to the waiting world. Let your yeas be yea and your nays be nay. Be not unstable [equivocal, indecisive] in the things you do, for you have asked that you be guided by what may give a light to a dying world – not an individual, a world!

24. We are through.

1 262.2, Report Par. R1: On October 5, 1970, A.R.E wrote Les Morgan, Tarot Project Director of Scientific Analysis Corp., in San Francisco, CA. He replied: "The Song of Sano Tarot does not classify as a real
'tarot' reference; the book discusses contacts with an entity
known as 'Sano Tarot' and does not deal with tarot cards."]
I purchased a copy through Amazon on 1.28.12. I’ll add my own report in the near future on the 2 cents page.

For Bible citations from 262.2 Index, go here



10.4.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:15 P.M. EST

1. You have before you the group and their desire to be guided into the path of greater service through these forces. The group and each member has attempted throughout the week to gain through meditation the data for the first lesson, Cooperation. Please direct us in the organization of this material, and give to each of us an expansion and interpretation of what we have received, by way of our questions.

2. Yes, we have the group, as individuals, gathered here. As you each seek in your own way, through your development, to cooperate in being of service to others, so are you lifted up. As Christ consciousness is raised in your individual activities, so is the cooperation raised in the universe. In the beginning, cooperation was brought into being by the forces that manifested themselves in this material world. You each, then, contain that creative force within yourselves; this allows for the continuity of life, hope, peace, and understanding. So may you build it in your own lives, first, and then in the lives of others, as they, in their own way, seek to bring better understanding into this material world.

3.  Then, as you are gathered here, let that mind be in you not of elementals, but of spiritual forces that may come through your efforts if they are made in accord with God’s will. Let your prayer be continually:

4.  Not my will but yours, O Lord, be done in and through me. Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those that I contact, in every way. Let my going in, my coming out be in accord with what you would have me do, and as the call comes, Here am I, send me, use me. [This became the affirmation for Lesson I, Cooperation. Ed.]

5. Ready for questions.

6.  (Q) [307]: How may we have the mind of Christ?

(A) As we open our hearts, our minds, and our souls, that we may be a channel of blessings to others, so we have the mind of the Christ, who took upon Himself the burden of the world. So may we, in our own little sphere, take upon ourselves the burdens of the world. The joy, the peace, and the happiness that may be ours is in doing for the other individual. For, gaining an understanding of the laws that pertain to right living, attunes the mind with the creative forces, which are of His consciousness. So we may secure that consciousness, by putting into action what we know.

7.  (Q) [560]: What is my part in this lesson of Cooperation?

(A) That which is awarded to those that would seek through these lessons a practical religion, a religion in action; for as your part in the ministry to the Master was the practical things of life, so in the lessons these must be living words, that they may touch the hearts, the minds, and the souls of others. In your ministry, then, see to it that each line and each thought is a practical thing, a living thing, having its being in Him.1

8. (Q) [560]: How may I know self?

(A) By your daily walks through life, by comparing your thoughts and activities to His, will you reflect your self, and reveal your self.

9. (Q) During meditation, a large body of water kept coming into sight; I could see it plainly.

(A) As you practice your religion in your daily life, so will the water of life be made plainer, as was the depth and the activities of that mother of life seen. [See 262-8, Par. 8-A.]

10. (Q) [2125]: In what way could I best serve this group?

(A) In your own meditation and in your work within the group, maintain a useful, purposeful, and definite aim for the group, as well for what is being attempted by each member, by continually affirming, His will - in all things - be done. This is how you can best serve the group.

11.  (Q) [2124]: Will my work in the group of healers be made known to me?

(A) Let us assure you, that as the activities of the group are centered here or there, or are changed as directed, each of you will recognize your contribution if you look for it; for, as we have told you, "Seek and ye shall find;" this a promise. Know in yourself [heart] that He is faithful to His promise, as we are faithful, to whom the promise is made. You that seek God may find Him! If you would have mercy shown to you, then be merciful to those you contact. If you would be forgiven, then forgive them that know not what they say, what they do; for "As you lift Me in your life, so shall you be lifted in the life here, now, and hereafter."

12.  (Q) [311]: How may I best cooperate with and serve this group?

(A) Do with all your might what your hand finds to do. Let this mind be in you as was in Him, "Not as I will but Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Make yourself a channel of blessings to someone; so will His blessings come to you, as an individual, as an integral part of the group. "They that seek my face shall find it."

13.  (Q) [2112]: Is spiritual healing a gift, or is it a talent we have developed from our past lives?

(A) Both. All force, all power, comes from the same source. On some of you is bestowed the power to heal, on some the speaking of tongues [translation?], on some that of ministry, on some that of another talent, each as you have built in your experience. As you trace the blessings that you have built for yourself, so does the blessing come to others. Being free, then let not these blessings become a stumbling block to some. Rather let those efforts of your self be secured in Him, that all blessings may come to your in your individual ways. He knows what we have need of before we have asked. In the asking and in the seeking, as individuals, and as intensified in cooperative thought, in cooperative intent, and in cooperative purpose, so does your talent come to each of you in your own way.

14.  (Q) [993]: Before we can have cooperation, do we not have to offer ourselves?

(A) By cooperating, you offer yourself to be a channel of activity and thought; for as line upon line, precept upon precept, comes into the world, so does it enter through your giving of yourself. If you would have life, you must give life; if you would have love, you must show yourself lovely; if you would have friends, you must be friendly: if you would have cooperation, you must cooperate by giving yourself to what all of you are trying to accomplish - whether it’s bringing light to others, or bringing strength, or health, or understanding. These are one in Him.

15. (Q) [993]: What do we lack, yet, to cooperate as a group?

(A) The purpose of cooperating as a group is beautiful -- now you need act cooperatively!

16.  (Q) [993]: How can we as a group get in accord with those that are aiding us?

(A) Open your hearts to the unseen forces that surround the throne of grace, beauty, and might, and throw about yourselves the protection that is found in the thoughts of Him - so that the work may be accomplished, the thought may be made active in the lives of others, and that even health and prosperity may be brought to others through your efforts as individuals, as a group, as an active force with Him in this material plane. [See 262-19 Par. 10 - An expansion of this.]2

17.  (Q) [288]: Isn’t cooperation a natural result when we lose ourselves in the ideal?

(A) Meet each person as you find them and inspire them; meet each challenge as you find it, and make headway with it. Improve each person or event that you encounter; this is also cooperation.

18. (Q) [288]: What does my dream of the group on desert sands signify?

(A) A harking back to periods when many gathered here upon the sands and were aided through the endeavors of many a one. Others will be gathered easily as you act upon our lessons, for like begets like. Let the seeds that are sown be the seeds of cooperation with Him, that the harvest may be a looking up to the leader - the giver of light. [See 262-1, Par. 3.] [Incarnations:Persia:Uhjltd Period?]3

19.  (Q) [341]: Please interpret and expand upon, "Cooperation is the soul of any organized group of individuals."

(A) This is a philosophical truth; cooperation must be the spirit that gives a group life. As the soul is made one in purpose, let cooperation motivate the group that is sure that the harvest is in Him; for man labors - but God gives the increase. Has the spirit come from Him? Then the increase must come from Him. As a group gathers cooperatively to make gains in a material plane, so may the soul of that group be divided--or united in Him, dependent upon the spirit that motivates such a group. For what your group examines here is as of old, and has been examined around the world and throughout time. May your group again enlighten the ages yet unborn, awakening them to the truths that make the souls of humankind secure in the knowledge of Him. [Incarnation:Egypt:Ra-Ta Period?]

20. (Q) [404]: Are my ideas of taking the right attitude of mind correct for this first lesson?

(A) Attitude gives birth to peace, harmony, and understanding, as well as to contention. For, as you all know, "When I would do right the spirit of unrest is ever present." As day by day you put contention out of your minds, and you pursue harmony, peace, and understanding more and more, this becomes the attitude with which you seek.

21.  (Q) [404]: Where must I begin in order to have harmony in my own body, soul and spirit?

(A) Begin by making yourself – and your own efforts - nothing but a channel for blessings from the Source of good to others.

22.  (Q) [538]: I seemed to see the following words: Cooperation, foundation on which all should be built. In unity is strength.

(A) This is as the axiom by which all of you will find the unity of purpose, the oneness of heart, and the one self in His will: not my personality, not my will, but losing myself in His will. Meditate and pray not for yourself, but that you may be a blessing to others through this group - not as part of the personality of the group, but as one whose purpose lies in Him, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

23.  (Q) General: Is there a message for us now that we may use as the center about which to build the first lesson on Cooperation?

(A) If you have understood through meditation that it is most important to place yourself in the material world as a channel for blessings, give active words for what you have received through meditation, thus becoming a blessing to yourself through becoming a blessing to others. Seek to know His way, and ponder this: As I am lifted up in your consciousness, so will I be lifted in the consciousness of others.

24. We are through.

1[I couldn’t tell if EC was speaking to 560 directly when he said, your part in the ministry to the Master was . . ., rather than is, so I left the passage as I found it, in case EC was referring to a past life of 560. Ed.]

2[Please expand on the statement: "Open our hearts to those unseen forces that surround the throne of grace, and beauty and might, throwing about us the protection found in the thought of the Christ."

(A) These expand by doing it! That's the best expansion!]

3[Each of you gathered here have been associated with one another in your various lifetimes in the earth; each of you have prepared yourselves to be a channel by way of these lifetimes. So may you, as a group, combine your efforts in a cooperative manner in order to give yourselves, this group, the classes, and humankind, what you gain in doing this work.]

For Bible citations from 262.3 Index, go here



10.18.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:50 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the group which seeks guidance and direction in carrying forward the work. Consider the activity and the progress this group has made and please give us any individual or general suggestions that will aid us in understanding the way You would have us carry on.

EC: Yes, we have the group, the individuals here, and the work they are doing as well as the work they have done.

As we said in the first of these lessons, in order to form a study group, or a group to accomplish any task, you must have whole-hearted cooperation between you, whether it’s during your periods of meditation, while you plan, when you put your plan into action, or whatever [See 262.1, 7(A)]. As we have told you, the union of strength may accomplish much. This is true for what you might want to achieve in any aspect of life, whether it’s in the spiritual, material, or imaginative aspects. The force of these lessons act in the physical world to inspire and to brace what you accomplish.

In reference to special assignments within the group, we have indicated specific individuals which we would prefer do various phases of the work.

2. GC: We present at this time three specific conditions for consideration.
First, the work and progress on the lesson of cooperation.
Second, the time and type of a meditation for the group.
Third, the presentation of a series of lectures by Edgar Cayce to be given in Norfolk and sponsored by this group.
Please answer the questions asked on these.

3. (Q) First, we present the following outline of the first lesson and ask for corrections and suggestions on the fuller preparation of this:

I. Definition of cooperation.
A. Physical: seeking physically to be of one mind and purpose;
B. Spiritual: losing self in Him and seeking His way.

II. Needs of Cooperation: recognition of essential factors

III. Methods of obtaining cooperation
A. Physical method: daily acts and thoughts towards others
B. Spiritual methods
      1. Meditation, prayer
      2. Seeking to have the mind of Christ
   C. Illustration of the relation of these two methods

IV. Realization of Cooperation: Self elimination, spiritual ecstasy, joy, peace

4.  EC: You have begun well, if all of you will be of one mind and one purpose, as you gather to consider the various aspects of the work and the lessons we give you.

Follow this outline. As long as each of you contributes to the lesson, as we have recommended, cooperation will become a living lesson in each of you, if you’ll let it grow, and cooperation will be a living truth in the minds and hearts of others who may discover and study the lesson you have shown us in outline form, and thereby study it for truth and understanding. Job well done! You’ve made a good start!

Develop the lesson from your outline, and develop each section conscientiously. Remember that you are not dependant for insight on one another in this endeavor, but in your Father. So, as the spirit moves you to speak, express yourself, for you are a child of the Creator, and each of you has a portion to give to the lesson.

You are able to give this to the world by becoming channels for His forces to work through.

5. (Q) Second, the time and type of a meditation for the group.

(A) Meditation is fundamental. You should set a specific time to meditate as a group; anyone who can’t cooperate with the others in this way can have little to do with the group’s achievements. Whether these acts are great or small, working in accord keeps harmony; harmony begets peace, peace allows understanding, and understanding gives rise to enlightenment. You must all share in meditation.

6.  (Q) Third, the presentation of a series of lectures by Edgar Cayce to be given in Norfolk and sponsored by this group.

(A) If the group wishes, it should sponsor EC’s lectures, but only as part of the aim of the group. You should study the audience and the affiliations of the group you wish him to lecture. If the situation feels right for what your group is trying to accomplish, then your group can act as missionaries, or emissaries, of that purpose and the Forces propelling it. All of you – this group, EC, and whatever audience he might lecture -- have their part, and God does not cater to anyone’s ego. Whether you shall sit on the right hand or left is not my decision to make, said He who would guide you, if you would let the lamb of life lead you.

7. (Q) What points should we emphasize in this lesson?

(A) You, the group of individuals to whom this lesson is sent, must determine what points to emphasize. Let the outline begin well-rounded, well balanced discussions, with the truth answering each individual question.


8.  (Q) Please suggest a group meditation.

(A) We find it natural that your meditations should vary as you develop each section of the lesson, Cooperation. Each section requires insight, and your group might easily gain that insight from the enlightenment that sparks in one or more of you during meditation.

In the interest of developing the lesson to the greatest possible extent, we recommend that you put off creating a meditation for the lesson as a whole until you’ve worked your way through your outline, section by section. Otherwise, you will be distracted, believing that you understand cooperation more than you really do.

Wait until you’ve completed the lesson so you might be of one mind and purpose; give yourselves the chance to be a channel for insight into cooperation.

9. Do that.

10. We are through for the present.

For bible citations from 262.4 Index, go here



11.29.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you we who seek guidance in carrying on Your work. We pray that You direct each of us to contribute our best to the whole, and that we may keep our purpose, which is cooperation, on the path that You will. Please answer the questions of the group as a unit and as individuals.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group of individuals who are gathered for this purpose. In the distinct way that each of you contributes in a cooperative manner towards being, yourselves, lights to others, towards magnifying His name in the lives of others, may you carry on the work as you contemplate it, as you desire it, and as you seek it.

3. As this group and as each of you has gained through your attempt to cooperate with one another, by the same token you have the opportunity to gain in another way: if you will put what you have learned of cooperation to work in your day to day lives, you will make this incarnation more profitable.

4. Ready for questions.

5. (Q) We present the lesson on COOPERATION compiled by the group, which I shall read. Please make such corrections and suggestions that will clarify, complete or strengthen this lesson:

[What follows is, for the most part, “Cooperation: Lesson 1” in A Search for God, Book I. The book form has a few more sentences added to each section. Please see the original reading for a comparison. RR]

(A) (After completion of reading lesson) You’ve done well on the lesson.

6. (Q) Is this lesson acceptable to the forces, without any correction, just as it is?

(A) You’ve done well on the lesson.

7. (Q) Are we now ready to begin work on the second lesson, Know Thyself?

(A) Each of you is ready to apply what you have learned of cooperation towards knowing yourself. You will learn more of cooperation as you put cooperation into action.

8. (Q) What special meditation should we use to prepare ourselves for work on this lesson? Please suggest the thought we should hold.


9.  (Q) Are we handling our work in the correct manner? Please give us any suggestions that would help us and clarify our understanding.

(A) Accommodate one another. Work as a unit. Do everything in order. Resist the impulse to say anything that would falsely express what you have in mind; look before you leap. Ask the Lord’s counsel before you speak, rather than have the other group members misunderstand you.

This is how you advance the work; this is how you nurture unity. Don’t look to one another for support; instead, rely on Him, while working together as a group, each of you in your area of expertise.

Each of you has had experiences that add to this work. Don’t measure your contribution by the agreement or by the compliments of the other group members: instead, measure your contribution by how well you express a thought or a feeling that brings into focus the vision of the Master’s face for those that seek it, so that they might have in their hearts and their souls that peace that comes only from being close to Him; for when He speaks, only may peace abound.

Some people may frighten you. Others may project appalling force, yet He, the Prince of Peace, bestows joy and cheer on the hearts and souls of whoever seeks to communicate His blessings!

10. (Q) Is there any special message for the group at this time?

(A) Children, as you seek in His name to know the Father’s way, step forward with singleness of purpose. Don’t dwell on contrived and man-made obstacles; rather know in whom you believe, knowing He has brought all things into being. And as you seek - and use - His strength, in His name, you are His. You will become - and be - the lights that show what is false, and, though turmoil, strife, and contention surround you, that peace, His peace, will keep you safe in Him.

11.  (Q) [2124]: Do we sufficiently understand the readings?

(A) As you each examine what we have imparted to you in the lesson of knowing your selves, and your own hearts and minds, you will gain insight and understanding day to day, for, as He said, The good or the evil you encounter in a single day is plenty.

As you apply His love and his light in your own lives, you begin to see what He wants each of you to do day by day. Don’t tell you neighbor how he or she should act. Have you labored under the same circumstances? Rather, grant everyone the same standard by which to measure one another; and be up to the discipline of applying those standards to each hour of the day and to each circumstance that you encounter.

Advance through your day humbly, mindful of God and of His knowledge of you. Hunger as children to know His love, His law, and His direction -- if you look for it you will find it, for He is in His holy temples. Are you holy? Do you desire to be holy? Are you seeking the good of your neighbor over your own gain? As you know Him and His way, you will be on speaking terms with your neighbor.

12. (Q) [288]: Tuesday morning, Nov. 24th, I dreamt there was war. We were all on the roof of a building shooting from cubby-holes. Each of us had a post. I noticed a strip, or band, up in the air, about to break, and recognized it was holding up the building, that if it did break the whole structure would crumble and thousands underneath would be destroyed, besides ourselves. I got permission to leave my post and went down and out of the building. I influenced people of higher authority to come and fix the strip so that the building would still stand. What is the significance of this dream?

(A) You need to make corrections within yourself, and they can only come from the Source of all love, force, and power, so that the framework of the shelter you are building for the protection of others may maintain its integrity.

Look within; examine your conscience.

13. (Q) [288]: Will I be able to prophesy through my dreams?

(A) We prefer that you interpret your dreams, rather than prophesy through them.

14. (Q) [288]: Will I be able to interpret my dreams?

(A) Only if you will allow yourself to be a channel.

15. (Q) [[69]'s husband]: What is my duty as a member of this group, and how can I best cooperate?

(A) As you gain understanding of your secular and spiritual duties, you will help the group maintain its purpose, and help to keep order within the group.

In a former lifetime, you ministered to the needs of others. You offered what prophesy you could, as prophesying was expected of the person of your office. You hold that same office, now, and you will act in that same capacity for the purposes of this group.

16. We are through for the present.

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