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2 Knowledge

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1 Do as your heart and as your soul dictate

43 You wish to know His face and to be a more perfect light in His name.

44a Whoever asks for a part has a part in His work. This is His work, He who has called to you! He has called you where you live. 44b If you ignore it or don’t hear the invitation, then you have only missed the opportunity for this lifetime, and you must do it all over again. As you study the effect that taking part in His work has had on the partners of this group and what you’re trying to accomplish, you will find what your hands are willing to do. By itself – if it’s alive - His call must awaken a longing, a yearning rising through meditation, and then galvanize you to action.

45 You have chosen to embrace the Father’s business, as surely as you have been chosen to do so. So, get to work! As you interpret the feelings in your gut, try to put those feelings into practice. As the result becomes obvious and if the best for all has been served,  know you have done work.

46 Groom yourself. Begin to be an instrument that is prepared to present these lessons to others.

47 Practice the guiding principles He lived by, so that your life demonstrates these principles while you describe them to others. Keep your heart singing! Use your talents to accomplish something today! Create goals that help others.

48 Keep applying what you learn to what you know. Be gentler, kinder, and more loving to all. It’s little by little that you harvest the understanding that comes from cultivating your heart, mind, and life in the light.

49 You must find answers within yourself.

50 Engage what renews your strength – physical and spiritual love. Does love languish through over-activity, or does it prosper through use? Does love flower and vanish, or do you not magnify the effects of love through its development, and summon the force that overcomes all things? Do as your heart and as your soul dictate. Do not be ashamed to be what you are! If you are ashamed, there is something amiss! You have pruned or padded your ideal, and it does not fit the pattern!

51 Surround yourself with people and things that feed your inner harmony. Dwell with individuals whom are uplifting, whom stimulate your creative energy, like many of those you knew during previous incarnations. Resist behaving in a selfish or coarse manner. Keep your heart pure, your actions beyond reproach and free from condemnation!

52 Don’t think that your abilities are lacking. Don’t doubt that your prayers reach the throne of grace and mercy. Make it plain through what you do every day that the partnership’s sense of purpose has resulted in greater understanding for you, the same as it has for everyone else.

53 Don’t doubt yourself or what you’re capable of. Engagement brings determination. Make your conscious mind answerable to your higher self as a mirror reflects your true face. This will remove doubt when you wonder whether your decisions demonstrate the Spirit acting through your spirit.  Don’t chide anyone else unless you yourself can answer for what you feel or assert.

54 Don’t you remember this passage from scripture, "Come with Me, and I will make you fishers of men"?

55 Or this, "Lord, grant unto us that we may sit one on thy right hand and the other on the leftin glory"?

56 "Are you able to drink of the cup?"

57 "We are able."

58 "Indeed. You shall drink, but to sit on my right or my left is not mine to give. He that does the will of the Father, that same individual is my mother, is my brother, or is my sister."

59 When you experience an event that you feel heralds your spiritual or physical development further, act on it! 

2 Conscience

60 Learn to use the attribute that leads to wisdom. In the world in which you have incarnated, it is this attribute: a standard of measurement and valuation, of guiding principles and thoughts. Your self is only what you, as an individual, receive from the world outside or apprehend from within.

61 You have adopted for your use a standard, a measurement, an active force within you – a conscience. Be your conscience. Be what you have adopted as your measure. Don’t take yourself as your measure. That would be unwise. Don’t judge yourself by earthly standards if you want to know yourself. Use as a guide what has proven itself a reliable standard. Know what you believe in, and act that way.

62 Measure yourself by the standard that is your ideal. Measure yourself by your own ideal.

63 It’s preferable that you not only know, but feel, what it means to be measured not by what you own but by what you are able to offer or to put it better, to know what it means to be an instrument of blessing to someone! As you have received, give, for Lo, I stand and knock. Who will open and let enter that peace and that joy, so there may be more light in your soul? Don’t dwell on the cares of the day or the hour. Don’t let things that threaten your physical body make you short-sighted, for He who will come will not be denied. “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” As I am one with the Father and you are one with me, so shall His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

64 Think of yourself as an entity, as a soul having a human experience. This is essential. It is how you understand yourself and what happens to you.

65 You have your physical aspect, your five senses. While these function on their own, you respond to them mentally. Your five senses are God’s way of attaching your body to Himself. He coexists with your body’s five senses, the same five senses that drive you to seek food or an intimate partner. They are physical expressions of God working in you, and your five senses vibrate according to how much you treat them as part of your spiritual development. Your reaction to the demands of your body leaves impressions on you. How selfishly you respond reflects on you in this lifetime and becomes part of your soul work during those to come. In fact, the person you are now, the challenges of this lifetime, and even your physical condition and circumstances are the result, to a large extent, of your mental response to previous challenges brought to you through your physical body.

66 Work together in the physical sense to make your partnership function, allowing one another, as if you were organs, to make his or her individual contribution and mentally making the appropriate choices as the challenges among your partners come up, to further your spiritual development and the purpose of this group, which is to be light bearers to the world.

67 This is your self.  This is your lesson!

3 First we dream, then we build

68 Your mind reacts to events that occur during everyday life. You mentally take note of these events, and you unconsciously ask questions. When you dream, your unconscious provides the answers, using the same images you see every day as its language. So, images of everyday life represent your mental and spiritual state.

69 First we dream, and then we build. That is the way of material life. Sometimes, the dreams are visions which seem unattainable. These ideals are crystallized and then made real through the lives and efforts of other individuals, driven by the influence of the visionary individual – you! The ideals then act upon other people and make the vision possible and then a reality.

70 These symbols urge you to see how unseen forces act upon your life to raise your waking mind to the reality of reincarnation and of God’s presence in your life. As this lesson and the lessons that follow awaken you, your awareness that such spiritual components are real will become more and more acute. Even the most pessimistic people concede that unseen forces are more powerful than those they can see, what they call reality. The dreamer, the visionary, you who open your minds to the infinite, more often receive infinite power, for opening your minds allows you to perceive how unseen forces coordinate your lives, just as night follows day and the moon sheds light from the Giver of light, the sun.

71 Visions are different. Visions are triggered by different conditions. In your visions you unconsciously see the connection – or the disconnection – between what you mull over during the day and your ideal. In visions where your spirit is awakening, you most often see in symbols. Training your mind to interpret visions involves using the language familiar to your five senses: your eyes, hands, mouth, and nose and your posture and the like. When you perceive that ordinary items are taking on extraordinary importance; when they point to more than what they represent in everyday life, then they have taken on symbolic form, and you will know your awakening is at hand.

72 As you get nearer to attunement, nearer to coordinating your vibrations, nearer to your ability to heal yourself; to give life, light, and understanding to others, you will recognize the voice within, and you will recognize your teacher.

73 First you need to apply the lessons. Then and only then will you truly have insight into the meaning of the words. Only then will you understand. When you are living the lessons, you will hear the voice within, and you will recognize your teacher.

74 God can stir within you an awareness of your true self, even if you aren’t looking for it. It’s natural for your soul to experience this human lifetime where you’re moved mostly by physical stimulation without considering the Source of your material existence or feeling the need to understand your life, why you are here, or that you have been here many times when, in fact, you have apprehended life many times before. It is not your nature to think about the continuity of your soul until something awakens your curiosity.

75a In the course of an evening, one word during a conversation might lead to a completely different conversation. In the same way, you might ask yourself in a quiet moment, "What caused me to think or act in such a manner under such and such a circumstance? Why did I answer sharply during this particular experience and gently during another?" Introspection opens the door to insight into how you think and act from moment to moment, but you can also gain spiritual insight as you use the mind of your soul to associate seemingly unrelated words or actions. 75b You must be made to want to discover that your life has more meaning than your immediate concerns.

76 Get the difference between play and work now!

77 Individuals without an awareness of their spiritual identity are acted upon much in the same way as is an individual who is not aware of the holiness of a brother. However, this occurs not through your physical senses, but through your intuition, through an awareness of a presence. Those who are standing outside, who are incurious, are in the process of their own spiritual development and, ultimately, must become awed by your spiritual development as well as by the development of this partnership and what it stands for! 

4 You shall answer for every act

78 There are always pivotal moments for those who seek to know His face, for those who will be patient and wait upon Him. Don’t be overanxious. Wait on the Lord. In your search, do not seek something exotic or something new. Rather, look for appropriate ideals and the correct worth of what you already know. In evaluating your present beliefs, you begin to understand larger, better, and greater things, for whom the Lord loves is blessed with a gift that, if rightly employed, yields understanding and peace.

79 The effects that spiritual awakening can have upon your minds and bodies may confuse you, more so because each of you is in a different stage of development.

80 Yet, if you would welcome the approach of the spiritual entities who wish to help you with your spiritual development and let them nudge you, you would understand that you are the child of God.

81 The same is true of those who suffer in body or mind or those whose lives are unstable. If they would open themselves to spiritual influence, they would be reassured as they begin to understand that they, too, are the children of God!

82 You experience dreams, visions, and physical life. Dreams point more to your physical health, or your circumstances.

83 Learn as the young ruler did, that it is God working through you, not your gifts, whom truly helps people, as illustrated in the scripture, “not my will but Yours be done in me. Use me as You see fit; not what I think I should do, or would rather do, but as You see fit!” Your consciousness and mind lends stability to others, so don’t doubt yourself; for to doubt yourself is to create a negative force that discourages you.

84 If you remain faithful and you persevere, you shall wear the crown of life.

85 Christ said: "It is not what enters into a man that defiles him but what comes forth. Many individuals are as beautiful and stark as whitened sepulchers. They are beautiful to look at, but within they are full of dead men's bones!"

86 This refers to the lifetime of a physical being, but takes its mental and spiritual nature into consideration and not just its physical body. If you live to gratify the desires of your body alone, you may be beautiful to look at (and often you are!), but within you are foul, an individual who belittles your soul, for your soul is corrupt, and what you speak brings discord, corruption, and disorder. You shall answer for every act! "My word shall not pass away." Your soul faces up to what it has built in that environment, the vibration you have created, but it encounters its harvest not in the material, but in the spiritual, the universal plane.

87 You enter the physical plane to experiment, to develop, to magnify, or to express your creativity. The function of each organ depends on the organs functioning together, and who could find fault that the hand is not the eye or that the head is not the foot or that the comely part is not the uncomely and the like? All the organs must be made to work in harmony, so that the whole may be saved, rather than a single organ be allowed to develop during the lifetime of the body.

88 You can see this most clearly in those individuals whose lives in various realms have brought them to the knowledge of the whole, the insight that compelled Jesus to pronounce, "the Father and I are one." For the physical body, for the mental body, for the spiritual body, to rebel is the same as for the foot to rebel because it is not the head or the hand or for the organs to rebel because they have been poisoned by what was fed the body seemingly for its sustenance. Study yourself with the insight that these lessons offer for the purpose of knowing yourself.

5 The mind of the soul

89 In training, or more precisely, in governing, the subconscious mind, or the mind of the soul, first consider the subconscious mind of the individual.

90 The mind of the soul perceives and acts upon the day-to-day life of the individual; but it also takes in spiritual insights. Hence, the best way to describe how the mind of the soul works is that it is subject to the habits of the individual and the way he or she perceives life. Should an individual believe thought would act quicker than the spoken word, then to him or to her it would!

91 When you want to reach the mind of the soul of an individual through his senses, in order that she might visualize your message, then speaking to him would be more effective, and you may see why. Hence, what you say to the sleeping or semi-conscious mind of a growing, developing body will have a better result!

92 And that should answer any questions about me, the Source that is speaking through the body of Edgar Cayce! 

6 Speak and act as the Spirit moves you

93 As you endeavor to give life, light, and understanding to others, do not waver. Be not doubtful, living in two minds: one mind on God and one mind on something else. Remain true to your commitment as an offering before that throne of grace, that throne of mercy.

94 You are much more intuitive than you allow yourself to express; your seemingly off-the-cuff remarks reflect much that your inner self feels to be true.

95 Cultivate your spiritual insight, so that you can recognize chaos and distress in their early stages, and set them right.

96 You have lost little of your abilities in your many incarnations. So, limit your effort to what you can accomplish in your own self. How? Sharpen your sensitivity, so that the spiritual forces may manifest through you, and yield a compassionate heart, mind, and soul. You can exercise influence far beyond your conscious intent.

97 Do not doubt that what you are seeking is beneficial. Your efforts benefit your partnership in the present, as well as in the grander scheme of spiritual growth.

98 Hold tight to what you have. Follow the call of your higher self as exemplified by Him. Keep your own garments white, and see less and less fault in others.

99 Keep on as you are. You are on the right path, and it leads to enlightenment.

100 Speak and act as the Spirit moves you. Then, as opportunity presents itself, speak and act in a way that takes full advantage of it. Spread the wisdom that you have won through your own struggles and trials.

101 You receive, through your desire to give, what you need to learn in order that you may inspire others to seek the light. It’s your own ideal by which your will is controlled or measured. Your Ideal Is Your Standard, then, will be your next lesson.

102 By following Jesus’ example; by thinking about these lessons and then applying these lessons in their daily lives, others may be lead to Christ Consciousness. In this way may they see what you mean.

103 May His peace dwell with you always!

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