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1 Found your ideal in Him

104 An ideal cannot be man-made, it must be spiritual in nature. It must have its foundation in Truth, in God, in the God-head. By means of your ideal, you can reach out at any time for understanding in regards to your physical, mental, or spiritual life.

105 God’s gift to you is your soul. Your soul is one with Him. It knows it is one with Him, yet all the while it knows it is unique in itself. It shares attributes with God, but it is not God. Your ideal must have the same quality, whether it springs from your imaginative, mental, physical, or your spiritual body. You may aspire to such an ideal, but you’ll never become the ideal. You’ll never be one with the ideal, an ideal that is grounded in Him.

106 Choose your ideal.

107 Found your ideal in Him.

108 Experiment with your ideal in the course of your day.

109 Learn from the results.

110 Put to work what your results teach you.

111 Aim what those results teach you in a particular direction. 

112 What you discover reinforces inwardly and reflects outwardly all the virtues of your ideal.

113 So, as the scripture says, use the insight you gain, for more perfect understanding comes from employing your ideal in your daily life.

2 Behave as if God was present

114 Forge your own ideal, rather than just choosing one. You will get a sign as you work to find your ideal and meditate on how one or another most lends itself to your life. The inspiration for an ideal may come to you in the form of tests.

115 You may be pressed to treat another person, in a stressful moment, the way you have claimed you would treat him or her.

116 You may discover a talent for inspiring others to seek their ideal, no matter what you do for a living.

117 You may show others, by your example how Christ may work in their lives. You may remind other Christ conscious individuals, at crucial moments, that His promise is genuine.

118 Behave as if God were present. Speak the truth and don’t soil yourself. During your meditations, you build the understanding necessary to spark a revolution, to manifest a revelation, to shake this place! Live the truth; let the Spirit of Truth strike!

119 God, be patient with me! Turn aside my unbelief!  Let me first behold in the Christ what You want me to honor in other individuals.  Help me recognize in my sister and brother what I revere in Him whom I worship.

120 Work to be acceptable in God’s sight, separating true words from false and showing no tolerance for evil.

121 The way to free yourself has been tailored for your soul. That’s as true now as it always was.

122 Achieve your ideal in a tangible way. Then little by little, line by line, you may become conscious of the Spirit of the Master working in and through your acts and thoughts. See your ideal reflected in those around you, and then make your life a vivid example of your ideal.

123 What is manifested in the life of each partner, what each of you experiences, is a personal application of the Truth for you to impart to another. Hence the lessons should be in the first person. "I AM the way, I AM the truth, I AM the light."  

3 It’s a kernel of yeast that raises the dough

124 Apply these two lessons, Cooperation, and Self Knowledge, to your daily life; that’s how you articulate your ideal. You can express your ideal in material terms, as in a standard of living. Have you chosen that un-spiritual ideal? Do you measure circumstances in your own life by that ideal? Do you not continue to count as worthwhile that you may bring a blessing to another, and that doing so would cost you nothing?

125 As you seek the Father’s face, seek also grace, mercy, and peace.  Know what you worship and know that you are a part of it, and see in other people what you worship in the Father.  Everyone contains goodness, because everyone comes from the Father, and the Son has paid the price so that each person has the chance to know the glory of the Father that shows itself through you.

126 Your prayer is: “May they be one, the same as You and I are one.”  Spiritual insight allows you to see the best in each person.

127 In the same way that you applied the lessons of Cooperation to your individual lives and recognized how those ideas affected your personal affairs, apply this lesson: Your Ideal Is Your Standard.  Use your ideal not only as the standard by which to measure yourself, but also use your ideal as a lens to see into others, understanding first that all is one. What standard do they worship? What ideal do they honor?

128 In the beauty of service comes the knowledge and understanding that makes life worthwhile. Set aside those things that so easily trouble you. Aim towards the higher pursuit founded in Him. The greatest service you may do is the little word here and there, the kindly thought, the little deeds that make the heart glad and bring the brightness of the Son into the lives of all.

129 Find your ideal in the Father.  Christ said: "I have chosen you as you have chosen me. I call him who I predestined. They hear my voice, and answer by my name." In Christ’s name alone can you be sure He has called and elected you. 

130 Act in a way that, according to your own understanding of Christ, you find holy and exemplary, doing each day what you know agrees with that ideal, and the way that Christ shows you! Don’t speak or act rashly: proceed line upon line, here a little, there a little, for it is a kernel of yeast that raises the lump of dough. Such is Christ Consciousness a key to the kingdom of God.

4 The reward of a spiritual ideal is contentment

131 The kingdom is within you. Go. Do. Follow My example, and you will find peace, harmony, understanding, and light – salvation.

132 See your ideal registering in the lives, hearts, minds, and souls, of those you labor with, and work. Work! For the night draws near, and in Him will be that light that gives rest to the soul.

133 "There are many people to harvest but only a few workers to help harvest them." He said. You have declared your willingness to labor with Him. Then, work. Work! The night, the shadows of doubt, darkness, and pretense, will descend unless you are busy doing what you must do, but with the labor comes the reward He promised.

134 The reward of a materialistic ideal is satisfaction, while the reward of a spiritual ideal is contentment. Be content with what you have, and employ it with honor so that you bring praise and glory to your ideal; more and more will be provided you as long as you make proper use of what you have, for as the Master said,

135 “The Kingdom is like a man who, preparing for a journey, called his servants. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one talent. As they worked, they obtained not approval, but understanding. They were rewarded for the quality of their effort.”

136 So, obtaining your ideal is a matter of making spiritual use of your resources first. The lesson is: seek the Kingdom first, and your needs will be provided.

137 You have discovered confidence by navigating through the adventure that is your life. That success has led you to look for an ideal beyond material rewards. Your spiritual ideal has matured as you’ve charted its influence on your outlook. 

138 In a like fashion, your faith also matures and may spur the spiritual force within you that hastens healing.

5 Apply your ideal in your daily affairs

139 Use your talents every day without mistrusting tomorrow. Tomorrow has its evils and goods that you can’t control. Today is! Use what you have. If God can rouse Moses, a shepherd of the flocks in Moab, to lead the Jews, He can awaken you: Use what talent you have, “for the ground on which you stand is holy!”

140 Be like the early prophets who discovered they were channels of the living God, not the dead past. They were not afraid of God’s voice, but said instead, “Thy will, O God, be done in me. Use me as you see fit. Tailor my talents to your use!”

141 As you raise Christ Consciousness in yourself, you become more and more free. That freedom allows your awakening. With your awakening you realize that the ideal stirs more and more in the hearts, minds, and souls of others, not in a way to sadden or disappoint them, to spawn moral biases that create shadows, but freely, in the love that makes them fearless, that inspires them to do courageous acts for Him.

142 As you nurture your ideal and weigh the acts of others – whether those acts are physical, moral, or spiritual, measure your own acts by the same ideal, by the same set of scales, and through praiseworthy actions, witness Christ Consciousness being raised in the hearts, minds, and souls of others. Remember, "Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, for you will be judged and criticized and condemned in the measure you use to deal out to others." The measure you portion out is your ideal. Let your ideal, then, be grounded in Him.

143a Apply your ideal in your daily affairs. And as you reflect on your associations with other individuals, use your ideal to measure the amount of respect you have shown them; be as patient and forgiving and as long-suffering towards them and towards yourself as He was. Then you’ll gain the peace that bestows understanding. 143b Remember what you’ve chosen as your ideal during your interactions with every other individual, at home or away from home, and know that you can resolve every trial by way of your ideal.  If you can’t, your ideal is below the mark of the higher calling grounded in Him.

144 Demonstrate His love every day. Christ said, "A new commandment I give you: Love one another." So, talk about one another in the same way he would have talked about you. This is how the greater work, the greater blessing, comes to one and all of you. Be patient, and witness the glory of God!

145 Put into active, prayerful, and working service, every day, what you understand of your ideal. See in others those qualities He would praise, and see in yourself those qualities you would dedicate to Him. Your daily acts, words, and speech - these will bring that understanding, as well as your realization that the ideal is being manifested in you, and in others. Look for the good in everyone. Speak no evil, harsh, or unkind word to anyone.

146 Pay close attention to what you say and do. Commit your whole body and your whole mind to service to others. Let your works and your efforts be just as He said - "If you will not have faith in me, you will have faith in me simply because of the things I do - for the things I do affirm what I believe I am!"

147 You build understanding step by step. You discover what could become a living truth in your life. You recognize the influence that you could have on other men and women; and what influence the group as a whole could have.

148 You grow spiritually according to how easy or difficult it is for you to apply your ideal to your daily life. The exercise has made you humble.

149 Focus on persistence. Patience and endurance are good lessons to teach.

150 Animate His blessings through your speech and conduct.

151 Remember what you’ve chosen as your ideal during your interactions with every other individual, at home or away from home, and know that you can resolve every trial by way of your ideal.  If you can’t, your ideal is below the mark of the higher calling grounded in Him.

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