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5 Virtue

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1 Put your faith into active service

189 At the outset, you learned to cooperate within a group; that is, you learned to join other individuals in a concerted effort to achieve singleness of purpose. Next, you looked into yourself and took a humble account of yourself as one of a group. Applying these lessons inspired you to articulate your ideal. Then, you learned how to draw near to the spiritual forces within you that allow you to produce the kind of material results in your daily life that faith manifests.

190 Now, begin adding virtue and understanding to your faith. Virtue, for the purposes of this study, will be the means by which you put your faith into active service.  Without the purity that virtue grants your mental, material, and spiritual self, you can understand little.

191 Faith, virtue, and understanding rouse you.  You begin to grasp the importance of cooperation, of knowing yourself, and of setting your ideal.  Faith makes it possible for you to manifest spiritual results in your life.

192 Apply yourself to the lessons. Show by your example that you have learned the lessons as an individual and as a partner.  This is how you gain understanding as long as you live your life with the same pureness that you demand of others.

2 Applying virtue everyday

193 How should you define virtue?

194 Virtue is what you apply to your daily life with respect to your ideal and your knowledge of yourself and to cooperation and faith as you understand them. 

195 You are an individual entity even while you and your partners work towards common understanding and definitions but you have your own approach.  God is not one thing to you, and another thing to your neighbor. Instead, He animates each of you individually. Each of you sees things differently depending on how you have met your challenges over many lifetimes.

196 Virtue and understanding are the qualities that make your relationship with the Creative Forces possible.  Those same attributes prepare you to meet other individuals as individuals, people whose personalities are likely to differ from yours.  The better prepared you are to engage a variety of personalities, the more adept you’ll become at tailoring the lessons to them. You’ll be able to show them how to apply the lessons to their daily lives.  The more these individuals see how the lessons apply to their daily lives, the more valuable the lessons are. 

3 Knowledge and understanding are two different things

197 Keep in line with what He has set before you. Sure is the way  for it is His way.

198 Be true to what is pure in your purpose, for this is virtue. In virtue comes understanding, for they are as the tenon and the mortise. They fit, and they dovetail one with another.

199 You gain understanding by applying what you’ve learned to your life every day. Apply yourself mentally, physically, or spiritually. With the ideal you set comes your awakening. To the extent that your awakening is shaken by doubts or fears or there is the germ of a doubt that muddies your experience, you dull your understanding.

200 In analyzing what you need for a closer relationship to faith, knowledge, self, cooperation, knowing yourself, and your ideal, consider them from the spiritual angle rather than from the arbitrary, material point of view, and you will arrive at a more perfect understanding.

201 Knowledge and understanding are two different things.  You experience miracles every day and so often that you acknowledge them matter-of-factly without understanding they are part of the mercy and glory the All-Wise Creator is showering upon you.

202 You won’t gain understanding by accumulating data. Your frustration lies in your standard of measure, what you base your judgment on.  You get understanding by moving closer to the throne, for she that has understanding can move mountains.

203 You learn a little about truth with each lifetime.  Hence, you earn truth as your finite mind becomes conscious of what truth is. Truth is a growth. Truth is a yearning. Truth is earned when you apply what you know to doing His will, rather than to satisfying your own desires.

204 You shouldn’t deny that this or that urge exists in order to make yourself believe. Truth is earned through lifetimes of bumping up against the laws of truth. He is truth! 

4 Virtue is a fruit of faith

205 Understand that virtue and understanding deal primarily with you and your relationship to the Creative Forces or God and that your virtue and understanding is reflected in the way you treat other people and not how you judge them. Judge yourself by your understanding and your own virtue, not by their presence or absence in anyone else, for virtue and understanding are spiritual values and must be judged by the spirit. Judge not that ye be not judged.

206 Look at how you’ve chosen to serve and at all you’ve built!  That’s what your harvest will be if you will keep your faith in Him who gives you the wherewithal to manage the problems in your daily life. There will be nothing that you don’t understand if you will open your heart to that intuition that comes from your close walk with Him.

207 The way to virtue and understanding is open to you if you will:

208 Become a channel of blessings to others.

209 Thoroughly acquaint yourself with yourself.

210 Have your ideal set in Him. The one way. The straight and narrow way.

211 If you wonder whether you are on the straight and narrow path, you must answer that from within by communing with Him in whom you have put your faith, your trust, your hope, and your hereafter.

212 “Who am I to judge you?  Who is good?” He asked. “None save the Father, not even the Son of man.  Rather, in Him is the way. My Spirit,” He said, “bears witness with your spirit whether you be the sons of God or not.”

213 Keep to the way you know. Keep to the path you have trod, for He is able to direct you in every trial, in every circumstance, for unto him who is faithful comes the crown of life.

214 As you sow, so shall you reap.  As long as you seek, what you seek will be revealed. In Him is the light and no darkness at all. Seek the way. It will be opened to you.

215 Keep the way open. Do not become a stumbling block to anyone.  Know in what you have believed and where you’ve placed your faith. By their works and by their fruits you will know them.  Virtue is a fruit of faith. Your understanding grow and becomes the mature seed ready for planting.

216 Keep walking in the way that leads you to express His virtue.  You are the steward of the bounty He has entrusted to you. What will you return for what He has given you?

217 Find ways every day to put to practical and personal use what the Spirit has awakened in you. Live the lessons you learn.

218 Stay on course.  You can accomplish much through what you have undertaken.

219 Pray in His name and meditate on Him, for He is the way.  He is the understanding.  Your understanding begins the moment you see your life as a union of your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.  In Him is understanding. The approach to the Father is through Him.

220 The next lesson is Fellowship. In order to study your relationship to other individuals, you must know and understand yourselves, and you must know and understand your relationship to God. In the studies ahead of you, virtue and understanding will be essential components.

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