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6 Fellowship

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1 Fellowship begins with brotherhood

221 The meditation to use during your daily prayer for the lesson, Fellowship, is:

222 How excellent is Your name in the earth, o Lord! To have fellowship with you, I must show brotherly love to all individuals. If I come in humbleness yet have anything against my brothers and sisters, my prayer, my meditation, does not rise to you. Help me in my efforts to approach you.

223 Fellowship refers to God. Brotherhood refers to humankind.

224 Fellowship is brotherhood first. It’s an intimation of what fellowship is. Everything you see in the material world is but a shadow of the spiritual life. Brotherhood is an expression of the fellowship that exists in the spiritual life.

2 He seeks to find expression in you

225 Your fellowship with the Creative Forces depends on your actions and attitudes towards other individuals. If you seek grace, mercy, and understanding and if you want faith and knowledge, you must practice using these same virtues in your dealings with the people you know and the strangers you meet.

226 If you seek to commune with the spirit within, you must recognize in all the individuals you meet the same acts and judgments you want as your own foundation.

227 Fellowship is the promise of the Father through his Son that if you want to know His face, be kind and gentle, compassionate, and loving to those around you. In this manner, purge your mind and heart, and if you have anything whatever against any individual or group, present it to the throne of grace. Present it to His mercy that meets the needs of any and all.

228 Whatever you desire that others would do to and for you, do also to and for them, should be your attitude, and practice if you want to know the face of Him who seeks fellowship with His creatures, for as the Father pities His children, so does He gather close to Himself those who would seek fellowship with Him. Know that as you forgive will you be forgiven, for “in so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me.”

229 Bring physical relief to others.  You do this by bestowing upon their spiritual and mental bodies the vitality that transmits healing to their physical bodies. In this way, you secure greater fellowship with Him and brotherhood with your fellow creatures.

230 Treating others as you want them to treat you is the extreme test of fellowship. Without making this effort, you may not wholly please God.

231 Be sincere in your purpose and pure in your mind. Have reasonable expectations of yourself.  Go forward in the way that brings you closer to a union with Him, so that you begin to understand His exhortation: “You shall be My people, and I will be your God.”

232 He seeks to find expression in you, you who are called by the eternal God, the I Am who is an ever active force. You, who through all lifetimes and all lands, remember that you have fellowship with Him - He that brought the Pleiades into being and formed the bands of Orion, He that brought the waters of the deep that are cast upon the land, He that brings breath to all creatures, He that proffers union with the same Creative Forces that make the songs of the spheres.  The Lord is His name!

233 The Infinite calls to the infinite part of you, seeking to use you as a way to reach others. Be true to that all the more as the Infinite increases your opportunities and abilities. It increases your potency to stir the hearts, souls, and minds of individuals you meet as you work on these truths, truths you may communicate as lessons or in thought, truths you may carry as a single message to awaken Christ Consciousness in their lives and hearts.

3 Always look forward

234 You train your spiritual perception in the same way that you train a child in its development, for we all are children. When you mistrust a spiritual message, ask your mental being if the message has spiritual significance.  Ask in a way that requires a yes or no answer, and ask with sincerity. Then, when your spiritual being replies with yes or no, accept that. Finally, in meditation and prayer, ask the Spirit whether the yes or no reply received through the mental being is correct, and know the Spirit answers! Doubt not! For if you look back or doubt, it’s worse than a man or a woman who does not believe in God. Remember Lot's wife!

235 Always look forward, for as you look towards the light, the shadows fall behind and do not become stumbling blocks to your development.

236 Thoughts are things, and while you may use the past as stepping-stones to higher things, looking back causes you to stumble, just as Lot's wife looked back upon what she left and longed for its sensuality, rather than ahead to spiritual growth and its rigors.

237 Resist your tendency to dwell on past associations, relationships, and conditions.

238 If you fear you have squandered an opportunity, know that nothing is lost. Nothing is lost!

239 We use or abuse our opportunities, and we act in accordance with the results. In Him and through Him, they may be blotted out, for as He said, "Though your sins are scarlet, in Him they shall be wool. He that hears my voice and dwells in me shall know no lost opportunity!"

4 As you deal, so the play returns to you

240 As you deal with your sisters and brothers, you can expect blessings to come to you. In the way you deal, so must the play return to you.

241 Be faithful to those to whom you minister in every way, for you who serve with everything at your command receive your reward from and through the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

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