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7 Patience

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1 Through patience, understand your relationship to the Creative Forces

242 Your affirmation should be: How gracious is Your presence on the earth, O Lord. Be our guide, that we with patience may run the course which is set before us, looking to You, the author, the giver of light.

243 Let the mind that was in Him be in you.  Through patience, understand your relationship to the Creative Forces, and recognize the shape they have taken on the earth.

244 If you want the love and patience of the Maker of worlds, you must show patience to your sisters and brothers.  Peter asked of Him, “How many times may my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”  He answered, I tell you, not up to seven times, but seventy times seven!” This is the kind of patience to build in yourself.

245 Knowledge without understanding is nothing.  Worshipping the Lord leads to understanding.  It results in the kind of love and patience that glorifies His gifts in the material, mental, and spiritual worlds. Understanding proceeds from patience. Stand still if you want to see the glory of the Lord. “By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your soul.”

246 “In patience you possess your presence before the Throne.” Seek often to commune with the part of you which bears witness before that Throne. With patience you may reach this, but when you lose patience, you give what frightens you and those around you the chance to come in. Not that you should remain inactive, but in patience, run the course in front of you, looking to Him, the author, the giver of light, truth and immortality. Not in submissiveness alone but in righteous wrath serve the living God.

247 You can possess your soul through patience no matter how you’re engaged.  Having patience makes you one with and a child of the living God. You do not get possessions from Him. Instead, Spirit makes your soul thrive if you express Christ Consciousness materially, mentally, or spiritually. You can possess your soul no matter what you’re doing. Whether you think this or that individual is doing this in the manner you would do it, this is to judge. Who is the judge? He is the judge! Your soul - make that one with Him.

248 By doing what is right by His standards each and every day, you grow.  You grow in grace, knowledge, and understanding, through Him. Through patience, you acquire the skill to apply what you learn each day - line upon line, here a little, there a little. As you dislodge your stumbling blocks, you gain strength.

2 Exercise patience and possess your soul

249 Know there is that Comforter present who will speak for you under every circumstance. He has promised, “I will not leave you without someone to help you. Don’t be afraid. When angry, do not sin! Know that in patience you possess your soul!”

250 When you lose patience, influences can enter that separate your real self, your soul, from the Maker.  Hence, “in patience possess ye your souls!”

251 Understand that He is your companion, present in every act and in every word. While you must account for every one of your thoughts, His grace alone allows you to maintain a constant, prayerful attitude towards life and your purpose. Forget yourself and favor another instead. Lose yourself in Him.

252 This is how you overcome the vexations that tax your patience during the day. This attitude towards what annoys you creates not outward, but inward growth – growth that creates a beautiful soul that patience shines through.

253 When you have lost respect for another woman or man, your anger becomes light that burns into and disperses the darkness and reveals the truth. This depends on the individual, of course. Some would find an excuse to indulge their anger. Instead, surrender your disappointment to Him.  This may result in knowledge of Him. You may discover the light which comes from patience with yourself, with your neighbor, seeking ever that He, the Lord, should lead.

254 Do not blame your problems on other individuals. Instead, cleanse your own mind, heart, and soul, and you’ll find that the solution to whatever problem you’re having is to grasp the meaning of love that knows no fear, love that is content in His praise, in His love, and in His understanding.

255 By being patient, you begin to understand your relationship to your ideals.  The ideals that are unworthy of being tried are unworthy of being trusted for entering into His presence.  Who goes to war without first counting the cost? Meditate on your ideals as you meditate on your relationship to the genius of the Father, and count your ideal’s worth through the patience you gain.

256 Is your ideal founded in Christ, and are you in one mind with your ideal?  Do your virtue and understanding square with these? If so and if you are patient and sensitive, sooner or later, you will understand what you need to overcome, just as He did. Once you take inventory, you will know what your character lacks - whether it’s patience, faith, virtue, knowledge, brotherly love, or some other void.

257 Quit criticizing or finding fault in others, and you will learn patience in word, deed, and act. This is the beginning of wisdom. Do you know why a person is acting in a way you object to? Find and study your own shortcomings. This is the way to illuminate your path to patience. Before you react with a quick retort to some petty irritation, see if you share the blame in some way. If not according to the standard of your ideal, keep your mouth shut, just as He did when railed upon.

258 Two faults - the inability to bear and forbear - express how individuals react to frustration during the day. They express inactivity on the one hand and excess anxiety on the other.

259 Be content in the sense of "Have Thy way, Lord. Use me as a channel. Not my will but Thine be done!" That is contentment. 

260 Satisfied means gratified.  It’s the beginning of the falling away, for you are idolizing yourself.

261 Patience can only stop being a virtue when you’re satisfied with the state of your life and the state of your soul.

262 You express His virtue by being patient with others. The kingdom is within, and through patience, you manifest your knowledge and understanding of its gifts.  Let your acts each day be in keeping with what He has given.

263 Purge yourself through patience of what would keep you from entering in.

3 Patience is active, not passive

264 Your knowledge of the peace and understanding of His presence advances when you apply patience to your life. It is an active force, not a passive one.  It’s necessary that you exercise patience so that you know the hope, faith, knowledge, and understanding of His ways on the earth.

265 Consider this the basis for exerting patience in your lives:

266 Patience is active rather than passive. Through patience, you gauge your resistance to or your affirmation of the quality you have chosen as your ideal, whether that attribute is virtue, purity, hope, faith, understanding, cooperation, brotherly love, loving-kindness, or patience itself. These are characteristics of your soul. They are spiritual in their essence.

267 Patience reminds you of your commitment to seeking Christ-Consciousness. It asks if you have chosen an ideal that makes a material or a mental ideal equal to a spiritual ideal. If you seek with patience, you will achieve Christ Consciousness through patience, for the Lord chastens the one He loves. Should you find that you no longer need to exercise patience in your life, you are no longer on a road to that kingdom. You are no longer a son or a daughter of light.

268 Be trustworthy day in and day out, for if you are trustworthy over little things, you will be made ruler over grander things.

269 Be aware that the Spirit dwells within you, that He lives in all who seek to know His face. This is the day, and this is the time when all humanity must seek to be patient with one another under all conditions and under all circumstances. If you wish to be one with Jesus who, in patience, endured all so you might have access to the Father through the patience, love, and consciousness that the Christ embodied, then be faithful to what you know is right and don’t question what anyone else has chosen or whether he or she has chosen at all!

270 Do what you know is right!

271 Your soul grows upon what you feed it. The soul of humankind is the greatest of all creations, for it may be one with the Father. Little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little - these are the manners of growth that your soul may be one with Him. Don’t let slip through your fingers what Jesus gave you: He, the greatest of all those who bestowed the truths, the man who was not only one with Him but an individual in His own right! Not God, but equal with God - one with Him.

272 You, then, are not aliens, but the daughters and the sons of the Holy One.

273 By the spark that brings you knowledge of the Father, in the course of your day to day relationships, you can, if you’re patient, gain an appreciation of the crosses that others bear and by that means, secure a greater knowledge of His will. He who is without those crosses is no longer of notice and is no longer among His children. Patience means accumulating knowledge of humankind and accumulating the ability to exercise patience towards humankind. "All authority, all power of rule in heaven and on earth has been given to Me." Through patience, you will receive His promise: "My presence will be your guide. My peace will be your reward."

274 As your spiritual life expands, your daily life reflects the life of Christ and the characteristics that originate with the creative energies. You express love in its essence in every word, act, thought, and event during the day just as Jesus did.

275 Patience functions in your mind, body, and spirit to tell you whether you’re being faithful to your ideal, whether you’re applying yourself to faith or to works, whether your virtue is a result of understanding or just following the rules, whether you possess the ideal and are applying it in cooperation with other individuals.

276 As you begin to embody trust, hope, and faith by your daily exercise of patience, you become inwardly more aware that all is well with Him. You know that if the Lord is on your side, who can prevail against you? Trust, and do what you know to do, plunging forward as the spirit moves you, and don’t look back. Remember Lot's wife.

277 Be patient, and wait for the joy and bliss and for the resolution of disharmony.

278 You have Consciousness of the Master who comes to you in all your hours. With patience, wait on the Lord. Oneness means that when He has found you a vessel worthy of containing Him, He keeps it full.

279 Patience magnifies His presence in your life as you express love, hope, charity, and patience. Well done! You know the way, and He is your guide. By patience, you possess your soul.

280 As scripture says, "Whom the Lord loves He chastens” and purges every one, for corruption may not inherit eternal life and must be burned up. Know that your God is a consuming fire and must purge every one that you may enter in. In patience, you rise above.

281 Keep the way open for patience to progress in you. You know that the crown comes to those who master themselves.

282 The crown of joy and happiness, through the peace of His presence, is bestowed on you from His throne, His blessing for practicing patience and endurance. His presence, with peace, is His promise if you patiently endure the crosses that life sets before you every day.

4 Patience is the crucible of all virtues

283 Apply what you know day to day. The Spirit does not call on you to live what you do not already know and understand. You learn through practice, by trial and error what you need to know.  Today – now – is the time! If you want to enter in, you will trust the knowledge you’ve gained through faith. You’ll wait with patience for understanding. Use the tools you’re accustomed to.

284 Demonstrate your love of the Father day by day. In patience, you become aware of His love in your life and how His love strengthens you as a spiritual being. In hope, in faith, in charity, in love, and in patience does your understanding and knowledge and intellect and integrity advance.

285 Along with knowledge and power comes responsibility, which is also a test of your patience. Don’t let trials drain you. By the same token, don’t let joy let you forget the source of the power. In patience, run your life’s course so that your joys may be the greater in Him.

286 By your works, through your faith in what you believe, you exercise patience in your life. Know, as you are known, that the answers to your problems are grounded in Him.

287 Don’t count any day as ideal that you have not overcome something in your efforts to gain patience.  What you plant now, you will harvest later, and the reward is in Him.

288 If you can control your anger, you have begun your approach to wisdom. If you can keep from resenting a person for what he or she says, disregard the words said, and dislike the ugliness which produced such a comment butt love the soul of that person, then you are learning patience.

289 This is patience. This is love. This is hope and meekness and purity of heart. “The meek shall inherit the earth,” said He, “the pure in heart shall see God.” These are promises! Do you believe Him? Then, tonot sin when you are angry” is to know that these are promises to you. To you!

290 Take the necessary steps towards patience as you work to gain approval in His eyes, for the door will open.

291 When you see Him even in the faults of others, you are at the beginning of patience!

292 When your patience has completely worn out, you have lost patience with yourself.

293 Now is the time for you to build up His presence through patience, the time for you to extend yourself to other individuals, the time to endure trials with other individuals, the time to go out of your way for other individuals that you may glorify Him. The Father has promised rewards to those who patiently await his coming.

294 Live, then, as though you expect the Master Christ to dine with you today. What do you have to offer as the fruits of your own life: your thoughts, your acts, your deeds? For, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones ye have done it unto me.”

295 Use what you know, and with patience, wait for the light that comes with knowing. I am using what You gave me.

296 These are the tests you should apply to determine whether you are worthy to enter into His presence.

297 Your course is before you. Be patient, and do not stray from it. In the glory of the Father, everything will be accomplished. Follow His way.

298 Keep the faith. Remain patient. Know in what your faith is placed. Patience is the crucible of all earthly virtues that glorify the Father.

299 As you gain more and more understanding of cooperation, yourself, and the choices you make, the more you feel His presence in your life.  This patience enhances your life and the people and events you encounter, and your heart and your soul grow in understanding of His presence.  These gifts – attributes of His Consciousness in your life– change your character, and they lead you to the next lesson, The Open Door. Would you enter into joy with your Lord?

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