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8 Door

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1 Christ: the Door to the Father’s kingdom

300 Affirmation: As the Father knows me, so may I know the Father through the Christ Spirit, who is the door to the kingdom of the Father. Show me the way.

301 Begin thinking about this lesson the same way you have previous lessons: How does cooperation lead to the open door? Cooperation means making yourself selfless. Your ideal may be evolved enough to conform to the Ideal and become the door that opens and admits He who stands and knocks.

302 In making yourself selfless, you extinguish selfishness.  You allow your ideal to act through you.  Led by the Spirit of Truth, you gradually see the ideal changing how other individuals view their lives and make their choices. You see for yourself how your ideal does practical work in the material world.

303 The Spirit of Truth gives you courage to exercise faith.  Faith opens you to virtue, understanding, and patience, through which you become more conscious of your oneness with the Father.  As the Father knows you, so may you, in time, know the Father, thus making your mental and conscious minds channels that you can put to work every day?  You become an example for other individuals, and by this means, you enter into the kingdom of heaven.

304 Once you become aware of its current, the kingdom of heaven has entered you. As he said, you achieve this not only through your death, but also through your consciousness, through your awareness that the Spirit of Truth surges in and through you. This is the birthright of each child of the Father. It makes you one with Him as the way and the truth, the light that is shed abroad in the earth. It secures you counsel with the Father in light.

305 If you are conscious of His omnipotence in every element of creation and if you’re not guided by self-interest, you have opened the way for the flowering of Christ Consciousness in the material world.  Only you who live in the world can bear witness by the example of your own lives the spiritual purpose of life to other individuals. 

2 Spiritual nourishment from the infinite

306 Here’s an everyday illustration. As you know, water is necessary for life. Hence, often, this element is called the mother of creation. How does water nourish life? It’s made up of elements that are spiritual in themselves. It connects material life to the spiritual forces that breathe life into the earth.

307 Entering the kingdom of the Father means knowing and following and being those elements that help to build and maintain spiritual values in the material world. You enter through that door with the Savior. You bring with you what has proven influential in the lives of others, and in saving others, you save yourself.

308 How did the Son of man walk the course that leads to perfection in heaven and on earth? He overcame the forces in nature and earth and sacrificed Himself for others.  By becoming the Savior of others, He became the Son and one with the Father.

309 This is the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the Father. One is the experience of the finite. The other is experiencing glory with Oneness in the infinite.

310 If you have applied yourself to these lessons, you realize that the door is through the life and the spirit of Christ Consciousness. As you make your way among individuals with Christ Consciousness as your standard, so may the door be opened for you and for your soul to grow and so exalt the Father.  You lose yourself in service to others, so that in the earth, His name may be established forever.

3 Archangel Michael, guardian of changing souls
311 “Be still, my children! Bow your heads that the Lord of the Way may make known to you who have been chosen for service, that the way may be known to those who seek the light, in this period when there is need for that spirit to be made manifest in the earth! The glory of the Father will be made manifest through you who are faithful to your mission! You who have named the name make known in your daily walks of life, in the little acts of the lessons you have built during your lifetime, through meditation and prayer, that His way may be known among men: for He calls on all - whoever may come - and He stands at the door of your own conscience, that you may be aware that rule has not departed from Israel nor have His ways been in vain: for today, if you will heed it, the way is open - I, Michael, call on you!”

312 Michael is an archangel who stands before the throne of the Father. The Christ is the Son, the way to the Father. He came into the earth as a man, the Son of man, that we might have the access to the Father. That makes him the way.

313 Michael is the lord or the guard of the change that affects every soul that seeks the way, the same as during those periods when His identity manifested in the earth.

314 “Bow your heads, you sons of men, if you would know the way.

315 I, Michael, the Lord of the Way, warn you not to frustrate your brother’s progress nor sit in the seats of the scornful. Instead, make known his love, his glory, and his power that no one should fear.

316 I, Michael, have spoken!”

4 Those who seek are Israel

317 Israel is the chosen of the Lord.  His promise, His care, and His love, have not departed from those who seek to know His way, who seek to see His face, who would draw near to Him. This is the meaning. This should be your understanding.

318 Those who seek are Israel. You who do not seek, have you not heard, "Think not to call yourselves the promise in Abraham. Do you not know that the Lord is able to raise up children of Abraham from mere stones?" Abraham means call. Israel means those who seek.

319 How did the sup planter [Jacob] obtain the name Israel? He wrestled with the angel. He struggled within himself to know God’s way. So it is with us who are called and seek His face. We are Israel. Know, then, that the authority, the promise, the love, and the glory of the Lord has not departed from you who seek His face!  His authority, His promise, His love, and His glory have not departed from us who seek His face!

320 The Christ Spirit is the door, the truth, the way; not the man, Jesus, who became the Christ.  As the Father knows you, know the Father by exemplifying His attributes in your lifetime - little by little, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little - for the glory of the Father only and not for your own glory.  If you idolize yourself or gratify your appetites, the door closes.

321 Apply yourself to the lessons I’ve given you.  This is how your consciousness admits the Master.  This is how He, in turn, shows you the way to the kingdom.

322 The throne of the Father is the means by which you attain at-oneness with the Father, abandoning your preference for carnal variety in exchange for being one in spirit with the Father.

323 He says, "I stand at the door and knock."

324 Will you open it? Will you be the door that welcomes other minds to that knowledge, that appreciation of the Oneness of the Son with the Father? You can manifest Christ Consciousness if you practice every day the virtues of the Son, of the Father. 

5 He is present in all you do

325 First learn the lesson of cooperation. Become less and less selfish and more and more selfless in Him. Don’t be afraid that people will make fun of you as you gain awareness of His presence, as you become a channel of the Lord.  Through you, may the glory of the Father show itself to humanity. Through you, may they learn there is a glory, even a nation, an Israel, of the Lord.

326 Have you learned to be truly cooperative with one another? Do you know yourself so well that you know where you stand in relation to other individuals? Have you grounded your ideal wholly in Him? Do you magnify your faith in the Father and his Son to the degree that you rely on them for righteousness? Do you possess virtue and understanding so that you magnify fellowship? The fellowship which yields patience, the patience which helps you to know yourself and observe yourself growing in grace, growing by way of the Lord’s nurturing and admonishment day by day? If so, open the door and welcome Him in and dine with Him!

327 Learn what you can contribute and how to go about this by applying the previous lessons to your life.  You, alone, must open the door that He may enter in.  Be aware that He is present in all you do, in all your material ambitions and mental deliberations.

6 Christ is the sustainer, with the Father

328 This is always the lesson: The spirit drives your life, your mind makes its choices, and your reality is the result.  How you apply your understanding of life, light, or the spirit affects everything you do.

329 So, measure yourself and your efforts by His standard, He who went about doing good.  Do good, yourself.

When you actually embody the gifts that have made you conscious of His presence in your day-to-day life, you will become an example for other individuals who see what’s missing in their own lives and what they must do to enter into the kingdom through the open door.

331 Jesus said, “if you embrace a prophet in the name of a prophet,” you gain the spiritual lessons he or she may impart. Each teacher, minister, seer, or prophet, commands respect and obedience for fostering faith and hope in their followers. In the end, though, the prophet loses his life, and only his teachings remain. 

332 Christ, however, is the sustainer with the Father. This is different than the spiritual disciplines of a prophet. The Christ overcame death, put on immortality in ordinary clothes, and offered you, by His example, the opportunity to be one with the Father. The Spirit of the Father is glorified in you if you cry out to Him through the Christ. At the very least, He magnifies the Father in you who revere Christ on Earth.

333 Prophets are but stepping-stones to what may awaken in you the knowledge of the Son in your lives.

334 He is the way.  He stands at the door.  Those who hear His voice are His sheep and He the good shepherd.  Many may become His sheep if they seek to be one with Him.

335 This is an illustration of The Open Door.  If you have done, are doing, and will do those things contained in the lessons, you may open the door for others to enter the fold.  They hear His voice and answer by name as He calls.  "There are other sheep I have that live outside of this pen," He spoke, "I will bring them, too, and the two flocks will be one flock."

336 The same applies to you.  You seek with Him and through Him.  You seek through the door that you’ve opened to Him.  It is just as he said, "I do nothing myself."

337 You may, by opening the door with Him, be one with Him in the Father.  All may be one in Him.

338 Use what’s right here, what you’ve built day by day.  Without fear open the door so that He may come in and abide with you.

339 "He who takes my yoke upon him and learns of me, with Him will I abide day by day, and all things will be brought to remembrance that I have given you since the foundations of the world, for you were with me in the beginning, and you may abide with me in that day when the earth will be rolled as the scroll; for the heavens and the earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass away."

340 His promises are certain.  You know the right thing to do!

7 Christ Consciousness

341 The consciousness of the Spirit and the capability to apply the potential of that consciousness is the difference between Christ Consciousness and the Christ Spirit. It’s the difference, for example, between the potential for a flower and the flower.

342 As related in the scriptures, the devils know individuals who may be conscious of a weakness. If you have the ability to call upon Spirit, to be unselfish enough to allow the Spirit to stand in for you, then you are aware of the Spirit's tide.  If you are conscious of a truth, you will not wholly make it your own without embracing what the scriptures say, that "He who would have life must give life.” Christ thought it was not something to eagerly grasp or to retain to be equal with the Father, yet said that by Himself he did nothing, "but let the Father work in me, through me."

343 If you embrace this truth, you will be conscious of the Christ Spirit and be the witness of this passage: "My Spirit bears witness with your spirit, so that the Father may be glorified in you, even as I am glorified in the Father through you. If you love me keep my commandments, and I will abide with you. I will not leave you comfortless; I will make you aware of the glory I possessed with the Father before the world was."

344 By proceeding this way, you may feel Christ Consciousness and become one with the potency of the Christ Spirit that abounds on earth, for He shall come again, even as you have seen Him go. Then the Christ Spirit shall be manifest in the world, just as Christ Consciousness made you aware of what the Comforter promised.

345 Then you will recognize that Christ Consciousness is the Holy Spirit, in the same way that His presence made you aware of His force in the earth. The Holy Spirit is Christ acting in tandem with the Spirit of the Father.

346 If you understand the difference between Jesus the man and Jesus the Christ, you may also understand what a soul feels after it has become aware of itself.

347 It’s what the Christ or what Jesus the man felt as he became aware of the Spirit of the Father while He "went about doing good" and what Jesus felt at those periods when He received validation from the Father that He was the one who could and would, through the course of His life, become the Savior of man. First, He was the son "in whom I am well pleased" and then "This is my son. Be constantly listening to and obeying Him!”

348 He is the example, the way in which you can overcome the world and become aware that your soul is in accord with the spirit of truth. The Spirit is the true life. A corpse does not inherit eternal life. When you recognize that he is the way, you become the door - as representative, as agent, as the individual who re-presents the way - and the door is thus opened.  The door is not opened to you, but to your spirit, the spirit that bears witness with the Spirit of Truth through Him who overcame the world, thus putting the world under His feet.

349 You, as heirs of the kingdom, as sisters and brothers who are one with Him, may enjoy that privilege He has given to those that hear His voice and put on the whole armor so that you may run the course that is set before you, looking to Him, the author, the giver of light. In Him you live and move and have your being. Do you become rebels? Do you find fault with one another, you who are heirs to that kingdom? Rather, be humble of spirit, so that His will "be done in earth as it is in heaven." Thus do you become the children of the Father - the door to the way - and joint heirs with Him in glory.

350 Let your yeses be yes, and your noes be no. "Let others do as they may, but for me I will serve a living God," who has shown in man - all men, everywhere - the image of the Creator, so that each soul may grow in grace, in knowledge, in peace, in harmony, in understanding.

351 Be doers of the word, not hearers only. Thus you become the door through which the Way, the Christ, the Savior, enters, for He is the way, the truth, and the light. 

8 Fear

352 Self-awareness and selfishness frighten humankind. Men and women at every point of the compass know they live in a world that will never gratify the appetites of their senses. Don’t you know that whether you live or you die, you belong to the Lord? As He commanded, "If your eye causes you to stumble and sin, pluck it out and throw it away."

353 When you have set your ideal, and you know what the ideal represents, and you know you’re measured by the ideal, you see what’s lacking or what’s overdone in yourself, and you weed it out.  Then, you’re able to behold not the splinter in your brother's eye, but consider instead the lumber that is in your own eye.

354 Once you have cast fear aside by abandoning the lacks or excesses in your life, and you rely wholly upon His promise, you may desire only to be fulfilled by what He said, "your Father knows what you need before you ask Him," and he who trusts in Him, though the heavens fall, though the earth passes away, His word does not fail.

355 Yet, men act as if everything depended upon whether tomorrow was the day of reckoning. You live your life as if all that mattered was paying your debts and getting paid what you’re owed.  Don’t you know that if you constantly worry about your own well-being and labor to avoid mistakes and missteps, you prevent the Father and the Son from guiding you step by step and day by day?

356 Not that you should sit idly and do nothing and wait for tomorrow, but use that opportunity, that privilege, that birthright, that promise, today! Take joy in the work in front of you! Be the best at your occupation: if you’re a wife, be the best wife on the block. As a friend, be the best friend, the friend that sticks closer than a brother, the friend that gives his life for a friend. Have you ever shared the truths with your brother who might have savored a moment’s joy in the Lord?

357 Peace is yours. Peace and contentment is anyone’s who is not afraid, but instead, trusts Him. 

9 Lead others to His promise

358 You have seen a light.  Don’t be dismayed or frustrated. Don’t let anything keep you from pressing on to the higher calling that is founded in Him. Fill each day with the love of Him.  Let it show through you to those you see every day. "You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much."  Under every circumstance, acknowledge the splendor by which He manifests His power on the earth.

359 You must bring together many material and mental elements in your life before you see that opening the door is worth your while.  There’s something you must do, something you must accomplish before you’re ready to open the door.

360 You are a free-willed performer in a material world.  You have all the virtues of the children of God.  Indulging your earthly desires by gratifying your appetites closes the door to your spiritual life. You close off yourself. He is ever ready. The spirit is ever willing.   Rely upon His promises, not in a passive, but in a positive, active manner. Keep the door open and let Him enter.

361 As you put into action what you’ve learned, and go onward and upward, the way becomes clearer to you. You have grown! Don’t tire of doing good deeds.

362 Be as patient as Job. Be charitable and forgiving. Be joyous in the Lord. Don’t be vehement or overwrought. Don’t be outspoken, but serve humbly. Enjoy your work.

363 Enjoy those things that bring harmony of thought in Him, knowing you have been called.  By His power, you, as a partner of this group of like-minded individuals, have been called to give yourself first - called that you may become a channel, called that you as an individual may cooperate with your sisters and brothers everywhere to make known the joyous words of the Lord.  "For the Lord is in His holy temple, let all the earth keep silent. Who is this Lord? Where is His temple? Don’t you know that your bodies are the living temple, holy and acceptable unto Him, if you would walk in His ways?”

364 If you base your ambition in Him and you open the door to let Him walk with you, His promise will come to mean more to you: "My yoke is useful and good, and My burden is light and easy to bear. If you love me, keep my commandments, and I will reveal Myself to you, so that the way is not shadowed by doubts or fears that make you falter." Keep in the light.  Allow Him to fulfill His promises to you, so that you may commune more closely with those who seek to know Him face to face.

365 Through wrestling with the emotions that His truth evokes in you, you come to know the full impact of the answer to the old question, "Is this not He of whom the prophets spoke?" Maintain the memory and the emotional edge that keeps you seeking to gather your brothers and sisters close spiritually through the door you opened.

366 Only by working do you learn what you are to accomplish. Go step by step, line by line, so that you may lead others to His promise that each of them may be one with Him, and keep in mind that those you meet along the way are seekers, too, and are the Israel of the Lord.

367 You are bestowed your gifts from one day to the next through the steps you take. In your own way, come to know and to understand the meaning of: "Well done. Enter into the joys of Him who shows the way," for whoever is called is also predestined to serve His kingdom.

368 In seeking, in doing, in your everyday business, be invisible, so that He, the leader and the guide, may be more visible to those who watch you.  He is the light. As you walk closer to Him, the way becomes brighter for everyone who would follow in the light.

369 In your own way, you understand the open door, but remember that He pointed out His way for everyone to see: "Not my will but Yours be done," and expressly, "For this purpose came I into the world.”  Serving the Father is what He would have you do.

370 As you practice the principles you’ve secured, keep in mind that He is the guide, "upon Him may I lean." ‘Though, at times, the way will be strenuous and the storms violent enough to cause doubts and fears, He stills the raging sea. He brings harmony to those who are weary, to those who are tired. 

10 Guide others in Jesus’ manner

371 These lessons have given you the means to open the door.  Once you have opened the door, the course will lay open in front of you – engage it!

372 In opening the door, there are responsibilities as well as joys in following in the light. Be the guide to many. Let no one place the stumbling block of condemnation in the way of any seeker. You have chosen well, for He is the guide.

373 Keep the faith of the fathers burning bright along the way, for many will follow where you lead. Open the door of your heart, so that He may abide with you.

374 Know in who you have believed. Know that He is able to remain in that door you have opened. Know that your brothers and sisters can see the glory of your God in your daily exchanges with them.

375 As you walk on the path, be joyous in the glory of your birthright in Him.  You have obtained mercy, so be merciful to those who falter or those who study the knots of fear and trembling in the minds and in the hearts of many individuals.

376 Peace. Be still.  Guide others in Jesus’ manner.

377 Pay attention, you children of men! Bow your heads, you sons of men!  The glory of the Lord is yours if you will be faithful to the trust that is put in each of you! Know in whom you have believed! Know that he is Lord of all, and his word does not fail them who are faithful day by day, for I, Michael, would protect those who seek to know His face!

378 Keep the faith that opens the door to Him.  The next lesson must be In His Presence, for "If His presence go not with thee, be not lifted up."  The meditation for this lesson shall be:

379 Our father, who art in heaven, may Your kingdom come to earth through Your presence in me, that the light of Your word may shine upon those whom I meet day by day. May Your presence in my brother be such that I may glorify You. May I so conduct my own life that others may know Your presence abides with me, and thus glorify You.

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