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9 Presence

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1 Reflect what is pleasing in His presence

380 There is a progression to these lessons.  If you have contemplated the meditation of each lesson, and if you have applied each lesson to your daily life, you now realize that you are in His presence. You have, in the way unique to you, prepared yourself for each lesson, including this one. You, as an individual, your inner life and your outer life, now express His presence.

381 What moves you through your day is the work your spirit is doing. As an individual, you recognize that each decision, each response to what is happening inside of you in the world of emotion or outside of you in the world of sensation is you expressing how aware you are of His presence within you.

382 As you observe your friends and coworkers, you find their endeavors in whatever sphere they are employed to be an expression of how aware any of them is of what he or she worships or would admit is the influence he or she would use to make physical the spirit that moves him or her.

383 So, your central thought is: if you want forgiveness, you must forgive. If you want to see good in the individuals around you, you must reflect what is pleasing in His presence. You know that all power, all force, emanates from Him. He, the Lord thy God, is one! All power emanates from Him.

384 You are an activating force. What can you do to help animate His potency on the earth?

385 Prepare by imagining yourself projecting from God’s presence the qualities which would make those you meet every day more aware of His presence, first in their own lives, and then by how gently both they and you look upon the shortcomings of your sisters and brothers!

386 How do you know that you need to develop cooperation in yourself and to put it to work in this partnership and among your friends and colleagues? Who told you it was important that you know yourself, that you will know yourself exactly as you are known? How do you know that you can only arrive at faith by hearing that which is building in the lives and experiences of others? How do you judge your neighbor? How has patience led you to your understanding of the open door and your effort to open the door for those who seek His presence?

387 Imagine yourself in His presence, as though you and what you express are in keeping with what He would have you be.  You and how you reflect the lessons are what other individuals take as the example of what His presence means to you who walk with Him every day. In the light of your understanding, live in a way that shows that what you say you believe is what you do believe. Other individuals will know that you are keeping His presence, which you hold as your ideal, in such immediate consciousness that He appears before them as a living example of what you profess.

388 This is how the truths gained in meditation and thought become living truths and acceptable truths in His sight. By this means, you show that you have subdued your passions in order that the spirit of Him be made manifest in this material world.

389 The world, the country, the nation, the people are passing through a period of seeking, a period of transformation in spiritual thought, the spiritual purpose. The architects, the builders of the world, are looking to the spiritual-minded for hope, those who in their arenas exert spiritual influence among thinking people. They are looking for the vision that will draw all humankind closer to His presence.

390 In the same way that each individual contributes to the work of the partnership, so may your offering to your Maker and your Elder Brother in the Christ bring about that day when all may know they stand in His presence. If the country, the nation, and the land are to be lifted up as a light to the world, the country, the nation, and the land must be lifted in Him and His presence must dwell in them day after day after day. 

2 All dream and vision images are one

391 Your soul goes through various stages in the course of its development.  This development occurs in both visible and invisible – in both physical and astral – planes of existence.  In dreams and visions, your conscious mind finds it easier to relate to your soul and its direction through what is happening in your day to day life, which your soul represents to you through everyday, concrete images. It uses those images as building blocks to make your soul’s message relevant and immediate. These items are familiar. Your soul assembles them to represent your growth during this lifetime.

392 What you see represents which parts of the physical and the astral planes you should incorporate into your waking mind. What you see may represent the decline in your consciousness of material things or it may represent your comprehension of realms of life that are incapable of being the dwelling place of humankind alone. You must develop through various stages in other spheres before you can gain access to that force from which all spiritual authority emanates. The same is true for all humankind.

393 The stage of your development in the astral planes limits how much you’re able to understand, and you can affect only as many people as your spiritual understanding allows.

394 All images are tied together. They are one. O, that all men would know, "Know, O children of men, the Lord your God is the only Lord!" Each spirit, each manifestation of life is one. Any manifestation in the physical plane is one. Any manifestation in this or that other astral sphere is one. Any manifestation in any place or orbit or realm where the purpose is to develop an understanding of One: Him, I Am, God, Jehovah, Yahweh. It is all one!

395 You defeat yourself if you treat His presence as a thing apart. He wills that you should come to the knowledge of His presence dwelling in you. You come to this knowledge and awareness by doing those things that compel every atom of your being to magnify the genius of His presence in the world. If you do this, you behold His presence. 

3 Be conscious that He is near

396 In Him is the light. In His presence, the light radiates and prevents faltering feet from stumbling.

397 Seek His esteem, for He is the light. You can reflect that light, for what was given to Him by the Father endures in you if you seek through His name to know the Father's presence in your life.

398 Secure the faith that makes you aware of His presence. He attends you through every trial and every temptation. Accredit Him the glory when glory arises. Offer Him praise when praise is in order. Be conscious that He is near.

399 Keep that patience of faith and that oneness of purpose in His presence. Many individuals bless you in their thoughts. Hold that glorious oneness of purpose in Him. All you come into contact with witness the effect of His presence in your life, and your expressions in word, in thought, and in deed reflect whether you are conscious of His presence dwelling in you.

400 Persevere in the way of understanding, so that you may be more and more conscious of the glory of His presence dwelling in you.  Conquer what hinders you, and your soul will pass from glory to glory until the glorious knowledge of His living presence is ever before you.

401 “Unto you that hath shall be given.” “you that seek shall find.” As you grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding, you come into His presence with that longing of the mind and of the heart that opens the way for your greater understanding of Him.

402 Keep to the course that leads to higher planes of light. The going may get heavy, and His presence may seem shadowy, but it’s only your own misunderstanding that creates the shadows. His glory will lead to your glory. Your service will bring you more and more intimacy with the joys of your Lord. His presence abides with you if you love Him.  His presence abides with you if you secure the knowledge that His presence abides with those who seek His face. "If you love me, keep my commandments. Learn of me, for my yoke is easy. My burden is light".

4 Leave behind what is not His way

403 Know in whom you have believed. He calls you by name as you enter into His presence every day.

404 Just by laying aside those thoughts that so easily disturb you, you become aware of His enduring peace that bestows harmony to your mental and physical body, freeing you to resume an attitude that leads you to a closer walk with Him.

405 The spirit of truth keeps your way open for a more perfect understanding of Him, so that you pass step by step into awareness of His intimate presence. In the light of His presence, measure your shortcomings and leave behind those things that do not agree with His ways. Take on more and more of the love that He radiated when He walked among humankind.

406 What you can do to prepare yourself for living in His presence depends on you. What you might think necessary to someone else would be secondary, and you might consider the recommendation to be a matter of good judgment or clean living, not a command or a universal law.

407 As you become more and more aware of His presence in your consciousness, through meditation and prayer and by employing whatever means holds Him there, you become more conscious of His presence dwelling with you, as you make room in your mind for His spirit during all circumstances and at all times.

408 Whether in joy, in sorrow, in trouble or in pain, let your mind be as His, who maintained, "I am with you always, even to the end of the world."

409 Will consciousness of
Christ’s love make your joy more joyous, your sorrows more in accord with the manner in which He met sorrow, or make disruptions in your material affairs more in accord with how He met material conditions?

410 You might think what He said concerning "thought of tomorrow” or “what are we going to have to wear” was meant for someone else. Not so! In the thought He imparted, "Through patience you possess your own
souls", what becomes aware of His presence, your physical-sensual body or the Spirit of Life that propels your soul towards its development?

411 Then, as His love is shed on you, as you muse and meditate and pray to open what you consider your door to His presence, you become aware of His presence. You enter into His presence. You find yourself dwelling in His presence.

412 What are the fruits of that enduring presence? Worries pass away, joys take their place. As He looked upon Peter in the hour of trial and of denial by Peter, who Christ had declared to be the foundation of what He was to leave on the earth, did He frown or did He smile? What broke the
heart of the man, the frown or the smile?

413 His promises are ever present; not acting on your past, but quickening your every moment. You feel abiding hope instead of doubt and fear. You stride with joy in the pleasure of service, even though living in His presence requires greater and greater sacrifices of your body’s appetites in order "that I may know more and more of the joys of His service." The service may not be rendered to yourself, only to another, and when you render that service, whether through a kindly word, a kindly thought, or a kindly deed, you are lending to the Lord. You are giving of yourself just as He gave. 

5 Gain God’s approval, not humanity’s

414 You are entitled to a place in His presence. That is your birthright, for He wills that none should perish but that you should come to the praiseworthy view that His Spirit knows your spirit inside and out.

415 When you dwell in His presence, though you may meet trials of every kind, though tears may flow from the breaking up of the appetites and habits within you, your spirit is made glad.

416 In the hour of trial, in the hour of denial, He smiled upon Peter and brought to remembrance, just as He has said to you who have named the Name, "I will cause you to recall the promises I have made, if you will abide in my presence."

417 His promises are sure and not a thing apart from you who dwell in His presence. His promises are ever remembered in the hour not only of sorrow, for not only is He the resurrection; not only is He to come in the hour of trial, but also He dined in the hours of joy with those in Cana, and He enjoyed, too, the feast with Zacchaeus, with whom He laughed and joked.

418 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me. Though I fly to the utmost parts of the heavens, you are with me." Will you know His presence? How? "If you love me, keep my commandments." Are they so burdensome, these commandments? What are His commandments? How might you abide? How might you return His love? "In so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me.”

419 Work hard to earn His esteem every day. The light of His presence shines onto others by principles and example. Not by faith alone, but by "my word, by my works," show the love of living in His understanding and the assuredness you’re in His presence.

420 By living these lessons, you will come to the knowledge and understanding that you are in His presence whether you acknowledge it in the present or not. It is in Him you live and move and have your being. You are in a position to induce, to persuade and to give what will bring others. You can put yourself in their positions and in their places and see by the light of His presence their inner needs, and so, present to them what He gives you day after day.

421 As to how you’ve applied these lessons, or what you’ve gained from studying the lessons, you must answer for yourself. As he has said, "My Spirit bears witness with your spirit whether you are acceptable in His presence or not," and importantly, that, "in so far as you did it for one of the least, in the estimation of men, of these My brethren, you did it for Me."

422 Have the inclinations of your heart and mind led you to act towards your neighbor, your brothers and sisters, and your enemy in ways consistent with being conscious of His presence, as one who seeks His face?

423 He, the Father, is ever ready to hear. He wills not that you should fall short of the grace which comes from acknowledging Him, contemplating Him, living with Him, and communing with Him.

424 By this means, you find yourself by chance happily in His presence. It is as He promised, "I will not leave you as orphans, desolate and helpless. I will come back to you and bring to your memory what you need of my strength to meet the needs of the hour, of the day.”

425 Work hard to gain God’s approval rather than humanity’s. Share the words of truth, so that your ways, thoughts, and deeds bear witness that His glory is being manifest in the world. "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the earth." By your guidance, you show every day that you have seen and have known the glory of His presence.

426 Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourself, for in accordance with the measure you use to deal out to others, it will be dealt out to you. He has made you a little lower than the angels, with the ability through your human will to make yourself equal with the Father, that you may even judge angels!

427 His ways are outside the limitations of many men and women, but to you whom He calls He gives the power to become the Children of God. You have been chosen. You know that His presence dwells with you each step of your day, and because you’ve made yourself a channel of blessings to many individuals, He has been able speak face to face with His own children.

428 Always choose to have His presence attend you during your daily walk through life. His strength and His power can cleanse the world of sin through you who seek to glorify Him by doing His biddings. Keep the faith. Keep in His presence day in and day out.

429 Apply what you‘ve learned from your own experience, for the harvest of your effort is nourishment for your material, mental, and spiritual growth. The ultimate aim of life must be One, even as He is One.

430 Don’t be afraid to assert yourself during any and all tests.

6 The power is in Him

431 Claim glory for the Lord, not for yourself. Don’t esteem the wisdom of the world. Those thoughts are seductive but flawed, and if you build upon them, you could hold back the spiritual progress of many individuals. Let the Spirit of Truth separate what is spiritually useful from what is diverting. Enter in with full knowledge of His presence.

432 Spurn those things that drive you to believe worldly promises and chase them.

433 Minister to those who seek, but minister in His name.

434 The power is in Him. Do not allow yourself to become cold, as the church is, but rather serve simply day by day with the knowledge that His love and His promises endure.

435 There is power in the Name. There is strength and glory to those who are faithful. There is lasting hope to all who come in humbleness, seeking, just as He did, "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done through me." There is no power, no strength, except in Him. The puny strength man may assert through the power of his own manhood is but the shadow of the power shown by Him in determining the thoughts that lead to everyday action.

436 The power you need is realized by dwelling in His presence. You will see in the next lesson, which is to be The Cross and the Crown, that you gain strength in the cross you bear day by day, because while the flesh is weak, He is willing. Humble yourselves, so that the glory and the power may come from Him, from the Father, from the Son, when you understand, "We love Him. He loves us. We abide in Him. He abides in us.”

437 Bow your heads, you who would seek His presence! Be strong in His might! Falter not at your own weak self! Know that your redeemer lives and may this day make known in your own heart His presence abiding with you!

438 Root from your body your consciousness, anything whatever that would hinder His entering in, for He would break bread with you!

439 Will you, then, O man, make known your own decisions? Will you be one with Him? The way which I guard leads to that of glory in the might of the Lord.

440 I, Michael, would guide you. Do not disobey. Do not falter. You know the way.

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