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 Know Thyself: Lesson II



12.13.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:20 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the group present in this room. We seek prayerfully as individuals, and as a group, to better understand ourselves and to present to others the lessons we are preparing. You will please answer the questions we ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group, as a group, as individuals, and the manner in which each comes seeking that they may know His face, that as individuals, as a group, they may be the more perfect lights in His name.

Yes, we have the group and the individuals, and the manner in which you come seeking His face, so that as individuals and as a group, you may be more perfect lights in His name.

3. As you convene, each of you should first recognize that it is the following which indicates wisdom: when you have set a spiritual standard of conduct. You are only what you, as an individual, receive from without or from within. In the course of your life, you live interdependently with other individuals; you live your beliefs, your precepts and concepts, whether you’re aware of it or not.

So, measure the results of what you do not by what you can weigh or count, for he that doeth such is not wise. Measure what happens in your life instead by how you treat other individuals, by what outlasts gain and loss, by the same spiritual measure that proves a steady guide throughout your day. Know what you believe and then live your beliefs.

Ready for questions.

4. (Q) Please interpret the dream Edgar Cayce had Saturday morning, Dec. 12, in which he was in meditation with this group. He heard a voice calling but was prevented from answering by the group.

(A) As we have indicated, both the spiritual world and the material world need the efforts of Edgar Cayce, and EC needs to concentrate on whichever of those worlds requires his attention most. Edgar Cayce’s body and endeavors will be where they are needed most. Edgar Cayce is the stage of transformation, a cross roads, and whether his body will remain in the material world or be called into the spiritual world, depends on how well this group carries through its purpose.

5. (Q) What can we as individuals and as a group do to counterbalance the call from the other side?

(A) Work!

6.  (Q) [993]: Please interpret the dream of Saturday night, Dec. 12th, in which Mr. Cayce was testing or raising vibrations of individuals in the group.

This is another version of the same theme. How each of you acts in your individual lives, as well as with each other, creates vibrations visible to Mr. Cayce, who can measure the strength of your purpose. Each of you in your respective way responded to the test. So, each of you, by what you have learned, has standards by which you measure your resolve. These standards can help you awaken both yourselves and others.

It would be nice if you not only knew, but felt, what it means to be measured not by what you own, but by what you are able to offer; or, to put it better, to know what it means to be a channel of blessing to someone! As you have received, give, for Lo, I stand and knock. Will you open the door and let that peace and that joy enter, so there may be more light in your own soul? Don’t dwell on the cares of the day or the hour. Don’t be made short-sighted by things that threaten your physical body, for He that will come will not be denied. Not everyone that says Lord is answered, only you who do the will of the Father. As I in Him, and you in me, so shall His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

7. (Q) [993]: Through which one of its members can the group best aid Edgar Cayce in the present situation?

(A) Each one of you in your own respective way and manner aids Edgar Cayce, and none of you should rely on anyone else for support! This is a good way to get to know yourselves, also!

8. (Q) [538]: How may I best aid?

(A) By awakening your desire to do what renews your strength, through physical and spiritual love. Does love wane through over-activity, or does it grow by use? Does love fail and wear away, or is it not that, in blossoming, in growth, in use, you magnify the effects of love that overcome all things? Do as your heart, your inner self, as your soul, dictates. Do not be ashamed to be what you are! If you are ashamed, there is something amiss! You have pruned or padded the ideal, and it does not fit the pattern!

9.  (Q) How can [341] best aid?

(A) We have seen that by means of adding a little here, a little there, individuals have gained understanding; that shows growth. Have you grown by association with the group? Have you been neglected by the group? Then demand, or give, as you find your need to be.

10.  (Q) How may [288] best aid?

(A) Stay in touch with those things that bring you harmony. Live with those individuals and things you know to be uplifting, that stimulate your creative energies, like those individuals you have often known before, in previous incarnations. But not in any selfish or unseemly manner: Keep your heart pure, your actions beyond reproach, yourself free from condemnation!

11.  (Q) How may [295] best aid?

(A) By practicing the guiding principles He lived by, so that your life demonstrates these principles, while you describe them to others. Keep your heart singing! Use your talents to accomplish something today! Create goals that help others.

12.  (Q) [462]: I was present at the first group meeting at Mrs. Barrett's, now at Daytona Beach, FL. Have I any part in the work with this group? If so, please tell me.

(A)You are here this afternoon because you feel drawn to these people and the work they want to do.

Whoever asks for a part, has a part in His work. This is His work, He that has called to you! If you heed not, or hear not the invitation, then you have only missed an opportunity and must seize the next one. As you study the affect that endeavoring in His work has had on the lives of the members this group, you will find to contribute what your hands are willing to do. His call must by itself (if it’s alive) awaken a longing, a yearning rising through hearing His voice, and then galvanize you into action.

Each of you are called in your own respective sphere. Each of you must find the answer in your own selves.

Don’t you remember this passage from scripture: Come with Me, and I will make you fishers of men?

Again, Lord, will you grant my request when you come into your kingdom, that I or my brother may sit one on the right hand, and the other on the left?

Are you able to drink of the cup?

We are able.

Indeed you shall drink, but to sit on my right or my left is not mine to give. He that does the will of the Father, that same individual is my mother, is my brother, or is my sister.

13. We are through.

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12.15.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

8:30 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you those who seek a clearer understanding of the directions you gave us in the reading of Sunday, Dec. 13, concerning the work we need to do in connection with Edgar Cayce. As I name each individual, please give them explicit directions and assignments which will relieve this present situation.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group gathered here. While it is good to seek further understanding, it is better to put to use what you already understand. As we have said previously, each of you in your own way and manner may aid, or hinder, the present impasse, depending on how you apply your own abilities, your own talents, and your own understanding. Each of you have indicated your own desire to know a clearer way to approach the subject of reincarnation ,or the origin of life and light, that you might be a better channel for manifesting life and light as individuals and as a group.

Many of you have tried to resolve the present situation by applying what you knew or felt. Now, as each of you looks for an individual direction for you own part in the work, you should each apply what you know, and in testing it, gain a clearer understanding.

3.  (Q) [2124]: When will I be ready to begin my spiritual work under your instruction?

(A) You’ll be ready when the light has become strong enough to awaken in you its strength, power, and understanding. As you use what you know, the light manifests. When will you apply that more perfectly? Do not lose heart while you wait. Don’t worry that just any source, or any channel, might have done as well. Know that He whom you have named has directed, for My sheep will hear my voice, and not heed any other.

4. (Q) [307]: What more specific work can I do?

(A) This work may be specific, or it may be general: the same is true for each of you. You have accomplished much in your mental and spiritual pursuits. In general, continue to be a light bearer to others, as we have indicated.

5. (Q) [2125]: What is my definite work?

(A) Continue doing what you’re doing. As we’ve indicated, this is the best way for you to awaken your potential. Persist in being gentler, more loving, and more kind to all; for little by little we gain that understanding that comes from keeping our heart, mind, and life in the light.

6. (Q) [379]: What can I do at this time?

(A) Don’t think that your abilities are lacking in this situation. Don’t doubt that your prayers reach the throne of grace or mercy. Make explicit to the group, that because of the strength of the group, increased understanding is bestowed on each and every day.

7. (Q) [404]: Is there more that I can do at this time?

(A) Keep on keeping on, and as this, that, or the other experience opens your understanding of what is necessary for your spiritual or physical pursuits, be willing and ready to respond.

8.  (Q) [69]: What more specific work can I do at this time?

(A) Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities, for in doing comes strength. Keep that consciousness that answers your higher self, as face answers to face in the water, and this will answer your questions as to whether or not the spirit of the Creative forces bears witness with your own spirit. Don’t chide one another unless you yourself can answer for what you feel or exclaim.

9. (Q) [[69]'s husband]:

(A) As we have told you previously, your inner self perceives your intuitive abilities much more than you admit consciously; your seemingly off-the-cuff remarks reflect much that your inner self feels to be true. Cultivate your spiritual insight, so that you may correct disorder, disruption, and distress at the spur of the moment; for you were previously anointed to the priesthood of the living God, and you have lost little of your talent in your many lifetimes. So, confine your efforts to what you may accomplish in your own self. How? Open up, so that light may manifest through you, may bring you an understanding heart, mind, and soul, and you may accomplish much.

10.  (Q) Interpret the word "work" for me in this connection?

(A) As you have chosen, and as you have been chosen, do you not know that you should be about the Father’s business? Work!

As we have told each of you, and as each of you meditates on your own assignment, when you can act with conviction - know work has been accomplished.

11. (Q) [560]: What more specific work can I do at this time?

(A) Keep on in the manner you have set before yourself, because for you the way is opening, the light is dawning for you.

12.  (Q) [303]: What can I do at this time?

(A) Do not doubt that your seeking is beneficial: your efforts benefit the group in the present, and what it means in the grander scheme of things. Each of you should be trying to learn the lesson of cooperating to accomplish a single end. Remember: Who can, by taking thought, add one whit or one cubit to his stature . . . When you pray, enter into your closet and pray, and he that hears you in secret will reward you openly. Both giving and understanding come from Him.

13.  (Q) [993]: Is there any more definite work for me at this time?

(A) As you saw when those in the group who, when they desired understanding, raised their vibrations and put them to the test, pray that all of you to raise your vibrations. A group, a chain, a band, is as strong as its weakest member.

14. (Q) What should I do in connection with aiding the organization?

(A) Speak and act as the Spirit moves you. Then, as opportunity arises, speak and act in a way that takes full advantage of the opportunity to spread the understanding that you have gained through your own trying and testing.

15. (Q) Explain what you mean by the transformation taking place or about to take place in connection with the work of Edgar Cayce.

(A) Each of you might use different words to explain the same idea. To some of you, transformation might mean awakening to greater power within yourselves; to others it might mean that you emphasize spirituality than you do materiality in your choices. For still others of you, transformation means that your karmic direction has reached its changing point, so that your influences may be brought together. The process of transformation brings light to those who seek light.

16.  (Q) Any special message for us as a group at this time?

(A) Hold tight to what you have, following the call of your higher selves as exemplified by Him; keep your own garments white, and see less and less fault in others.

17. We are through.

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12.27.1931, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the group whose members seek further guidance in working on the lesson, Knowing Self. Please tell us what we need to know to carry on God’s work. Please answer the questions each of us asks.


2. In preparing the lessons we have outlined, you would do well to prepare yourselves to be a channel so that you may be better able to minister the lessons to others.

3. As we have said, you must think of yourselves as entities. This is essential. It is how you understand yourself and what happens to you.

4. Each of you should consider the factors within you that are affected by the outside world. This group is just like your physical body, whose separate parts must function cooperatively. If one part of the body, or one member of this group, wars against another, then, naturally, disorder ensues.

5. Each of your body’s processes has a purpose. Each process and purpose is God-given; treat it as holy. These processes make your body work, depending on what you need.

These processes produce physical traits that make you stand out from everyone else. Your body is a channel for these traits, much like the earth is a channel for water: the water is going to flow over the earth one way or another, but its course is going to be defined by how hard or soft the earth is under and around it.

These traits, or characteristics, show themselves in this lifetime, yet each incarnation expresses these processes uniquely. The experience of each incarnation is registered in your soul, in the same way that your emotions register on your face, and in the same way that your choices are registered in your character.1

6. Ready for questions.

7. (Q) [115]: After group meditation for the folks in New York, I dreamed I was talking to and walking with Gladys. She said, "They do not pay their rent." I asked who owned the house we were near. Gladys said, "Mr. Cayce."

The building seemed quite large and rambling and was at the Beach. We wandered around the place, and I noticed much iron rubbish, both old and new. Gladys seemed to fade out of the picture.

I still wandered around the place. I discovered a lovely lake, clear as crystal. It had beautiful white swans swimming around it that were being fed by loving, happy children. Looking over the lake I saw beautiful houses, like a new settlement of beautiful, happy homes -- a white village, flowers, etc. Then I was so happy. I felt uplifted, etc. What is the significance of this dream? [See 262.8 Par. R2.]

(A) This indicates you, a developing entity, and your developing ideal.

If you observe how your mind reacts to daily events, you will find the answers you seek are expressed physically. Things you see in the dream represent your own mental and spiritual aspects. As you viewed the disorder around the house, which represented your effort to move towards mental and spiritual pursuits, your ideals rose above the rubbish you saw in your dream. Your ideals rise above material pursuits.

First we dream, and then we build; that is the way of life.

Sometimes your dreams are visions which seem unattainable. These ideals are crystallized, made real, by way of the lives and efforts of others, driven by the influence of the visionary individual – you! Your ideals act upon other people and make your vision possible and then a reality. The peace and tranquility of the lake with its crystal fountains and swans, represents the peace and serenity that come with surroundings like these, and the flowers, blossoms, and children represent hope.

The dream is symbolic of your own visions and how you are raising some of those around you, and how you may raise others, Hence, you are truly the missionary, the emissary.

8. (Q) [560]: Please interpret the answer you gave in October [in reference to the meditation experience asked in 262-3, Par. 9-A] "As the activities of self in the relations to others is made active, so will the water of life be made more plain, more active in the experience of self, as was the depth and the activities of that mother of life seen."

(A) Again, this suggests a symbolic opening of your waking mind to the reality of reincarnation and God’s handiwork in your life and the lives of others. This lesson and those that follow will awaken more and more acutely in each of you the certainty of this. Even the most pessimistic people concede that unseen forces are more powerful than those they can see, what they call reality. The dreamer, the visionary, you who harmonize yourselves with the infinite, more often receive validation, for your harmony moves unseen forces that coordinate your lives, just as night follows day and the moon sheds light from the Giver of light, the sun.

9. (Q) [560]: What service did I render in the temple during the Egyptian period?

(A) As those in the temple sharpened their understanding by applying the laws of love, you taught individuals who wanted to be channels for spirituality how to apply the laws of love in their lives in a practical way; how to make practical, everyday use of the laws of love.

10. (Q) [993]: Am I drawing near to the time when through knowing self I can know the voice of the teacher within?

(A) As you journey nearer to harmony, nearer your awakening, nearer your ability to heal yourself; to give life, light and understanding to others, then you will recognize the voice within, and you will recognize your teacher.

Then you, each of you, should know that first you need to apply the lessons we teach and have taught you. Then and only then will you truly have insight into the meaning of our words; only then will you get it. When you are living the lessons we teach you, you will hear the voice within, and you will recognize your teacher.

11. (Q) [993]: Were my two dreams on Sunday, Dec. 7th, 1931, one at morning, the other at night, a glimpse of self-awakening?

The first dream was of a miniature statue of an adult. It seemed to have its place near me. I had a desire to take it in my aura, and I did. It seemed to have life. I called [560] to take it in her aura. She came but did not take it. She seemed afraid. I received joy by holding it in my arms and wanted her to have the same experience.

(A) This is a glimpse of your self-awakening. As the auras in you dream affected not only you but the area around you, so does your spiritual self-awakening move not only your life, but the lives to whom – and with whom – and through whom, you minister.

12. (Q) [993]: Please explain the second dream: I felt something being driven through the center of my left hand and on awakening there came the Master's hand before me.

(A) This shows another way in which God can stir in an individual an awareness of their true self, even if they aren’t looking for it. Let us make clear to all of you what this notion of self-awakening is.

It’s the nature of you who exist in the material plane to be influenced mostly by physical stimulation, without considering the Source of your existence, or feeling the need to understand your lives, why you are here, or that you have been here many times, and have lived many lives before. It is not your nature to think about the continuity of your soul until something awakens your curiosity. You must be made to want to discover that your life has more meaning than your immediate concerns.

Get the difference now!

In the second dream, individuals without an awareness of their spiritual identity are being acted upon much in the same way as is an individual who is not aware of the holiness of a brother. However, this occurs not through your physical senses, but through your intuition, through an awareness of a presence. The dream is telling you that those who are standing outside, who are incurious, you will, are in the process of, and ultimately must become awed by your spiritual development, as well as by the development of this group and what it stands for!

13. (Q) [379]: What do I need most to further my development, also to know self better?

(A) As you meditate on what we tell you, and as you look to answer the questions that occur to you, you will see, feel, and understand what may steer you towards your true purpose by way of physical, mental, and spiritual clues that rise as you study.

14. We are through for the present.

The following is the group’s interpretation of this paragraph, as read to the slumbering Cayce by Gertrude during 262-10, the review of Knowing Self.

Each organ has its individual office and desires which are in themselves holy. Keep them so. The senses make known to the physical body those magnified desires or natures of the physical body. These are registered in the activities of the physical body in such a way and manner as to stamp upon the very face of the body that which has been magnified through its physical senses. These senses are but attunements with the physical body, each vibrating according to the training of, or elements of concentration by the physical forces of the body, as pertaining to attunements of development of that which the physical body is a material representation; for not only do these show forth that which is magnified in a single appearance or experience of the entity, but the whole impressions that have been received through the varied experiences of the entity; the registering being in the soul of the entity, the same as in the material sense it is in the physiognomy of the individual.

And Cayce’s response:
Very good.



1.10.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:10 PM EST

1. GC: You have before you the group which seeks guidance in preparing the lesson, Know Yourself. We pray we will receive the guidance we need at this time. Please answer the questions each of us asks.

2. EC: May each of you receive, through your desire to give, what you need to learn in order that you may inspire others to seek the light. Each of you should know this: It’s your own ideal by which your will is controlled and measured. What Is Your Ideal, then, will be your next lesson.

3.  (Q) [2112]: Where can I find a record of my work in spreading the glad tidings to those in Mt. Seir during my appearance at the time of the Christ?

(A) In the well-known story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well, who was your sister at the time, she asserts: “You say that Jerusalem is the place of worship, but our fathers say it is Mt. Seir.”

Jesus replied: “The day will come when the place of worship will be neither Jerusalem or the mount, but in each individual’s heart.”

As for you spreading glad tidings, you will find record of that in the writings of the historian Josephus, as well as in the stories of the Jewish writer Bartimaeus, on page 45. He describes the effects on the Jews of mixing with the Edomites when the Jews took the Edomites captive. When the Jews freed them, Zerubbabel ruled them; they were later dispersed by Sanballat and Loti [?], who were teachers in Seir, at which time they were called Samaritans. Seir, where Jeroboam built an altar, was chosen as the place for the Samaritans to worship.

When the man of Nazareth began teaching the Samaritans, he began his lessons in the households of Selmaa, Nina, and Nola. The result was that the Samaritans’ beliefs and practices moved closer to those of the Jews, by way of what might be called daily cottage prayer meetings, see? You can find reference to all this in Bartimaeus’s writings; Josephus makes a single reference, too. You can find references to all this in Jewish literature. The intent of these stories is to show the effect on individual minds of this man’s -- of this leader’s -- teachings.

[The detailed account of a vision]

5.2 [EC’s further response]

6.  (Q) [2673]: Is this an open group, and may I become one of the group at this time?

(A) This group is best attended by the individuals presently in the group. To be one with what the group seeks is different from what you want. In seeking, you shall find. Know that there are always pivotal moments for those who seek to know His face, for those who will be patient and wait upon Him. Don’t be overanxious; wait on the Lord. In seeking, do not seek something exotic or something new; rather seek the proper ideals, the proper merit of what you already know. In evaluating your present beliefs, you begin to understand larger, better, and greater things; for whom the Lord loves is given what, if properly employed, yields understanding and peace.

7. (Q) [379]: Do my dreams ever signify my spiritual awakening?

(A) You experience dreams and visions as part of your physical life. Dreams are, of course, significant, but more significant is your life and your physical health. In your visions you unconsciously see the connection between what you think about from day to day and your ideal.

Visions of spiritual awakening most often present themselves to you by way of symbols. Learn to interpret visions by first observing with your five senses the details of your dreams. Learn how these are significant. In your everyday life, you combine the details of a close friend’s eyes, hands, mouth, and posture to tell you how he or she is feeling at the moment. Translating body parts into body language takes practice, but it does become second nature.

The same is true of translating your visions. Your visions have their own language and the language is the symbols in your dream. Each symbol, as startling as it might be, has its own meaning to you. When you become familiar with the symbols of your visions and how they ring true, you will begin to understand what clues your visions have to offer you about yourself and your spiritual progress.

Simply identifying with one symbol at a time is a significant step.

8.  (Q) [2673]: In what way can I best serve?

(A) We could say a lot about your habits. You could learn, as the young ruler did, that it is you, not your gifts, that truly helps people, as illustrated in the scripture, not my will but Yours be done in me. Use me as You see fit; not what I think I should do, or would rather do, but as You see fit! Your consciousness and mind lends stability to others, so don’t doubt yourself; for to doubt yourself is to create effluent that discourages you - see? For, as you seek, you shall find! Don’t be impatient, and remember that if you remain faithful and you persevere, you shall wear the crown of life.

9.  (Q) [303]: How may I learn to know myself as I am known?

(A) By literally standing aside and watching yourself pass by, as if a detached witness noting your own behavior!

Take the time, occasionally, to think about yourself and your relationships with other people; study how they react to what you do. No one is an island. No one lives alone and no one dies alone. Just as the universe created your physical existence, it acts through you and on everyone with whom you have a relationship. See yourself as others see you; for, as the scripture says, Now we know in part, then shall we know even as we are known. Live your life in Him, in Christ consciousness, in thought and in deed, so that this scripture, Ye that have known me have known the Father also may truly describe you.

Stand aside and watch yourself pass by!

10.  (Q) What definite work may I do as an emissary or missionary?

(A) You have the opportunity every day to speak kindly, to not be offensive. You will never offend anyone by being kind to them. Think kindly and act kindly. Jesus said, he that gives the cup of cold water in my name shall not lose his reward. People often interpret this to mean they will be rewarded, but, really, the reward is the spiritual insight you gain from your act of kindness. The scripture says, God’s spirit bears witness with your spirit, and by your act of compassion you show that you are a follower of the Christ. In this way might you act as a missionary, as an emissary.

You live in an environment where harsh words and insults are exchanged frequently. Rremain in spirit so you can smile, smile even with people who would ridicule your kind acts. Be able to joke with these sorts of people, but do so kindly, in a way that moves their hearts; one day they will come around, and they will turn their wit on those who mock you, like they once did.

11.  (Q) [307]: Explain the subject of the second lesson, "Know yourself as I am known."

As each of you gains, through your own meditation or prayer, it is important that you learn about your peers what is known to Him. Please act before God how you act before your peers. Love one another. A new commandment I give, that ye love one another. In this manner may each of you see yourselves as others see you.

Don’t let your words and your actions be so different that others see you as if you are not children of the same family. Let your deeds and your words, agree with what your peers see as Spirit acting within you.

12. (Q) Give the best means by which I may know myself as I am known.

(A) By measuring yourself by the standard that is your own ideal; by measuring yourself by your own ideal.

13. (Q) Explain more fully my work as a light bearer to others.

(A) As you go about contributing to others what you receive from Spirit, you become a bearer of tidings to others. Your peers see that you, in your thoughts and in your acts, are in harmony with your idea. As you gain in understanding and appreciation, you always know what is taking place within you!

14. (Q) Is there any message to the compilers?

(A) Be patient with those that lag behind; encourage and inspire them. Keep your own counsel, but ask advice when you need to. Be sure each group member contributes to the lessons from week to week, for this is how the lessons will become the light to many individuals in many places and many lands. You have yet to realize of what a meditating group or the cooperation of a body is capable.

15. (Q) [404]: What must I do in order to know myself better?

(A) Meditate on the path your life has taken. Think of how often you may have influenced the course of someone’s life. That may be because they understood you – or even because they have misunderstood you. Do you always understand why you what you do?

How often have you compelled someone else to look within themselves to judge whether or not they were in accordance with what He would have them do? How often have you made another individual think better of themselves? Not laud themselves, but think better of themselves? In this deed may you see yourself; for in magnifying Him you see yourself as others may see you in your undertakings.

16.  (Q) [560]: Upon awakening I remembered the following: Was it imagined or a dream or a realization?

I seemed to realize that I was in a boat, suspended quite high from the deck, seemingly in a hammock which rocked to and fro over the side of the deck. I realized there was an ocean beneath and if I was thrown out what the result would be. Then the words came, "Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done." I then saw, as it appeared to me, in the heavens a beautiful white-robed angel. Please interpret.

(A) As we see it, this is a symbolic vision of your awakening to the conditions around you, the conditions associated with you, and the source of help and aid that may come through the combined efforts of those in the group, and by the character of the hammock. There are many in the sea. As you see the white light of truth: may peace, harmony, contentment, and joy of service come to you all.

17. (Q) [993]: Please explain the message of the dream I had the last part of December, in which there was a beautiful white horse climbing up the side of a high wall. I seemed to be looking down upon him, and as he came nearer I became afraid and put my hand upon his head, and as I did his head became that of a man.

(A) As we have said time and again of the various effects that spiritual awakening has upon your minds and bodies because you are each in various stages of development, these affects may confuse you.

Yet - as your dream showed you – if you would welcome the approach of the spiritual entities who wish to help you with your spiritual development, and let them arouse you, you would understand that you are the child of God.

The same is true of those who suffer in body or mind, or those whose day to day lives are unstable: If they would open themselves to spiritual influence, they would become more assured as they begin to understand that they, too, are the children of God!

18. We are through.

1 (Q) [288]: Is the interpretation and lesson correct, which I have written concerning the vision presented through me on the morning of Jan. 9, 1932?

[288]'s vision of Saturday, January 9, 1932 6:30 A.M.:

I appeared in the midst of a group of people, packed close together, standing, dressed in white and blindfolded. Each one was trying to take off their bandage and put it on someone else. Just having arrived, I did not have a bandage over my eyes - and realized that they were all approaching me with the intention of putting one on me. Reasoning with myself, I knew that if I resisted them they would overcome me by their great number. So I withdrew myself mentally, closed my eyes and separated myself mentally from them, at the same time saying the little prayer on Knowing Self. As I did so, I used my hands as wings and slowly began to rise. The others were prevented from touching me by my state of consciousness. As my feet rose a little above their heads, I could see them clamoring and reaching, trying to catch hold of my feet. I rose higher and higher, getting lighter and lighter, and it became easier and easier for me to transcend space.

As I passed through each plane of development my form changed, and I became transparent. Finally I reached my goal and stopped moving. I was a round ball, and reminded myself very much of the full moon - as it looks to us from the earth. I could see myself and feel myself - my consciousness was in me (the ball), all around, and everywhere. Then I melted - evaporated, the same as smoke or a cloud, and became one with and a part of the whole universe.

The most wonderful, pleasurable, and all-inclusive feeling came through me that I have ever experienced. It is impossible to put it into words.

(A) It’s partly true. It would be better if you would view the symbols in this vision concretely. It would be better if you would wait and see if the interactions that you felt were happening between you and the individuals in your vision actually do occur; then you’d know how accurate your vision was.

(Q) What is the deeper significance of this dream?

(A) Better wait and see!

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1.24.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

3:50 PM EST

1. GC: You have before you the study group and the work they have done on the lesson, Know Thyself, the first draft of which I hold in my hand. Please give us counsel that will help our work, and answer our questions concerning this lesson or the other phases of the work. Also address the experiences of the group members.

2.  EC: We perceive the group and its purpose, and the individuals who are doing the work.

You are not cooperating whole-heartedly with each other, and you should be. Each of you should contribute your share to the preparation of the lessons, so that when you’ve completed the lessons, they will reflect the whole group. Do not start and then turn back. Take the advice of the scripture that says, He that puts his hand to the plow and looks back, better had never begun! The information in these readings is for each of you to use, and as each of you puts it into practice, it will result in your helping other individuals and other members.

3. Ready for questions.

4.  (Q) As I read the first draft of the lesson as prepared, please make such corrections, expansions or suggestions that might be helpful in clarifying this subject:

GC: [Reading first paragraph.] We are endowed with no greater ability than of being able to step aside and study ourselves. Down through the ages there has come the command from the great teachers – Know yourself. It is the key to the door which opens to the path of light and understanding of universal law and its creator.

(A) This is correct, but you might expand the first line to explain how you are able to go about seeing yourself for who you really are; it involves your mind, which sees you are part of the universe, your five senses, for example; but your spirit tells you that you’re aware of much more.

There are few of you who want to see yourselves as others see you, but those of you who want to be a channel of blessing, an avenue of expression for the Son, the Teacher, the Father, will not soil your temple – yourself!

5.  (Q) GC: [Reading second paragraph.] To know yourself is not only to know what your five senses tell you, but to know yourself as an entity, a complete instrument capable of perceiving all the psychic and spiritual events that occur within you, as well as the events in the world where you live. This spring of knowledge is tapped only by those who are willing to pay the price. The price is your complete surrender, a cleansing and a dedication that comes only through prayer, service, and meditation. While you get this knowledge by way of the straight and narrow, it is open to all of you, and it’s the water of life offered freely to everyone.

6. (Q) GC: [Reading given third paragraph.] Each of us as an entity is a miniature copy of the universe, possessing a physical body, a mental body and a spiritual body. These bodies are so closely associated and related that the vibrations of one affects the other two. The mental body, especially, shares vibrations with the physical and spiritual bodies. In the physical body, the mental body is the conscious mind, the mind that operates our lives from day to day. In the spiritual body, the mental body is the superconscious mind.

7.  (Q) GC: [Reading fourth paragraph.] In the study of our selves, beginning with our physical bodies, we should recognize that they are the temples of the living God, that it has pleased God to manifest Himself through this medium to the world. Our physical bodies are composite units of creative force manifesting in the material world.

8.  GC: [Reading fifth paragraph.] The parts of our bodies must all work in unison, for when one is at odds with another, discord naturally follows. Each part has its own function and so important is its function that no other part can substitute for it, neither can it be counted useless and insignificant, for, as we know ourselves, each part is cherished and blessed. 1

9.  (Q) GC: [Reading sixth paragraph.] Each organ has a function and an inclination that is holy. Keep each organ holy.

Your five senses illustrate your nature and intensify what you desire. What you desire engraves itself on your body, because your senses are tuned to your body. Each sense echoes the progress of your development as an individual. Your senses illustrate not only this lifetime, but the impressions of all your lifetimes. The impressions of all your lifetimes are registered in your soul, in the same way that what you desire registers on your body and in your eyes.

10. (Q) GC: [Reading seventh paragraph.] Your desires, as a mental and a spiritual being, build what becomes apparent to others and to you. The process of building has been going on for ages. The great factors of heredity, environment, karma, thought vibration, and the actions of universal law and the planes beyond the physical, all have their influence on you just as the desires and the vibrations attract and build you. You are a result of not only the development of the race before you, but also of the individual which has been going on since your creation as an individual soul.

11. (Q) Please outline the paragraph for the material on the mental body.

(A) This may be built upon what you may receive, upon your reactions to the effect that cooperation and knowing you gives you. The lessons are to be prepared by those that magnify what they receive, that it may respond or find response in the mental, and the material, and the spiritual minds of those who seek. Do some work!

12. (Q) The spiritual body.

(A) The same.

13.  (Q) GC: [Reading eighth paragraph.] Study yourself in your relation to others. Literally stand aside and see yourself pass. Take the time to be occasionally introspective of your relationship to others, to see the reaction of others to what you’ve done, For no man lives alone and no man dies alone. Take into account the acts, thoughts and words of your day, for these reflect your concept of God. Would you act before God as you act towards your neighbor? A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another. Dare to realize that you -- now, today -- begin to reflect a full development of your soul, that you now manifest God's love and are known before your neighbors as you are known before God. You only stand in the way. Then begin to study and discipline yourself, so that your words and actions may be of the same family.

14.  (Q) GC: [Reading ninth paragraph.] In seeking to know yourself through meditation or to be taking an inventory of yourself, you are passing, as it were, a "sign post," seeing a little, catching a word here, an idea there, from those your contact day by day, which shows you are all closely related and are traveling somewhere along the same road. Truly therefore, knowing yourself is knowing the other fellow also, for all ourselves are parts of one mind. Should it not make us more tolerant of the weaknesses of our neighbors as we view them as we are, or as we have been? Service means fulfilling our mission here, and the question will naturally arise, "Are we doing all that we can for our neighbors? Are we giving freely of ourselves to help others? Is every moment of our lives being lived as He would have lived our lives? In other words, are we a channel of blessings to others?"

(A) Also use the illustration here of, Who is my mother, my brother?

15. (Q) GC: [Reading tenth paragraph.] Know yourself by your activities in your daily walk of life; compare your standard for each thought and action to Christ’s. "Be what you seem, live your beliefs. Hold up to the earth the torch divine. Be what you pray to be made. Let the great masters’ steps be yours."

16.  (Q) GC: [Reading eleventh paragraph.] Keep in tune with the creative forces, get beyond the state of consciousness where the blind lead the blind. Stand still and know that I am God, and that I dwell within you. Find that place. It is there that you know yourself. It is there that His Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are children of God.

17.  (Q) GC: [Reading twelfth paragraph]

In your daily periods of meditation, keep this prayer in your heart:

"Father, as we seek to see and know your face, may we as a group and as individuals come to know ourselves, even as we are known, that we - as lights in You - may give the better concept of Your Spirit in this world."

If your actions and thoughts are of God, hold them fast. If they are not, drive them from you. Let not will drive you from the path of understanding. The voice of the soul is seeking its creator. Behold I stand at the door and knock. He that will hear my voice, I will come in and dwell with him and he with me. There is no obvious way except for the I AM. It is a birth of the spirit. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound. You cannot tell where it comes from or where it will go. So it is with everyone born of the spirit. That soul lost in spirit, (that is, universal love,) will know itself even as it is known.

18. (Q) [993]: Please expand on what the readings mean by entity, and tell us how to explain to another seeking individual what it means to consider themselves as an entity.

Also, interpret Par. 10-A in reading of December 27, 1931, [262-8], where it said, "and give life". [ (A) As you journey nearer to harmony, nearer your awakening, nearer your ability to heal yourself; to give life, light and understanding to others, then you will recognize the voice within, and your will recognize your teacher.]

(A) As we said before, you are the combination of your physical body throughout all your lifetimes in or through the earth, in or through the universe, and the lessons you have learned—or have learned during those lifetimes; that is, your spiritual self. That is you; that is the sum total of your experience.

For you to create life, or to give life, or to be life, you must be a living, acting example of what life is, and not something separate, inactive, or inanimate; that is, you must be something that is giving, that is not deteriorating a bit, and then a bit more, day after day. You are what other people may see as the example in the world, the difference. As long you live life as it is in whatever may be your manifestation in the material plane, it is growth. As soon as it becomes an inanimate object (though it may be serving a purpose), it immediately begins to deteriorate, to disintegrate.

Be who you are! Be a living entity! See?

19.  (Q) Please explain more fully the following: [GC: Reading last half of first page in lesson of December 27, 1931, 262-8.]

(A) That reading is complete within itself. What confuses you is the relation of your physical body to that of the whole, the soul and its experiences as it passes from plane to plane, from lifetime into lifetime.

Let's begin with what Christ spoke: It is not what enters into a man that defiles him, but what comes forth. Many individuals are as beautiful and stark as whitened sepulchers; they are beautiful to look at, but within they are full of dead men's bones!

This refers to the activities of a physical being, but takes into consideration the doings of a physical body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. If you live to gratify the desires of the fleshly body alone, you may be beautiful to look at (and often you are!), but within you it is foul, an individual that belittles the soul - for your soul must be corrupt, and what you speak brings discord, corruption, and disorder. You shall be paid for every act! My word shall not pass away. Your soul goes to meet the environment it has built; not in the material, but in the spiritual plane.

You enter the physical plane to experiment, to develop, to magnify, or to express your creativity. Just as we described in the illustration, the function of each organ depends on the organs functioning together, and - as we said – who could find fault that the hand is not the eye, or that the head is not the foot, or that the comely part is not the uncomely, and the like? All the organs must be made to work in harmony, so that the whole may be saved, rather than a single organ be allowed to develop during the lifetime of the body. See?

You may see this most clearly in those individuals whose lives in various domains have brought them to the knowledge of the whole, the insight that compelled Jesus to pronounce: the Father and I are one. For the physical body, for the mental body, for the spiritual body, to rebel, is the same as for the foot to rebel because it is not the head, or the hand; or for the organs to rebel because they have been poisoned by what was fed the body seemingly for its sustenance. See? To some of you, this explanation is less favorable than the first one we gave! But study yourself with the insight that we have offered into knowing yourselves.

20. (Q) [404]: In training the subconscious mind, which is more effective, thought or the spoken word, and why?

[Compare to 255-12, 10A, in which Cayce suggests using govern rather than train] 2

(A) In training the subconscious mind, the mind of the soul, first consider the subconscious mind of the individual; then you will have your answer.

Your subconscious mind, the mind of your soul, perceives and acts upon your day-to-day life; but it also takes in spiritual insights. Hence, the best way to describe how the mind of your soul works is that it is subject to your habits and the way you perceive life. If you believe your thoughts act quicker than your words, then to you they do!

When you want to reach the mind of your soul through your senses, in order that you might visualize a message, then having someone speak to you would be more effective - and you can see why. Hence, what someone says to your mind as a growing, developing body will have a better result!

That answers the question for this body! [For EC’s body?]

21. (Q) Please explain, as to a little child, the method of introspection.

(A) As you understand how , during an evening, one word during a conversation might lead to a completely different conversation, so may you see from introspection, "What caused me to think or act in such a manner under such and such a circumstance? Why did I answer sharply during this particular experience and gently during another?" Introspection gives you insight into how you think and act from moment to moment; but you can also gain spiritual insight as you use mind of your soul to associate seemingly unrelated words or actions.

22. (Q) Is there any message to me as secretary?

(A) Since you last asked us that question, your service as secretary has awakened you wonderfully. You are doing well! Use the joy this challenge has brought you to enhance yourself in every way and manner.

23. (Q) Please furnish a prayer which we may send to individuals seeking aid through the healing group [281] which they may engage in their daily meditations.

(A) May there be magnified in me what the Father sees I have need of. Your will, O Father, be done in me, for You know my needs!

24. (Q) Do you have any other special messages for the group, or any individual?

(A) As you seek, my children, to give life, light and understanding to others, do not waver. Don’t be doubtful, do not live in two minds, as though having one mind on God and one mind on something else. Remain true to your commitment as an offering before that throne of grace, that throne of mercy. And may his peace dwell with you always!

25. We are through.

For Bible citations from 262.10 Index, go here

1 [EC could be conveying this just as well: The members of this study group must all work in unison, for should one quarrel with another, the group suffers. Each member has his or her contribution to make, and so singular is this contribution that no other member can make it; neither can this contribution be counted useless or insignificant, for as we all know, God cherishes and blesses each one of us.]

2 Train intuition?!

Think of intuition in the same way you might think of electricity. How can you train electricity? You can’t, but you can govern it, direct it!

Think and act in ways that allow spiritual truths to emanate through you. To train such! Not train, but govern! Govern intuition by knowing that the mind and body are not sidetracked from the ideals and purposes you set before them.

So develop, for God, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, who metes out to each of you the lessons you must learn in this life; he guards, guides and keeps those who in sincerity seek to know His way, irrespective of the other temptations that may challenge you.

So, in the interest of governing or directing intuitive powers, keep your body, mind and soul tuned to what is celestially potent, rather than to what appeals to your senses. Rather than surrendering to coarse impulses, listen to the music of the spheres: Let others scoff, let others laugh, but know that He has promised to be your God, your protector, your help, in every time of trouble.



2.7.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the group and their work upon the lesson, Know Thyself, a copy of which I hold in my hand, and the subject, What Is Your Ideal, on which they seek to form the next lesson. Please advise and counsel them so they may carry the work forward. Answer the questions they will ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group here, a group of individuals. The lesson, Know Thyself, with the minor changes you will make during final preparation, we find, is very good. Your description of the spiritual body will strike many as different from their own idea of what comprises the spiritual life; you might add how an individual’s mental and spiritual life relates to Christ Consciousness. By following Jesus’ example; by thinking about these lessons and then applying these lessons in their daily lives, they may be lead to Christ Consciousness. In this way may they see what you mean.

3. As you may have learned from previous lessons, in order to find your ideal, you must, by necessity, have singleness of purpose and work together in a cooperative manner; this yields the ideal for the group. Though you may have diverse ideas in your approach to the ideal, the purpose of discovering your ideal will obscure those individual differences.

An ideal, then, cannot, should not, will not, be man-made, but must be spiritual in nature - have its foundation in Truth, in God, in the God-head. By means of your ideal, you may reach out at any time for understanding in regards to your physical, mental, or spiritual life.

God’s gift to you is your soul. Your soul is one with Him. It knows it is one with Him, yet all the while it knows it is unique in itself. It has the attributes of God, but it is not God. Your ideal must have the same quality, whether it springs from your imaginative, mental, physical, or your spiritual body. You may aspire to such an ideal, yet never become the ideal - be one with the ideal, one that is set in Him.

Ready for questions.

4. (Q) Please furnish a prayer or meditation which the group may reflect on in preparing the coming lesson, What Is Your Ideal.

(A) God, be merciful to me! Help my unbelief! Let me see in Him what You would have me see in my companions. Let me see in my companions what I see in Him whom I worship.

5.  (Q) As a group, are we doing anything that we should not do, or leaving undone anything that we should be doing in seeking understanding, so that we may be used in Your service?

(A) This is a question that each of you will have to answer for yourselves. Who has been made a judge? Who shows mercy, patience and understanding? Pray that each of you, as integral members of the group, finds the light within yourself that would give life, light, and understanding to others; for you who would be patient must show patience with those who have a different understanding or concept of life. You who would teach, you who would minister, you who would heal, must be able to show in yourselves what you would give another; for, as Christ said, "As I am in the Father and you are in me, so shall you know the way, for so is my Father magnified in the world."

Are you a channel of blessing to someone today? If so, if not, that is your answer. The understanding that enables you to give others that light, that awakening, must be found in Him. As was said of Him, you may awaken others by your words and acts, but the increase, the understanding, is God's work, not yours! Bring the opportunities, the awakening, the light, the knowledge-- and God will provide the increase. You who feel called to His service, He predestined to serve Him.

6.  (Q) [307]: How may I obtain and realize my true ideal?

(A) Endeavor to be suitable to God’s sight, separating true words from false, avoiding the appearance of evil.

7.  (Q) In what person, first, second or third, should we write the lessons, in order that they best express the truth and help the greatest number of people?

(A) First person, I AM! I AM the way, I AM the truth, I AM the light. What is manifested in each of your lives, what each of you experiences, is a personal application of the truth for you to impart to another. Hence the lessons should be in the first person.

8.  (Q) [2112]: What was meant in my reading when it said I might heal by the "pouring in of the oil"? [See 2112-1, Par. 18-A] 1

(A) Understand that you may need to use a physical tool in order to heal some people, a concrete, physical symbol such as oil – as in the oil of truth, the oil on troubled waters, the oil of understanding, the oil of awakening. Prayer alone heals some people. Others need to be healed through their five senses. All are equally dear in the eyes of the Maker. Be patient. Endure all things. I will be all things unto all men that I may thereby save the more, applies to healing, too.

9.  (Q) [115]: Was there any special word of power given me in my Egyptian period that would be of help to the group at this time?

(A) Persistence. Patience and endurance are good lessons to teach in this lifetime.

10.  (Q) [379]: How may I realize my ideal?

(A) As we have said, a way to free yourself has been tailored for the soul of each of you; that’s as true now as it always was. You in particular must be able to achieve your ideal in a tangible way. Then little by little, line by line, you may become conscious of the Spirit of the Master working in and through your acts and thoughts. See your ideal reflected in those around you, and then make your life a vivid example of your ideal.

11.  (Q) [993]: What should be our true ideal, and how may I reach it?

(A) You should obtain your ideal as we have just described, and it should be founded in Him. See your ideal registering in the lives, hearts, minds, and souls, of those labor with, and work - work! For the night draws near, and in Him will be that light that gives rest to the soul. [See also Par. 6-A above.]

12.  (Q) [69]: How may I reach my ideal?

(A) As you each nurture your ideal and weigh the acts of others– whether those acts are physical, moral, or spiritual in nature-- measure your own acts by the same ideal, by the same set of scales, and, through your suitable actions, witness Christ Consciousness being raised in the hearts, minds, and souls of others. Remember, "Judge not that you be not judged, for as you measure so is it measured again[st you]." That means, the measure you mete out is your ideal. Let your ideal, then, be grounded in Him.

13.  (Q) [560]: How may I come to the realization of my true ideal?

(A) As you raise Christ Consciousness in yourself, you become more and more free. That freedom allows your awakening. With your awakening comes the realization that the ideal stirs more and more in the hearts, minds, and souls of others. Not in a way to make their faces long, to spawn moral biases that make for shadows - but freely, in the love that makes them fearless, that inspires them to courageous acts for Him.

14.  (Q) [2125]: How may I come to the realization of my true ideal?

(A) Apply your ideal in your daily affairs. And as you reflect on your associations with other people, use your ideal to measure the amount of respect you have shown them; be as patient and forgiving and as long-suffering towards them and towards yourself as He was. Then you’ll gain the peace that bears understanding.

15. (Q) Is there any message for the group at this time?

(A) If we determine an ideal for this group, we will give you a sign before you finish the lesson.

16. We are through.

For Bible citations from 262.11 Index, go here

1 (Q) Have I any healing power?

(A) What power don’t you have, through faith and understanding! You may use this power many ways, by the laying on of hands and with prayer. Spread oil over the skin – anoint with oil, as the scripture says; imbue the oil with the knowledge and understanding you have of the power of spirit. This will bring blessings to many. Do not neglect the gift that God has given you!


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