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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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 A Search for God - The readings page

My aim in editing the readings is to make them grammatically clear
. However, my familiarity with both Edgar Cayce and with metaphysics in general is limited, so please compare my renderings with the originals, which are available on the A.R.E. members’ page at edgarcayce.org .

And reach me with your feedback at

Check back now and then. I add readings as I finish them.


Book I

Cooperation: Lesson I
Know Thyself: Lesson II
What Is My Ideal? Lesson III
Faith: Lesson IV
Virtue and Understanding: Lesson V
Fellowship: Lesson VI
Patience: Lesson VII
The Open Door: Lesson VIII
In His Presence: Lesson IX
The Cross and the Crown: Lesson X
The Lord Thy God Is One: Lesson XI
Love: Lesson XII
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