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My aim in editing the readings is to make them grammatically clear. However, my familiarity with both Edgar Cayce and with metaphysics in general is limited, so please compare my renderings with the originals, which are available on the A.R.E. members’ page at edgarcayce.org .

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Fellowship: Lesson VI




6.12.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 P.M. EST


1. GC: You will have before you the members of the Norfolk Study Group #1, present in this room, and their work on the lessons. We present the lesson, Virtue and Understanding, a copy of which I hold in my hand. As I call the number of each paragraph you will suggest changes or additions. You will please answer the questions we ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group and the lesson. We find the lesson well done and acceptable.  You are the first to consider virtue and understanding from this perspective.  The way you present it will lead many people to greater understanding of this subject.  

3. Very good. ("Very good" is Cayce’s appraisal of each paragraph.)


4.  (Q) Please give us the meditation to use during our daily prayer for the lesson, Fellowship.

(A) How excellent is your name in the earth, o Lord! To have fellowship with you, I must show brotherly love to all women and men. Though I come in humbleness and have nothing against my brothers and sisters, my prayer, my meditation, does not rise to you. Help me in my efforts to approach you.


5.  (Q) Please outline the central thoughts and basis upon which we should begin our meditations and questions regarding Fellowship.

 (A) Each of you will find as you search your hearts, fellowship with the creative forces depends on your actions and attitudes towards your fellows. If you seek grace, mercy, and understanding; if you want faith and knowledge, you must practice using these same virtues in your dealings with the people you know and the strangers you meet.

We have shown you the attributes that allow you to know your own hearts. If you seek to commune with the spirit within, you must recognize in all the individuals you meet the acts and judgments you want as your own foundation. Fellowship is the promise of our Father through his Son that if you want to know His face, be kind and gentle, compassionate and loving, to those around you. In this manner, purge your minds and hearts, and he that has anything whatever against any individual or group, present it to the throne of grace, and His mercy is sufficient unto all. As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. Forgive me, Father, even as I forgive my brother, should be your attitude and practice if you want to know the face of Him who seeks fellowship with His creatures; for as the Father pities His children, so in that manner may the Father gather those close that would seek fellowship with Him. Know that as you forgive will you be forgiven; for Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me.

As you deal with your sisters and brothers, we may expect those blessings to come to us. In the way you deal, so must it return to you.

In your preparing the lesson, set your minds, your hearts, and your souls at peace with Him; and you will acquire the light that will shine in the darkest hour, in those periods when you need it most. Approach the throne of mercy with mercy to all.
6. (Q) Please give each member of the group, as I call their names, an individual message on true fellowship.

(A) Examine yourselves first, that you may know that within your own hearts and minds what must be purged, and so have true fellowship with Him.


7. We are through for the present.

For Bible citations from 262.21 Index, go here. 




6.26.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:15 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you members of the study group and their work on the lesson, Fellowship, an outline of which I hold in my hand. You will please give us information to expand our outline, and suggest any changes or additions to our approach. You will answer questions which various members will ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group of individuals gathered here; also those preparations regarding the lesson.

3. The spirit of fellowship among you does not reflect what we have been discussing: you should practice harmony and not just talk about it.  The relationship between you and other women and men, and between you and the Creative Forces should be an example of fellowship, an example of what these lessons have to offer.

Let your meditation be this:

4. In preparation for the task before us, let us each become more conscious of the divine spirit in us, that we may go on. May we face the issues as individuals called for a purpose. May we rely on His promises, for while we are often weak and selfish - and the work is great - may He encourage our spirits and our hearts with the presence of his Holy Spirit, that there may be no idleness or delay in us.

[This meditation is printed in all upper case letters, indicating a divine source:


5. In this manner may you truly become living lessons. Not as individuals that depend upon one another, but as individuals conscious that you have been called, and that unless you answer in person you may not have the fellowship with Him that is promised to those who have vowed and bowed unto Him.

6. Your outline is good, and with its contents in your minds, in your hearts, and in your understandings, you must all come to an awakening that some of you have not yet achieved.

7. Ready for questions.

8. (Q) [993]: In what way am I best adapted to express fellowship?

(A) As we have observed before, your talent is in bringing physical relief to others.  You do this by bestowing upon their spiritual and mental bodies the vivacity that transmits healing to their physical bodies. In this way may you secure greater fellowship with Him, and brotherhood with your fellow creatures. [See experience which [993] had during this reading 262-22, interpreted in reading 262-23, Par. 9-A.]

9. (Q) [115]: Please describe the difference between fellowship and brotherhood.

(A) Fellowship refers to God; brotherhood refers to humankind.

10.  (Q) [404]: Oftentimes when I serve others unselfishly, either materially, morally or spiritually, those I serve seem to use it for purely selfish purposes. Please advise.

(A) Who has judged? Judge ye not that ye be not judged! For with what judgment ye judge it shall be meted to you again!  Some individuals can’t express their appreciation and trust in a material way.  Individuals with different perspectives or backgrounds may
be unable to interpret one another’s intentions or reactions, so misunderstandings arise. Rather let your mind be as His: Were there not ten healed? Where are the other nine? But the healing was just as true for the nine as the one. They that are whole need not the physician, but who having a herd of sheep and loses one does not leave the ninety and nine and seek for that one lost?

So, in ministering to others, dare to do even for those that might not understand, doing rather for Him, in the spirit of, As ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me. Be assured that the thanks will come from Him who knows!

11.  (Q) [404]: Is there any message for me as secretary?

(A) Be faithful to those that you minister to in every way, for you who serve with everything at your command receive your reward from and through the giver of all good and perfect gift.

12.  (Q) [69]: What is the extreme test of fellowship?

(A) Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is the extreme test of fellowship. Without making this effort, you may not wholly please God.

13. (Q) Compilers: Is there any message to the compilers in regard to the lesson, Fellowship?

(A) Let there be unison of purpose between those being ministered to and those doing the ministering, to those who are and who will be seeking the lesson of fellowship through you. You are making progress. Be not afraid, for He will guide and direct you. Trust in His graciousness, in His support, in His understanding.

14. (Q) What should be our next step in regard to our paper on "Present World Conditions" that was sent to Alberta, Canada? [3976-11 Reports.]

(A) Keep the paper in circulation until everyone has had the chance to either accept or reject it.

15. (Q) Shall we write to them again about it?

(A) Write again. They haven’t returned it, yet.

16. (Q) Please explain to the group what made the attunement possible on June 14, 1932, when you related the information regarding the Lord's Supper, and why was the information given at that time? [5749-1]1

(A) We made an association between the conditions that surrounded the attendees and the test through which many of them were passing that day, and those in the room at that supper.1

17. We are through.

1 Background note for June 14, 1932: At the end of physical reading 1315-3, for Mrs.
[1315], who had phoned for an emergency reading that morning
after a sleepless night due to pain, Edgar Cayce volunteered 5749-1 in regards to The Last
Supper - after Gladys Cayce suggested three times that he wake up.


5749 series: the life of Christ.



For Bible citations from 262.22 Index, go here.








7.10.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the group and the work they are doing.  Please give us further information on Fellowship, our present lesson. You will answer the questions which various individuals present will ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group of individuals. We find your groundwork for preparing such lessons is good. You show some improvement in your performance. Some of you are still rather backward - even indolent - in changing your attitude to meet the demands of this undertaking. These lessons are meant to give a definite outline for individuals who are unfamiliar with them.  You must act in concert. Your respect for the lessons, shown through your attitude, should be the same respect you’d like your teachers to show if you were a student.

3. Fellowship should mean a great deal to each and every member of this group and groups like it. As each of you applies your own experience you may expect true fellowship. If that doesn’t happen, then you know you’re not applying yourself to be what you should be in your relationship to yourself, your Maker and the group.

4.  Be sincere in purpose and pure in mind; have reasonable expectations of yourself.  Go forward in the way that brings you closer to a union with Him, so that you begin to understand His exhortation: Will ye be my people, I will be your God.

He seeks to find expression in you, you who are called by the eternal God, the I Am who is an ever active force; you who through all ages and all peoples may remember that you have fellowship with Him: He that brought the Pleiades into being and set the bands of Orion; He that brought the waters of the deep that are cast upon the land; He that brings breath to all creatures; He that proffers union with the same creative forces that make the songs of the spheres -- the Lord is His name!

5. Ready for questions.

6. (Q) [307]: Can brotherhood exist among men without true fellowship?

(A) Fellowship is first brotherhood, an intimation of what fellowship is. As we have said, everything you see in the material world is but a shadow of the spiritual life. Brotherhood is an expression of the fellowship that exists in the spiritual life.

7. (Q) [585]: Please explain to me what you mean by the awakening. Have I fully realized it?

(A) The awakening is your consciousness of a relationship that exists between animate and inanimate or finite and infinite. Becoming aware of these conditions, relations and such, is an awakening.

As to your being awakened, that depends upon what you’re referring to. As to your ability to become aware, everyone is endowed with that, if you’ll just see the necessity of doing so.

8.  (Q) Interpret the meaning of the drops of blood which I saw in meditation last week.

(A) Scripture has taught you that without the shedding of blood there is no purification.  Your unconscious mind is using that symbol to make you aware of one aspect of your life. This confuses your body!

In making yourself aware of a portion of your own development, you have made the drops of blood represent your mental and spiritual purification, in order that you might be more aware in your waking life of the awareness that has reached your mental and spiritual self. You’ve received an omen: know that you are aroused!

Don’t go back to sleep!

9. (Q) [993]: Please interpret the meaning of the lights which I saw about Mr. Cayce's head during the last reading for Fellowship. [262-22]

(A) These may be a symbol of the close relationship between you and Mr. Cayce.  You saw these lights through him.  You have often seen spiritual essences manifested in the material plane during your work with Mr. Cayce. The events you witness are a reflection of the spiritual.

Remember the laws we just stated! What’s made manifest in three dimensions is a shadow of that from which it emanates! So, the lights you saw recall your lifetimes in the various epochs in which conditions for you were much as they are now. You associate these conditions with those of a particular moment or period that you call time. You are harmonizing yourself to what is being manifest.

You all are wading in rather deep water! But learn what you are doing! [See also 281-8, Par. 26-A.]1


10. (Q) [2124]: Is the present method of healing I am using the best for the fullest development of my abilities in this field of work?

(A) Provided you keep your methods focused wholly upon the spiritual plane.  These methods can become mechanical; don’t indulge yourself in the appetite these methods can arouse. This is a ripening; it’s an ability you recall from other lifetimes.  It may become a way of circulating the love that is and was shed upon you. Be true to what’s been given you!

11. (Q) [560]: Please interpret the following which I received during meditation: "That I may touch the hearts, the souls, the minds of others."

(A) It’s a message from the Infinite to your the infinite part of yourself, seeking to use you as a way to reach others: a call. Be true to that, all the more as the Infinite increases your opportunities and abilities -- and your potency to stir the hearts, the souls and the minds of women and men you meet as you work on these truths, truths you may communicate as lessons or in thought, truths you may carry as a single message to awaken Christ Consciousness in their lives and hearts.

12.  (Q) [341]: When should we interpret our experiences as signs of development towards fellowship?

(A) This is how you may answer your experiences.  You train your spiritual perception in the same way you train a child in its development, for we all are children: When you mistrust such an event, ask your mental being if the event has spiritual significance.  Ask in a way that requires a yes or no answer, and ask with sincerity. Then, when your spiritual being replies with yes or no, accept that. Finally, in meditation and prayer, ask the Spirit whether the yes or no reply received through the mental being is correct, and know the Spirit answers! Doubt not! For if you look back, or doubt, it’s worse than man or woman who does not believe in God. Remember Lot's wife!

13. (Q) [2112]: Is the handwork referred to in the Egyptian period of my Life reading [2112] located in the same tomb as the records of Christ?

(A) They are!

14. (Q) Was I associated with Mr. Edgar Cayce during the Egyptian period, and if so what was the relation?

(A) We have already told you this.

15. (Q) Is there any message of encouragement or advice to the group at this time?

(A) Keep the promises you’ve made to yourselves and to one another, in service to that ideal which has been set before the group, as a group, as the individuals; for if you have been promised, the one who has pledged and solemnly sworn, must keep their word - or else they have sinned!

16. We are through.

1 281.8, 26A: (Q) [993]: In reading of July 10, 1932, [262-23, Par. 9-A] what was meant by "All are wading in rather deep water! but learn what you are doing"?

(A) As we have indicated before, there are varying degrees of spiritual development among the members of this group. Some of you can’t absorb [993’s] experience; that it recalled similar incidents marking her spiritual growth in her previous lifetimes. To you her experience, and the concepts for which it is evidence, is deep water, beyond your understanding. To you who seek to know His face, rather than find fault in those who seek, we say this:


For Bible citations from 262.23 Index, go here



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