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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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We read the Bible for different reasons.  Mine, lately, has been to deepen my appreciation of the readings.  Students of Edgar Cayce value his universality, yet he was a Christian through and through.  He read the Bible once for each year of his life.  He was astonished at first by what came out of his mouth about astrology, Atlantis, and reincarnation.  And for all his sympathy for other ways of obtaining Truth, he considered other prophets steppingstones to Christ consciousness.  In reading 262.14, para. 23A, the Source opines:

As Jesus said, if you embrace a prophet in the name of a prophet, you gain the spiritual lessons he or she may impart. Each teacher, minister, seer, or prophet, commands respect and obedience for fostering faith and hope in their followers. In the end, though, the prophet loses his life, and only his teachings remain.

Christ, however, is the sustainer, with the Father. This is different than the spiritual disciplines of a prophet. The Christ overcame death, put on immortality in ordinary clothes, and offered you, by His example, the opportunity to be one with the Father. The spirit of the Father is glorified in you if you cry out to Him through the Christ. At the very least, He magnifies the Father in you who revere Christ on Earth.

Prophets are but stepping-stones to what may awaken in you the knowledge of the Son in your lives. 

If you've been reluctant to read the Bible, you may find that Edgar Cayce gives you a reason: he's worked for me.  What's also worked for me is the contemporary translations of the Bible, versions which use 20th Century English.  If you find my translation of Edgar Cayce more palatable than the original, I think you'll find these translations of the Bible more palatable than the King James Version.  It's a gate into Christianity for me, where traditional practice has failed, and maybe it will be for you, too.

These links are to books of the Bible that Gladys Davis indexed for each reading.  They will lead you to the verses that support that reading. I've presented them in alphabetical order, so that the first entry is Acts, rather than Genesis.  Not all the books of the Bible are included, only the ones cited in the indexes.  I'll be working on these pages constantly, and I'll leapfrog a lot.

Here are links to the books of the Bible, arranged in alphabetical order.

Acts                         John
Colossians                Leviticus
1 Corinthians            Luke
2 Corinthians              Mark
Deuteronomy              Matthew
Ecclesiastes                 1 Peter
Ephesians                    2 Peter
Exodus                         Phillipians
Ezekiel                         Proverbs
Galatians                     Psalms
Genesis                        Revelations
Hebrews                      Romans
Isaiah                          1 Timothy
James                          2 Timothy


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