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  In His Presence: Lesson IX



10.30.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

3:50 to 4:20 P.M., EST

1. GC: You will have before you the individuals gathered here and their work on The Open Door, a copy of which I hold in my hand. You will go over this and as I call each paragraph suggest changes or additions. You will answer the questions we will ask.

3. EC: ("Very good" to each paragraph called, from 1 thru 33.)

4. The thoughts presented in paragraphs 8 & 9 should be expanded to improve their continuity. The rest is good, very good.

5.  (Q) You will please suggest outlines and the central thoughts and ideas around which we should build the next lesson, In His Presence.

(A) There is a progression to these lessons.  If you have contemplated the meditation of each lesson, and if you have applied each lesson to your living day by day, you have come to the realization of now being in His presence.  You have, in the way unique to you, prepared yourself for each lesson, including this one.  You, who you are as an individual, your inner life and your outer life, now express His presence.

What moves you through your day is the work your spirit is doing.  As an individual, you recognize that each decision, each response to what is happening inside of you in the world of emotion, or outside of you in the world of sensation, is you expressing how aware you are of His presence within you.

As you observe your friends and coworkers, you find their endeavors, in whatever sphere they are employed, to be an expression of how aware any of them is of what he or she worships, or would admit is the influence he or she would use to make physical the spirit that moves them.

So your central thought is: If you want forgiveness, you must forgive. If you want to see good in the women and men around you, you must reflect what is well-pleasing in His presence, knowing that all power, all force, emanates from Him. He, the Lord thy God, is one! All power emanates, then, from Him.

What would you, as an activating force for manifesting that potency in the earth, do with respect to the Lord your God?

6.  (Q) Do you have any suggestions which might help the various members and the group as a whole to carry on the work which it has set out to perform?

(A) This answer would depend upon whether you mean to a) prepare for the lessons to be given, or b) disseminate what you’ve gained.

Prepare by imaging yourself projecting from God’s presence the qualities which would make those you meet day by day more aware of His presence, first in their own lives, and then by how gently both they and you look upon the shortcomings of your sisters and brothers!

Judge not that ye be not judged, for with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again; for He hath made man a little lower than the angels, with that ability through his human will to make himself equal with the Father, that man may even judge angels!

7. (Q) Any advice in disseminating the lessons already given?

(A) We have said repeatedly that these lessons must be vital to you before you will deem them worthy and acceptable for others. Then, with the same might and power that comes from that one source, you will perceive, through your study of the lessons, how to transmit the lessons to groups, to the classes, and to the masses.

How do you know that you need to develop cooperation in yourself, and to put it to work in the group and among your friends and colleagues? Who told you it was important that you know yourself, that you will know yourself exactly as you are known? How do you know that you can only arrive at faith by the hearing of that which is building in the lives and experiences of others? How do you judge your neighbor? How has your patience made known your understanding and your activity in opening the door for those who seek His presence?

Apply what you‘ve learned from your own experience, for the stakes of life are practical in the material, in the mental, and in the spiritual life; for the venture life must be one, even as He is one.

8.  (Q) [462]: Please explain more fully to me the statement, "In that thou hast seen a light, be not dismayed - " [262-30, Par. 20-A]

(A) We see that there is a way opened before you, but your effort has been tentative at times, attended by fear and trembling; hence the injunction "Be not dismayed." Remember that He has given His angels charge concerning thee, that thine guide, thine guard, is ever in His presence, even as He gave "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me. I will not leave thee comfortless, I will come and abide with thee."

So don’t be afraid to assert yourself during any and all tests.

9. We are through.

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11.13.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 to 4:55 P.M. EST

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1. GC: You will have before you members of the study group, some of whom are present in this room, and the outline of the lesson, In His Presence, which I hold in my hand. Advise us regarding the completion and expansion of the outline, and give the group what it needs to continue preparing this lesson. You will answer the questions we ask.

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

As you contribute to the lesson you should continue to imagine yourself in His presence, as though you and what you express are in keeping with what He would have you be.  You and how you reflect the lessons are what other women and men take as the example of what His presence means to you who walk with Him day by day. In the light of your understanding live in a way that shows that what you say you believe is what you do believe. Other women and men will know that you are keeping His presence, which you hold as your ideal, in such immediate consciousness that He appears a living example of what you profess.

In such ways and manners do the truths gained in meditation and thought become living truths and acceptable truths in His sight. By this means you show that you would subdue your passions in order that the spirit of Him be made manifest in this material world.

The world, the country, the nation, the people are passing through a period of seeking, a period of transformation in spiritual thought, in spiritual purpose. The architects, the builders of the world, are looking to the spiritual-minded for hope, those who in their arenas exert spiritual influence among thinking people for that vision that will draw all men closer to His presence.

In the same way that each of you individually contributes to the work of the group, so may each individual as their contribution to their Maker and their Elder Brother in Christ, bring about that day when all may know they stand in His presence. If the country, the nation, and the land, are to be lifted up as a light to the world, the country, the nation, and the land must be lifted in Him and His presence abiding in them day by day.

3. Ready for questions.

4. (Q) Will the forces please select a secretary to take the place of Mrs. Miller while she is in Florida?

(A) Not as one to take a place, but one to fill a place while another is absent. It’s up to the group, but we’d recommend Mrs. Morrow or Mrs. Ellington.

5.  (Q) [413]: Have I applied the past lessons sufficiently to entitle me to a place in His presence?

(A) You should recognize that you are entitled to a place in His presence along with everyone else. That is your birthright, for He wills that none should perish but that you should come to the praiseworthy view that His Spirit knows your spirit inside and out.

As to how you’ve applied these lessons, or what you’ve gained from studying the lessons, you must answer for yourself. As he has said, "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit whether ye be acceptable in His presence or not;" and, importantly, that, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones ye have done it unto me."

Have the inclinations of your heart and mind led you to act towards your neighbor, your brothers and sisters, and your enemy, in ways consistent with being conscious of His presence, as one who seeks His face?

Then know He, the Father, is ever ready to hear; for He wills not that you should fall short of that grace which comes from acknowledging Him, contemplating Him, living with Him, and communing with Him.

6.  (Q) Is there a message to help me to help others find a place in His presence?

(A) Work hard to earn His esteem day by day. The light of His presence shines onto others by principles and example. Not by faith alone, but by "my word, by my works," show the love of living in His understanding and the assuredness you’re in His presence.

By living these lessons you will come to the knowledge and understanding that you are in His presence whether you acknowledge it in the present or not; for, as we have said, it is in Him you live and move and have your being. You are in a position to induce, to persuade and to give what will bring others. You can put yourself in their positions and their places, and see by the light of His presence their inner needs, and so present to them what He gives you day by day.

Thus, as He said, may we find ourselves by chance [haply]* in His presence; for, as He promised, "I will not leave you comfortless but will come to you, and bring to your memory what you need of my strength to meet the needs of the hour, of the day."

* Not happily, but [haply, as in Acts 17:27? (sic) ].

7.  (Q) [303]: I would appreciate a message that will help me to more fully realize In His Presence.

(A) As you put yourself less and less forward, and you seek more and more faith and hope in - and reliance on - His word, you may become aware of His presence abiding with those around you in the group. You who would know Him must believe that He is, and know that if He is, He abides at all times with you who seek His face.

8. (Q) [2124]: Please give the significance of the dream I had the morning of Nov. 3rd, in which I saw an incline, three houses tied together, a man drowning, bubbles, etc.

(A) Your recognition of your soul’s course goes through various stages of development.  This development occurs in both visible and invisible (physical and astral) planes of existence. Your conscious mind finds it easier to relate to your soul and its direction through what is happening in your day to day life, which your soul represents to you through images such as houses, knots, drowning, bubbles, and so forth, using those images as building blocks to make your soul’s message relevant and immediate. These are familiar items that your soul assembles to represent your growth during this lifetime.

What you saw in the vision represents what of the physical and astral planes you should incorporate into your waking mind: Your visions represent either the decline in your consciousness of material things; or in the case of the bubbles, your comprehension of realms of life that are incapable of being the dwelling place of humankind alone, spheres through which come the various stages of development that are necessary for you and humankind to gain access to that force from which all spiritual authority emanates.

9. (Q) What is the significance of the dream immediately following, in which I was discerning the spirits, getting messages and giving them to people?

(A) It was the continuation of the vision just given.  In the astral planes where you’re developing, you have the ability to attain only as much understanding as your development allows, or affect only as many people as your spiritual understanding allows - see?

10.  (Q) What is the connection between the first and second dream?

(A) By extension, the house, the water, the rope - all are tied together. It is one. O, that all men would know, "Know, O ye children of men, the Lord thy God is one!" Each spirit, each manifestation of life is one. Any manifestation in the physical plane, or in this or that other astral sphere, or orbit, or realm of development towards the understanding of One - Him - I Am - God - Jehovah - Yah [?] – it is all one!

11. (Q) You will give an individual message on the lesson to each of the following as I call their names: [404]:

(A) In Him is the light; hence in His presence does the light radiate which prevents faltering feet from stumbling.

12. (Q) [462]:

(A) In His presence all humanity stands. What we see reflected in the mirror of life shows the shadows we cast, yet persevering, alive to the indwelling of the Spirit of the Master who keeps us in the way of truth and light.

13.  (Q) [993]:

(A) As your reflections lead you to awareness of His presence, whether in fact, in thought or in deed, so does your consciousness open your eyes to His presence, manifested clearly in the lives of others, as well as your own. In water the face answereth to face: in His presence must our deeds and our thoughts be reflections of Him, but not long-faced or in mourning or in sorrow, but in gladness of purpose, of service, of worshipfulness in Him.

14. (Q) [560]:

(A) Let your body reflect the strength of the physical man; in your mind reflect the strength of the mental body as directed by the presence of His Spirit, which, as you seek, you will find, as it is ever present with each individual who seeks to abide in Him.

15. (Q) [69]:

(A) Keep that patience of faith, that oneness of purpose in His presence, so that as many bless you in their thoughts so may you hold that glorious oneness of purpose in Him. All are witnesses to the effect of His presence in your lives. So do the expressions in word, in thought, in deed, reflect whether we are conscious of His presence abiding in us.

16. (Q) [[69]'s husband]:

(A) Persevere in the way of understanding, so that you may be more and more conscious of the glory of His presence abiding in you.  Conquer what hinders you, and your soul will pass from glory to glory until the glorious knowledge of His abiding presence is ever before you.

17.  (Q) [307]:

(A) Unto him that hath shall be given; unto him that seeketh shall he find. As you grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding, you come into His presence with that desire of the mind and of the heart that opens the way for your greater understanding of Him.

18.  (Q) [538]:

(A) Keep to the course that leads to the higher planes of light, for though the way may be heavy and His presence shadowy, yet the shadows are only of your own misunderstandings, and His glory will make you glory in a service that brings to you more and more knowledge of entering into the joys of your Lord. His presence abides with you who love Him, and with you who gain the knowledge that His presence abides with those that seek His face. "If ye love me keep my commandments. Learn of me, for my yoke is easy, my burden is light".

19.  (Q) [294]:

(A) Know in whom thou hast believed, that He may call thee by name as ye enter into His presence day by day.

Just by laying aside those things that so easily disturb you, your awareness of His abiding peace enters you, bringing harmony to your mental and physical body, freeing you to resume an attitude that leads you to a closer walk with Him.

Minister to those who seek, but minister in His name.

20.  (Q) [379]:

(A) Claim glory for the Lord, not for yourself. Don’t revere the wisdom of the earth. Those things that have a share in the earth are flawed, and if you take part only in the mental, you could easily become a stumbling stone in the way of many.

Let the spirit of truth separate the chaff from the wheat, and enter in with the full knowledge of His presence. Shut out those things that provoke you to believe and act in that manner.

21.  (Q) [341]:

(A) Understand that to many His ways are past finding out. To you He calls He gives the power to become the Sons of God; you dwell in the consciousness of His presence that abides in your steps day by day.

Work hard to gain God’s approval rather than humanity’s. Rightly share the words of truth, so that your ways, thoughts, and deeds may bear witness of His glory being manifest in the earth. "Lo, I am with thee always, even unto the end of the earth." Day by day show that you have seen and have known the glory of His presence in your own counsel.

22.  (Q) [295]:

(A) As you have been chosen, as you may make yourself a channel of blessings to many so that He may speak face to face with His own, so let your yeses and your noes be such that His presence abides with you in your daily walks of life; for His strength, His power may cleanse the world of sin through the glorifying of Him in the lives of you who seek to do His biddings. Keep the faith. Keep in His presence day by day.

23. (Q) [585]:

(A) As you find the spirit of truth keeping the way open for a more perfect understanding of Him, so may you pass step by step into the consciousness of His presence abiding with you. In the light of His presence do you measure your own shortcomings, leaving those things behind that are not in accord with His ways, and taking on more and more of the love that He radiated in His walks among humankind.

So do you become conscious of that abiding faith that may make you conscious of His presence abiding with you through every trial and every temptation that arises in your life. Accredit the glory when glory arises. Offer praise when the praise is near. Seek at all times to be conscious of His being near.

24.  (Q) [288]:

(A) As you find the mirrors of life unveiling the thoughts of the man within you, whether directed to His ways or to the shadows of life, so may you in reflecting upon the glory of His presence in your life come to measure those steps that you must take in your journey of meditation and prayer.

Seek, then, to show yourself esteemed by Him; for in Him is the light. The light may be brought to view in you through those manifestations in your own selves of His glory, for what was given to Him by the Father abides in you who seek through His name to know the Father's presence in your own lives.

25. We are through.

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12.4.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

3:45 to 4:25 P.M. EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group #1, members of which are present in this room; and the work on the lesson, In His Presence. You will please give a discourse on this subject which will aid us in completing this lesson. Answer questions.

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

3. In general, few of you have applied in your everyday lives the individual messages we gave you last time. You keep His presence as a thing apart: He is something to be experienced; He is something you become aware of only when you are disturbed in some manner or form. It should instead be your experience, knowledge and understanding that His presence abides with you as you seek to do His biddings.

Living in His presence is not a problem to solve. Living in His presence is not a reward like the physical satisfaction you enjoy from overcoming an obstacle.

By living in His presence you experience joy, happiness, and harmony; love; that fruit which comes from recognizing and using the privileges that are for you who - in your simplicity of manner recognize, know, and experience His presence. It dwells with you if you’ll just recognize it, and understand its closeness to you in your daily life.

In this manner, then:

4. Put into practice what you know to do, what you know is the right thing to do, in the little things, being led by what we’ve provided you. Your contributions may then help others who seek to know His presence; the joy of His presence and the harmony and the peace that comes with abiding in Him.

5. (Q) Please explain how we may distinguish between the terms, especially pronouns, referring to the personality Jesus and God as used in this information, and how we may clarify this in terms we use in our lessons.

(A) As the deeds and personalities of Jesus and God are one, the pronoun used can confuse you. Follow rather closely what we say. We use the pronouns in the same way He did: Him refers to the Father, He to the Son.

In preparing the lessons, you may generally use Him and He in that manner, for it is generally understood by those who prefer good English, Him is rather inclusive, while He is definite or the one Son.

6. (Q) Please expand on how we may come into the realization of His presence.

(A) Again, you must realize that most of the fault is yours, because you keep His presence as a thing apart. He wills that you should come to the knowledge of His presence abiding with you. You come to this knowledge and awareness by doing those things that bring every atom of your being to that which magnifies the genius of His presence on the earth; in doing this you come to recognize His presence.

7.  (Q) What else can we do to prepare ourselves for abiding in His presence?

(A) It depends on the individual. What to you might be necessary to her would be secondary, and you might consider the recommendation to be a matter of good judgment or clean living, not a command or a law of universal nature.

As you become more and more aware of His presence in your consciousness, through meditation and prayer and by applying whatever means holds Him there, you become more conscious of His presence abiding with you, as you make room for that spirit - through meditation and prayer - in your mind during all circumstances and at all times.

Whether in joy, in sorrow, in trouble or in pain, let that mind be in you as was in He that maintained, "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

Will consciousness of Christ’s love make your joy more joyous, your sorrows more in accord with the manner in which He met sorrow, or make disruptions in your material affairs more in accord with how He met material conditions?

You might think what He said concerning "thought of the morrow” or “wherewithal shall ye be clothed” was meant for someone else. Not so! In the thought He imparted, "In patience possess ye your souls", what becomes aware of His presence, your physical-sensual body or the spirit of life that propels your soul towards its development?

Then, as His love is shed on you, as you muse and meditate and pray to what you hold as your door to His presence, you become aware of, you enter in, and you find yourself abiding in His presence.

What are the fruits of that abiding presence? Worries pass away, joys take their place. As He looked upon Peter in the hour of trial and of denial by Peter, who Christ had declared to be the foundation of what He was to leave on the earth, did He frown or did He smile? What broke the heart of the man, the frown or the smile?

Then, when you abide in His presence, though you may meet trials of every kind, though tears may flow from the breaking up of your sensual attachments and conditioning, your spirit is made glad.

In the hour of trial, in the hour of denial, He smiled upon Peter and brought to remembrance - just as He has said to you who have named the Name - "I will bring to remembrance the promises I have made, if ye will abide in my presence."

The promises, then, are sure, and not a thing apart from you who abide in His presence. They are ever remembered in the hour not only of sorrow, for not only is He the resurrection; not only is He to come in the hour of trial; but He also dined in the hours of joy with those in Cana, and He enjoyed, too, the feast with Zacchaeus, with whom He laughed and joked.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - thou art with me; though I fly to the utmost parts of the heavens thou art with me." Will you, then, know His presence? How? "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Are they so burdensome, these commandments? What are His commandments? How might you abide - how might you show the love? "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, ye have done it unto me."

8.  (Q) The group feels the need of strength and power. May we have the same kind of instructions that Christ have the Disciples, what we should do to receive this power?

(A) The power is in Him. Do not allow yourselves to become cold, as the church has done, but rather serve simply day by day with the knowledge that His love and His promises endure.

There is power in the Name, there is strength and glory to those who are faithful, there is lasting hope to all who come in humbleness, seeking, just as He did, "Not my will but Thine, O God, be done in me." There is no power, no strength, except in Him. The puny strength man may assert through the power of his own manhood is but the shadow of the power shown by Him, in determining the thoughts that lead to everyday action.

The power you need is realized by dwelling in His presence. You will see in the next lesson, which is to be, The Cross and the Crown, that you gain strength in the cross you bear day by day, for, while the flesh is weak, He is willing. Humble yourselves, so that the glory and the power may come from Him, from the Father, from the Son, when you understand, "We love Him, He loves us. We abide in Him, He abides in us."

9. (Q) [[69]'s husband]: What is the meaning of my experience during meditation?

(A) That the strength of the Spirit arouses every atom of the physical and mental body, just as the experience is the shadow of the fire and the strength to do what you know is His way.

10. (Q) Would you advise sending the article on "Present World Conditions" to the East-West Magazine published in Los Angeles, Calif.?

(A) No.

11. (Q) Please give the address of the publishers of the magazines the Blue Goose and the Argosy which were suggested as magazines to which the paper "Present World Conditions" should be sent.

(A) Argosy, Argosy Bldg., Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. Blue Goose, 57th Street, New York City. [A paper written by Esther Wynne. See 3976-11, Reports, where the paper is reprinted.]

12. (Q) What change in my daily life and course might I expect if I realize His Presence?

(A) As indicated, you intuit that He often walks and talks with you, that His promises are ever present; not acting on your past, but quickening your every moment. That you feel abiding hope instead of doubt and fear. That you stride with joy in the pleasure of service, even though living in His presence requires greater and greater sacrifices of your body’s appetites in order "that I may know more and more of the joys of His service." The service may not be rendered to yourself, only to another, and when you render that service, whether through a kindly word, a kindly thought, or a kindly deed – you are lending to the Lord, you are giving of yourself just as He gave.

13. (Q) Is there a message for the group at this time as a whole?

(A) Bow your heads, you who would seek His presence! Be strong in His might! Falter not at your own weak self! Know that your redeemer lives and may this day make known in your own heart His presence abiding with you!

Root from your body, your consciousness, anything whatever that would hinder His entering in; for He would break bread with you!

Will you, then, O man, make known your own decisions? Will you be one with Him? The way which I guard leads to that of glory in the might of the Lord.

I, Michael, would guide you. Do not disobey. Do not falter. You know the way. [See 262.33, Par. R1.]*

14. We are through.

* Directs you to Source File Key #262, which I could not access.

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12.18.1932, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 to 4:30 P.M. EST

1. GC: You will have before you the individuals gathered here and their work on the lesson In His Presence, a copy of which I hold in my hand. You will go over this and as I call each paragraph make any suggestions as to change, or addition of material. You will answer the questions we will ask:

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

3. Ready for questions. (Answers "Very good" to each paragraph.)

4. (Q) Is our use of He and Him correct in the paper which I hold in my hand?

(A) Very good.

5. (Q) Compilers: Please give a more complete address for the Argosy Magazine, as the paper [3976-9] sent to the address given was returned.

(A) Argosy Publishing House, Argosy Bldg., Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.

6. (Q) Please give street number and complete address of the Blue Goose Magazine publishing house.

(A) The same as before, 57th Street, New York City.

7.  (Q) [993]: Please interpret the message I received on Dec. 13th about 6:30 A.M., when a voice said, "It is time for you to take the Holy Grail."

(A) Coupled with these continuing lessons and your own work, reading the quest of the Holy Grail would bring you the proper interpretation of what the vision means to you and how you might use its meaning right now. You will see in the story of the quest it becomes necessary for you to partake of what He meant when He enjoined, "Ye must eat of my body, drink of my blood." [GD's note: It seems the original book on the quest for the Holy Grail was written by Thomas Malory, entitled LE MORTE D'ARTHUR.] [Many others have been written, including a Penguin Classic Book in 1969, THE QUEST OF THE HOLY GRAIL, translated by Pauline M. Matarasso.]

8. (Q) For [1929], [GD's note: Mrs. [1929] was the first member of Group #2 who met weekly with Esther Wynne as the teacher.] who is contemplating Study Group Work: Please interpret her dream of November 19, 1932, a copy of which I hold in my hand.

(A) As we have said previously of her, interpretations come to her as she develops her spiritual side by way of her interactions and work in the material world.

In the vision, as she applies herself to the work before her, in their essence her endeavors represent developments she’s made as different individuals throughout various lifetimes and work in other incarnations; and she may better understand these developments by studying along the lines she saw in her dream.

9.  (Q) What fundamental thoughts should we present in the lesson, The Cross And The Crown?  On what is the lesson based?

(A) You can apply what we have presented in the lessons towards any thought or study. The same is true for The Cross, The Crown, where in the course of the lesson you make a definite stand in regards to how you act and what you keep foremost in your mental mind and in your spiritual mind.

As Paul said, "I am determined to know nothing among men save Jesus, the Christ, and him crucified." So, He, along with the Cross, represents something in your life and in everyone’s life through your various appearances on earth, and you come, ultimately, to the Cross.  And He, along with the Cross, has been primary in every belief system of every religion on earth, all of which come, ultimately, to the Cross.

So, this should be the central thought, the reason for the Cross, the Crown; as He knows you by the Name He’s given you, so must the central theme, the basis for your approach be: Not "what is my cross?" which is the usual first question in every material mind, but rather "How may I with His aid best meet my cross, as I approach the Crown of Righteousness?" And not as a worldly or even a mental kingdom, but the Cross of Glory, the Crown of Glory, in, through and by His Name.

10. (Q) Please provide us an affirmation for this lesson.

(A) Our Father, our God, as we approach what may give us better insight into what He bore in the Cross, and what His glory may be in the Crown, may Your blessings - as promised through Him - be with us as we study together in His name.

11. We are through for the present.

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