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  The Lord Thy God Is One: Lesson XI



2.21.1933, Virginia Beach, VA

4:30 to 4:50 PM, EST

1. GC: You will have before you the enquiring minds of those present in this room and you will answer the questions which they will submit.

2. EC: Yes, we have the enquiring minds and those conditions that prompt the questions in the minds of each.

3. Ready for questions.

4.  (Q) The Norfolk Study Group #1 wishes to hold an open meeting to which each individual will invite individuals whom they feel are seeking light. They have selected March 13, 1933 as the date for this meeting. Is their idea to present a reading at that time the correct step in their efforts to help others through the expansion of this work? Are any of the subjects listed below the best subject for such a reading? If not, please suggest a subject that will be the most helpful to those present.

4a. Interpretation of Luke 21.

4b. Conditions in U.S. through 1938.

4c. Lemuria.

4d. Unemployment.

4e. Revelation.

(A) The astrological chart for that date is acceptable, and any subject you choose would enlighten anyone present, provided the meeting and the questions encourage constructive thinking.

The subjects you should choose from those you propose depends on the character of individuals present.

The interpretation of Luke 17 [sic] would be more for those who have already challenged certain portions of it and examined it within themselves, stimulated either through conversations with various people or from thoughts that may have risen from their own mental developments.  For those who consider themselves orthodox, or those who are considering adopting an orthodox point of view, the subject would be controversial, indeed!

Predictions for conditions in the U.S. through 1938 would be gratifying for those who are looking for the sensational in their own imaginations, or to verify what they or others have imagined.

Looking into Revelation and its basis is for those seeking an interpretation of the spiritual influences in their own inner lives.

The group should be able to choose. Any question may be answered, provided they are helpful and of a constructive nature.

Do not begin before a quarter to nine, nor let it last longer than eleven, without some harmful effects.

5. (Q) Do you refer to the reading itself, or to the meeting as a whole?

(A) The reading! That's what you asked for! You didn't ask about the meeting!

6.  (Q) Questions by [295]: What is the meaning of: "He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."? as recorded in Matthew 10:39.

(A) The literal application is stated by Paul in Colossians: the body perishes so that the renewed life may be made manifest in material things. Matthew 10:39 indicates that he that loses his life shall find it in the service of Him who is life!

What, then, is Life? How is it found? How is it obtained?

Life is the manifestation of creative force in the material world, in whatever form you may be conscious of it. You are exposed to many forms of life, including phenomena all around you that are engaged in work at various levels of complexity that you are not conscious of.  How many lifetimes have you squandered, not obtaining consciousness of Life because you’ve misused your consciousness? In learning to properly use your consciousness, regardless of the particular plane or sphere you inhabited, how many lives have you wasted?  How much vision have you gained? The ways you’ve used, applied your consciousness, has its result in the material world – in your material world, in the world you encounter day by day – see?

7.  (Q) What did Jesus mean by "The first shall be last and the last shall be first."?

(A) As illustrated in the scripture passage, when life ends it begins. The end is the beginning of the transposition, or the change into a new form. The first is last and the last is first. Transposition: these two states, the beginning and the end, change places with one another.

8. (Q) Did the Master speak to us in our group reading of Sunday, February 19th, as we finished up of lesson, "The Cross and the Crown"? [262-38]

(A) No.

9. (Q) Could we have a message from the Master to guide us on our way?

(A) When you are able to vibrate to what brings about the consciousness unique to that realm, as He instructed.

10. (Q) [294]: Should he accept the invitation to address the group next Sunday in Norfolk?

(A) If you have an opportunity to present something worthwhile to others, do not fail to do so.  Don’t the scriptures tell us, “Always be ready to respond to that which is evidence of faith within."?

11. (Q) What should be the subject?

(A) As the spirit moves. He hasn't accepted yet!

12. (Q) Please explain the vision I experienced during [reading 262-38] and suggest how this may be accomplished.

(A) As evidenced by your behavior, the Creative Forces are being awakened in many of you. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to prepare yourself in such a manner that the Master - as He spoke with you - might, through you, speak the lesson of Love that He lived in His lifetime as the man of Galilee?

Isn’t it worthwhile, then, to cleanse your body, to cleanse your thoughts, to cleanse yourself in every way necessary to raise the vibrations of your flesh so that the experiences you have during periods of preparation [meaning meditation?] on such the lesson of Love will not injure you?

Haven’t you been promised that through you, in part, may come one who will be a blessing to many, so that many may speak with those higher sources face to face? Isn’t it well, then, that you cleanse your body, that you purify it, that you renew it, so you have the vigor necessary to accommodate the power and might when the expressions unite?

So, how might you accomplish this? You know that all is well with your soul. You know, too, what you must accomplish so that your body is fit to hold the power, the might, the glory that you may convey to others.

Be faithful, as the parable illustrates, to the trust which the Master has placed in your hands, for the glory that comes with faithfulness is nothing, compared to the crowns of glory that will be yours in His presence in this - even this - material world!

13. (Q) GC: Is there any advice or counsel for me as conductor of readings?

(A) As we have often said, you should be passive, so that the audience may have a more positive reaction from our reply. While the questions should always be stated positively, the speaker should be passive, allowing our answer to be authoritative.

This should always be your attitude as you approach service to your fellow man, or to the seeker after truth:

Never as a person with a grudge, a hard feeling, or an indecisive manner; but as a servant of Him you worship, so that you demonstrate your service to Him for anyone to witness through your acts, voice, and speech.

14. (Q) Please explain to me what you mean by being passive.

(A) Undemonstrative, as the word itself indicates; not being prejudiced. As we said just now, not allowing a hard feeling, or a resentment, or a grudge to show; but instead adopting the manner of an individual we are using as a channel, or a door, or an outlet for our presentation.

15. (Q) Should I change either of the suggestions I use at the beginning or the end of reading, or in obtaining readings?

(A) These have been given. When they are to be changed, we'll change 'em for you!

16. (Q) HLC: Please advise me regarding the preparation and presentation of the article or story which I am writing on the Great Congress held during the age of the destruction of the enormous animals that once roamed the earth. [See 364-4.]

(A) In the period when this became necessary, there was the consciousness raised in the minds of the groups, in various portions of the earth, much in the manner of a world-wide broadcast, today, of a menace in any one particular point, or in many particular points. And the gathering of those that heeded, as would be the scientific minds of the present day, in devising ways and means of doing away with that particular kind or class of menace.

The means by which these scientific minds gathered were the same as if, today, the Graf [Graf Zeppelin?] were to fly to the various places those scientists inhabited, or gather their representatives for a counsel, or were to cooperate in that effort. This counsel took place in an astral plane that was then in the land, a land which has long since lost its identity, except in the inner visions of those who have returned or are returning to the present sphere.

They devised the ways and means needed to transform the environment away from what those beasts needed to live where they did at the time. They administered this mortal blow by sending out from various central plants what you call today the Death Ray, or the super-cosmic ray from the stratosphere, or from cosmic rays. It’s an area of study which many are trying to master, one which will offer your lives much in the next twenty-five years.

Write your story like this, then, and draw upon the various conditions that existed in the various parts of the earth then occupied by man.

17. (Q) What was the date B.C. of this gathering?

(A) 50,722. [See pp. 14-16 EARTH CHANGES published by ECP in 1961.]

18. (Q) Were there any outstanding methods of destruction developed which I have not mentioned?

(A) Draw on these that we have given here.

19. (Q) Were any countries represented which I have not named?

(A) Og.

20. (Q) Who was the general leader for this congress?

(A) The one named Tim.

21. (Q) What land or country was he from?

(A) Poseidia, from Atlantis.

22. (Q) To what magazines should I send this for publication?

(A) Many of them should have the opportunity. It will be more acceptable to either the Liberty, Weird, Amazing or Astounding Stories.

23. (Q) Any special ones that should have the opportunity?

(A) Any of those that publish accounts of this kind of phenomena.

24. (Q) [288]: What did you mean by "Through carnal influences are there to be brought changes in material associations, mental understandings, for the spiritual uplift of the many." [288-31, Par. 8-A]

(A) The rebirth into the earth of a representative, to those who will listen. Not the Christ, no; for He will appear as He is - but a forerunner. [See 3976-15, Par. 4, 5, 10, 11; 5749-5, Par. 5--7; and 281-38, Par. 16.]

25. (Q) How will these come about, and through whom?

(A) To those whose beliefs have promised such a representative, or those who have the discipline to be steadfast in the practices through which they expect to bring about such conditions in the earth.

26. (Q) How should I govern myself, in regard to the great responsibility I feel in this direction?

(A) Act in the manner of being a channel for that which you hold as your Ideal.

27. (Q) Is there a message for any individual present, or for the group as a whole?

(A) Work to dwell together in unity of thought. Cooperate in every way to reveal His love, love that you may manifest in your course or sphere of endeavor. Don’t lose strength.

28. We are through.

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3.5.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:00 to 4:35 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you Norfolk Study Group #1. You will give a discourse on the basic thoughts upon which we should base the lesson, The Lord Thy God Is One. You will answer the questions which members of the group will ask.

2. EC: Acknowledges the group.

3. In studying the lesson, you should – as indicated in your more recent lessons – concentrate on getting your own houses in order more than on putting together a lecture.

Each of you is learning, each of you is anticipating a change that will take place within you: you are to become more conscious - as we described - of oneness. Oneness may manifest itself through your effort to apply these lessons in your lives, but you may also obtain a helping hand towards oneness by studying this anticipation and studying oneness, or from studying another experience like it.

4. Then, as your body, mind, and soul permit, you may find enlightenment in a way that will enhance your power of speech and your work.  Indeed you may become more aware, more conscious.

5. Remember, the contending forces that are within you, your individuality and your personality (for lack of a better word) are what you have built, or what you and the living influence of life itself have built.

6. May your individuality and your personality be made more and more aware that: "My life, my activities, my thoughts, and my meditation, must be more and more in accord with the will of the Father."  By doing this, you, your soul, and your individuality, become more godlike, less selfish, and less influenced by your appetites.

7. The course of your will, your consciousness, and all the various terms that have described and do describe your style, are the basic thoughts, the basic tools you should use to prepare yourself for articulating the oneness you must one day experience, so that you may help others gain a greater concept of the oneness of the Father in the material plane.

8. Ready for questions.

9. (Q) [585]: On March 2nd, whose voice did I hear speak to me, and what was the message?
(A) You feel there is a manifestation of a force, a power from without. This is built into what you, through your experience, attribute to such an influence and power over your consciousness.

To be sure, this was a manifestation - but rather than being specific, rather than being an entity acting on you from without, it was in fact the awakening within you of your capacity to associate and connect and communicate with those influences from without. As was said a long time ago, if you will hold and magnify within your consciousness what you desire, that voice, that presence that would help you attract various women and men, must be from the universal influences, or from His messenger. May this be magnified in you and for you. Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power.

10.  (Q) [69]: Please tell me to who was I talking the morning of Feb. 3rd and just why am I getting this experience.

(A) As before, don’t be afraid when your hear, "It is I." See them instead as ordeals you need to make you aware of how your inner self may be controlled by those powers, those influences that you entertain.

Be not unmindful that you entertain strangers that come to you in your consciousness; they penetrate your inner self and they reach to the cosmic spheres. Angels are often entertained. Then, clothe and feed them only upon the words and the activities of the spirit of truth, and through these strangers may come those experiences you have long sought: the time is near at hand. [262-41, Par. 8-A]

11. (Q) Is this information that I have been receiving the past four nights coming from some source other than my subconscious?

(A) To be sure, and these are worth entertaining.

12.  (Q) Please tell me who is doing the talking?

(A) Who do you want? Who would your inner forces entertain?

For, "Seek and ye shall find" is spoken of the soul, spoken of those who would be your guides, the influences in your experiences, and is bound close to what you are presently studying, The Lord Thy God Is One.

Do not accredit the voice to lower forces than His emissaries.

13. (Q) [[69]'s husband]: Please explain in a manner that I may correctly interpret, "Keep in the way that is open before thee, in giving to those that self contacts the concept of the vision held by self that lies ahead." What is the vision? [262-37, Par. 10-A]

(A) The vision is what you hold as you approach the throne, the consciousness of the divine that is within you.

You are often in a quandary, and fearful of being ridiculed for attributing your impressions to contact with the various influences. Don’t be reluctant to bear witness, by word or act, to your friends and co-workers from day to day, nor underestimate the potential of bearing witness to the power of the manifestations during your encounter, and their impact on you; and thus may each soul, each entity, become more and more aware of the oneness of the Father in the world.

14.  (Q) [303]: One night some weeks ago I saw floating above my head in space an exceedingly bright sphere or planet. It seemed to be moving within itself as well as through space. Please interpret this for me.

(A) As we’ve noted, as a group of varied individuals, you are reaching that period, that place in your lifetime, where signs, where the current within you, the consciousness within each of you, has become more and more aware of the very lessons, the very truths that we are providing, that you are to manifest in your encounters and in the lives and encounters of others.

So, in your vision, it is the world without and the world within - their movements as one coordinating with the other, the brightness of the orb itself reflects the movement within you, that facilitates the shedding abroad of the light, the understanding, the enlightenment that is obtained from within.

Well was it said by Him, "Ye do not light a light to put it under a bushel."

By the same token, when you are conscious of being more and more in accord with the light that shines more than ever into the darkness, though there may come strife, though there may come disappointments, though there may come turmoil from without and from within, His peace promotes harmony between you and God - with the cooperation of the personality, the individuality.

15. (Q) Please explain how I may spend self in the love for His ways.

(A) Just as in your vision. Let the light that shines without be lighted by that light which is created from within, making the motivation of your inner self and the acts of your outer self in accord. Let what others see be motivated by the light from the love of the Giver of life, light, and immortality.

16.  (Q) Compilers: There is no other Name given among men whereby they may be saved. Saved from what? Please explain.

(A) From what may anyone be saved? Only from themselves, their individual hell! They dig it with their own desires!


17. We are through.

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3.19.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:10 to 4:30 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you members of the Norfolk Study Group #1. You will give counsel that will aid them as individuals and as a group to make the present lesson, The Lord Thy God Is One, a complete expression of truth. You will answer the questions which the group and the individuals ask in regards to the lesson.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group and we have the individuals.

3. As we have said, you must live the lesson to make it complete. You must meet the challenges it poses and resolve them. The solutions that enable you to live nearer in accord with those truths, those lessons, are the also solutions that must make the lesson complete for the lives and the challenges of others.

4. It’s best, then, that each of you - in your own way – go over, now and then, what you have learned, in order to better understand it, for the principles, the truths, and the lessons are in front of you every day. Only you can shut out the glories that might have resulted if you misapply of the lessons that are before you.

5. Ready for questions.

6. (Q) I hold in my hand a copy of an outline on this lesson.

(A) (Interrupting) Which is very good, but there's some of it that needs changing very badly! And we would change it! For, there are some portions that have been set as the outline which would be impossible to be filled in by individuals' experience; but would only be tentative experience!

7. (Q) Which part?

(A) The second part!

8.  (Q) [69]: Please explain what you meant by "It is I" and the "Time is near at hand" as given in answer to my question in the last reading. [262-40, Par. 10-A]

(A) We have been saying for some time, now, what is to happen and who is to speak. Have you reached the state that you’ve forgotten it, or not looked for nor expected, nor understood it? And as to what the message is to be, or who it is to be from? If you have forgotten that, you are falling away!

9. (Q) [379]: How may I become more conscious of the oneness of the Father, and apply same in my daily activities?

(A) The consciousness becomes part of you as you apply what you know day by day, because all force, all power, and all glory, comes from the One source. The more you apply yourself to oneness with the Father, the more oneness becomes your experience.

10. (Q) [303]: How may I better apply personally the affirmation for this lesson?

(A) Just do it!

11. (Q) [560]: Seeing an arm, was told to touch it. And after touching it, it seemed to become an arm of flesh. Is my interpretation correct? If not, please give the interpretation.

A) As we have noted, respecting your visions or encounters, you may be better interpreters of your experiences, provided, of course, you have the desire to know those influences, the willingness to be guided or directed by them, and that you attempt to do so.

We find your interpretation correct for the most part; we see the vision being more universal, rather than relating to particular individuals.

12.  (Q) May I receive a message on The Lord Thy God Is One?

(A) Work to show that you are willing to undertake what would gain you little vain-glory from anyone. Know to where you have been called, for His glory is sufficient and His mercy is far-reaching; His understanding makes known those things that would prevent you from becoming afraid, in the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Keep your paths straight. Avoid the appearance of evil. Find fault in no one.

13. (Q) Should we make any changes or additions to the paper, "Present World Conditions," before sending it to any other magazine? [3976-11 Reports]

(A) If it seems obvious to those who are preparing it, change it!

14. (Q) It has been sent to those that were suggested. To whom should we now send this paper?

(A) Sunset Magazine in Dallas.

15. (Q) What should the group as a whole do regarding this paper?

(A) What you choose!

16. (Q) Please give the address of the magazine in Dallas.

(A) Just to Dallas.

17. (Q) Dallas, Texas?

(A) Dallas, Texas. Not many Dallases worthwhile for the Sunset Magazine to be published in; there's only three in the United States!

18. (Q) Any message for the group as a whole at this time?

(A) It's time for you to get started doing some work.

19. We are through.

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4.2.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:15 to 4:40 PM, EST

1. GC: You will have before you the Norfolk Study Group, #1, members of which are present in this room, and their work on the lesson, The Lord Thy God Is One, a copy of which I hold in my hand. You will give such counsel and further treatment of the lesson as the group needs at this time to continue the work on this lesson. You will answer the questions which will be asked by individuals and by the group as a whole.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group as gathered here, as a group, as individuals, and the work of the group on the lesson.

3. What may help and benefit you in preparing the lesson, is for the lesson to be more a result of the work you do on yourselves than the advice or counsel we give you.

4. To stimulate further discussion from your own observations, you should make a sincere attempt to put what you know into practice.

5.  Do you understand the admonishment that you must account for every careless word you speak; that this is in reference to your oneness of purpose; that your mind, your body, and your soul’s capacity for learning is under surveillance when you talk?

6. And, as the body, the mind, the soul are one, so is God in His manifestations of power, might and glory in the earth.

7.  That, then, should illustrate why you should be joyful and glad in your heart and speech, as you expand your involvement.

8. For, if your hate, grudges or selfishness have driven away a friend or a foe, or has cost you your own self-respect or your relationship to your Maker, how can your soul be one with Him?

9. If you test yourself, you will find that the ability to draw illustrations from your own experience will aid in lighting the way for others who seek to know The Lord Thy God Is One.

10. How sincere is your desire to know The Lord Thy God Is One; enough to act on the declaration rather than to placidly acknowledge it?

11.  For, he that would gain the concept must believe that He is; and that He rewards those who seek to do His biddings.

12.  Then act! Be up and doing, with a heart that is singing the joyous message that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is within! I AM the brother! I AM the equal with the Son in my relationship to the Father!

13.  And your life will mean more! For, has scripture not told us that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof? True, you may stumble over what you do not yet comprehend: that you have mental body, a physical body, and a spiritual body, and they are one!

14. In assembling the lesson, then, do not let your dissection of it become the object. It’s through your body in the Lord, your oneness of purpose that you gain. Remember that your mental body, your consciousness, is the builder and that your oneness of purpose in Him clarifies the conditions that you must meet.

15. When you feel slighted by another, when your material mind tells you that the course of events or others’ inclinations have created stumbling blocks that are not compatible with your ideal, then know that all movement is the manifestation of one power - and is the attempt of the individual to assert either the power and glory of God, or of themselves.

16. Where is your own will: One with His, or bent to the glorifying of your own desires and your own selfish interests?

17.  The way is not long, nor is the cross more grievous than you may bear, if your trust is in Him, who said, "I will not leave thee comfortless, I will come and abide with thee.”

18.  But we are so constituted, by that built within us, that He does not come without our invitation that He abide with us.

19.  For, with that power of will are we the sons of God, capable of being equal with Him in the glory that He would share with us. As He said, "I and the Father are One, and ye in me, I in the Father - "

20. These, then, should help you make the contribution that enables each of you to want, to desire, to be on fire with that desire; to manifest the Oneness of the Father in Life.

21. For, as He is Life - we in Life may make explicit that our desires, our hearts, our minds, and our souls are one with him in bringing to the knowledge of anyone and everyone that the power of God, through the Christ, is able to save, even those in the most extreme circumstances.

22. We are through.

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