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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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Friends of Edgar Cayce

  The source for all things Edgar and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), from holistic health to spiritual growth and ancient mysteries.

edgarcayceaz.wordpress.com  The Arizona source for Edgar Cayce events, speakers, Study Groups, and holistic healers.

arerockymountainregion.org The source for A.R.E. events and holistic practitioners in the Rocky Mountain region.

caycegoldengate.com  Supporting individuals in the California and Nevada regian who want to study, reasearch, and apply Edgar Cayce's principles.  This site includes an excellent EC bio.

http://edgarcayceaustralia.proboards.com/ ...Sadly this board went off line about May 1, 2013, following the demise of the Edgar Cayce website in Australia.  However, you can still read all the posts.  I miss you all, already!

edgarcayceazasfg.blogspot.com Reitman's running commentary on translating Cayce English into popular English.

improvetransform.com  Keith Alderson, from the Australia message board, offers in one place a plain English edition of A Search For God and its readings, as well as edited Prayer Group  (281) and Work (254) readings.


biblos.com  and biblegateway.com The Bible in many English and non-English translations; Bible commentary, concordance, atlas, visuals . . .  A rich resource for the book Cayce quoted extensively and read cover to cover each year.

sacred-texts.com  Extensive sacred and folklore texts in the public domain: Atlantis, Americana, Astrology; Earth mysteries, Freemasonry, Grimoires; New Thought, Nostradamus, Sacred Sexuality; Timelines, Tarot, and UFOs.  And every major and imaginable belief system with a written history.

http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar Provided by Capital Community College in Hartford, CT, it's a website dedicated to helping devotees of clear, uncluttered prose write well. They make much use of William J. Strunk, Jr.'s little book, The Elements of Style. 


 scottsdale-hypnosis.com  Julie Funke Rhyasen, CHt, who once offered holistic health consultations based on Edgar Cayce's health protocols, passed away in September, 2013.

Please read Julie's obituary here.

Writing Without Workshops - We meet twice a week in downtown Scottsdale, AZ, to write and to discuss writing, drink coffee and other adult beverages, and hob nob.


The Loyal Opposition

Not everyone loves Edgar Cayce or the New Age. 

These sites present a more traditional  Christian point of view.



This site tests your patience, faith, and intellectual honesty.

skepdic.com/Cayce.html   It's not called The Skeptic's Dictionary for nothing!

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I'm proud of Fountain Hills; it's a treat to live here. I took the snapshots throughout this web site during my walks through Town Center, and the drives, avenues and boulevards that surround it.  I've edited them to reflect my feelings.

Julie Rhyasen took my Home Page picture.

  Potato Man, by Susan Geissler, ca. 2008.  Library, Centennial Square 

  Detail from Damned Wind, by J. R. Eason, ca. 2004.  Community Center, Centennial Square

   An All Day Job, by Rasheas Mukweira, ca. 2009.  North shore of lake. 

   Waves and Windows, by Brian Schader.  The sign reads, "Rendered are flows of compassion, tolerance and acceptance.  Illuminations of hope, knowledge and supple resilience.  What do we view through the windows of life?"  Centennial Square

   Ring of Peace, by Chris Navarro, ca. 2007. Centennial Square


  Circle of Peace 7, by Gary Lee Price (undated).  Centennial Square

   Joy of Music, by George Lundeen, ca. 2007.  Community Center, Centennial Square

  Where Have All The Mammoths Gone? by Martha Pettigrew, ca. 2008.  Library, Centennial Circle

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