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  Paragraph by Paragraph Bible Citations for:
  The Cross and the Crown


Scripture cited from 262.35 Index


  You will walk no more with this thought or else say as Peter
John 6:68 - eternal: Your words bring e. life

Scripture cited from262.36 Index


3   Son of man needed to enter the world for the sake of human understanding
1 John 3:8 -  Devil: if you live a sinful life you belong to the D.

7   first sign that you have met the cross
Matthew 25:21 - servant: a good and trustworthy s.

9   spending your life in the way that He would have you do
Matthew 25:21 - servant: a good and trustworthy s.

15   The paper, "Present World Conditions"
Luke 11:9 - ask, seek, knock, persist
Matthew 7:7 - ask, look, knock, persist
Matthew 25:21 - servant: a good and trustworthy s.

17    any of the presented forms of truth in the earth comes at last to the cross
R2 - Through His various lifetimes He overcame the world
Romans 8:28 - happens: all that h. to us is working for our good
Luke 15:18 - sin: I’ve sinned against heaven and you

Scripture cited from 262.37 Index


  Please explain, "Ye may be known by the name He has given."
Acts 4:12 - salvation: only Jesus has the power to save

8   [69]
Luke 12:48 - punishment: anyone who is not aware that he is doing wrong will be punished only lightly

13   [294]
James 1:12 - temptation’s defeat

22   [307]
James 1:12 - temptation’s defeat

25   Any other message at this time?
Ephesians 5:19 - joy; express your j. in singing
Colossians 3:16 - word: let the w. of Christ dwell in you

Scripture cited from 262.38 Index


3   EC's comments on The Cross and the Crown
John 8:32 - truth: you will know the t., and that t. will set you free
John 3:16 - God loved the world in this way
Isaiah 28:10 – precept upon precept
Isaiah 28:13 – snared and taken
2 Peter 3:18 – grace: grow in g.
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