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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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262.15 Index
262.16  No Bible citations; Cayce gave each attendee the region of their mission
262.17 Index

Scripture cited from 262.15 Index 

8   Is my faith sufficient?  How should I act?
2 Corinthians 12:9 - grace and weakness
John 14:18 - abandon: I will not a. you
Mark 13:11 - speaking: it is not you s., but the Holy Spirit
Matthew 10:19 - say: what you should s.
Matthew 28:20 - teach them to obey all I've commanded you
Romans 8:16 - children: we are God's c.

9   Please help me strengthen my faith.
Hebrews 11:1 - faith is both foundation and evidence
James 2:17 - faith by itself is dead
James 2:20 - faith that does nothing is worth nothing
James 2:26 - faith is dead without good works
John 14:27 - peace: the p. I give is a gift the world cannot give

10   What do you mean by, "the ground on which you stand is holy?"
Acts 7:33 - holy: the place where you are standing is h. ground
Exodus 3:5 - holy: the place on which you stand is h. ground

12   Please define the word, heart.
Psalms 51:10 - heart: create in me a clean h.

Scripture cited from 262.17 Index 

4   Should faith healing be included in the teachings of theology?
1 Corinthians 12:29-30 - work: prophets, apostles, teachers...for God's w.
Ephesians 4:11 - gifts
James 1:27 - religious worship is this
Proverbs 19:17 - lend: befriend the poor, l. to the Lord

5   Is the faith manifested in my East Indian incarnation sufficient for today?
John 14:26 - Comforter
Matthew 6:34 - tomorrow: take no thought for t.

7   In what position may I best meditate?
Luke 18:13 - merciful: God be m. to me, a sinner
Revelation 14:13 - works: their w. do follow them
Romans 14:7 - ourselves: we don't live to honor o.

8   How can I make my faith more active and worthwhile in the lives of others?
Matthew 5:16 - light: let your l. shine before others

9   How can I increase my faith?
Mark 9:41 - rewarded: the person who gives you water in My name will be r.
Matthew 10:42 - reward: anyone who gives my follower water will not lose his r.

10   In praying, should I keep praying until I get a definite answer, or should I only ask and leave the rest with God?
Luke 11:9 - ask, seek, knock, persist
Luke 21:33 - words: My w. will remain
Luke 22:42 - suffering: remove this cup of s., but Your will be done
Mark 13:31 - words: My w. will remain
Matthew 7:7 - ask, look, knock, persist
Matthew 24:35 - words: the w. I've said will never be destroyed
2 Timothy 1:12 - confidence: I know the one in whom I have placed my c.
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