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Pithy, memorable sayings encourage people to pursue wisdom

4:5wisdom & understanding, acquire 262.2.17;

4:7 – wisdom & understanding 262.2.17;
7:15 – wise too late 262.3.12; 262.47.20;
19:17 - lend: befriend the poor, l. to the Lord 262.17.4;
20:22 – vengeance, never promise yourself 262.1.7; 262.25.14; 262.5.9;
23:7 – selfish: s. people are always worrying about how much the food costs 262.46.9; 262.47.19;
25:22 - coals: heap fiery coals of shame on his head 262.9.10;
27:19 - heart: your h. reflects your character 262.7.8; 262.32.13;


5 Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.  KJV

5 Get wisdom. Get understanding. Don’t forget my words. Don’t turn away from them.  NIRV

5 Acquire wisdom.
Acquire understanding.
Do not forget.
Do not turn away from the words that I have spoken.  GW

5 ·Get [Acquire] wisdom and ·get [acquire] understanding.
Don’t forget or ·ignore [turn away from] ·my words [L the speeches of my mouth]EXB

5 Get skillful and godly Wisdom, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation); do not forget and do not turn back from the words of my mouth.  AMP

5 Whatever it takes to gain Wisdom, do it.
To gain understanding, do it! Never forget this!
Never stray from what I am telling you.  VOICE


7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  KJV

7Wisdom is the summit; get wisdom, and with all your possessions purchase understanding.  ARAM

7Wisdom is of utmost importance, therefore get wisdom, and with all your effort work to acquire understanding.  ISV

7The beginning of wisdom is: get wisdom!
And along with all your getting, get insight!  CJB

7 The beginning of wisdom:
Get wisdom!
Get understanding before anything else.  CEB

7 The best thing about Wisdom
is Wisdom herself;
good sense is more important
than anything else.  CEV
7 Gaining sound judgment is key, so first things first: go after Lady Wisdom!
Now, whatever else you do, follow through to understanding.  VOICE

7 The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation).  AMP

3-9 When I was a boy at my father’s knee,
the pride and joy of my mother,
He would sit me down and drill me:
“Take this to heart. Do what I tell you—live!
Sell everything and buy Wisdom! Forage for Understanding!
Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch!
Never walk away from Wisdom—she guards your life;
love her—she keeps her eye on you.
Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom!
Write this at the top of your list: Get Understanding!
Throw your arms around her—believe me, you won’t regret it;
never let her go—she’ll make your life glorious. 
She’ll garland your life with grace,
she’ll festoon your days with beauty.”  MSG


15 Therefore came I forth to meet thee, diligently to seek thy face, and I have found thee.  KJV

15 So I came forth to meet you [that you might share with me the feast from my offering]; diligently I sought your face, and I have found you.  AMP

15 So I have come out to meet you;
I have been ·looking for you [L seeking your face] and have found you.  EXB

15 So now I come to see you.
I really want to be with you, and what luck! I have found you!  VOICE

People are forgetful, so we must be reminded constantly of Wisdom and her ways. We don’t always need to hear something new; often we just need to be reminded of what is true. In these proverbs wisdom is found when one not only knows what is right, but acts on that knowledge. Foolishness, on the other hand, means a lack of understanding and wrongdoing.  VOICE Note embedded in Proverbs 7.

The external performances of religion, if they do not harden men against sin, harden them in it, and embolden carnal hearts to venture upon it, in hopes that when they come to count and discount with God he will be found as much in debt to them for their peace-offerings and their vows as they to him for their sins. But it is sad that a show of piety should become the shelter of iniquity (which really doubles the shame of it, and makes it more exceedingly sinful) and that men should baffle their consciences with those very things that should startle them. The Pharisees made long prayers, that they might the more plausibly carry on their covetous and mischievous provisions. The greatest part of the flesh of the peace-offerings was by the law returned back to the offerers, to feast upon with their friends, which (if they were peace-offerings of thanksgiving) was to be all eaten the same day and none of it left until the morning, Lev. 7:15. This law of charity and generosity is abused to be a colour for gluttony and excess: "Come," says she, "come home with me, for I have good cheer enough, and only want good company to help me off with it." It was a pity that the peace-offerings should thus become, in a bad sense, sin-offerings, and that what was designed for the honour of God should become the food and fuel of a base lust.  Matthew Henry’s Whole Bible Commentary, Proverbs 7:6-23


17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.  KJV

17 Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord,
and He will give a reward to the lender.  HCSB

17 Giving help to the poor is like loaning money to the Lord. He will pay you back for your kindness.  ERV

17 Befriend the poor, and lend to the Lord; he will repay faithfully.  KNOX




Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the Lord, and he shall save thee.  KJV

22 Don’t ever say, “I’ll pay them back for what they did to me!” Wait for the Lord. He will make things right. ERV

22 Don't take it on yourself to repay a wrong. Trust the Lord and he will make it right. GNT

22 Never promise thyself vengeance; await the Lord’s hour, and redress shall be thine. KNOX

22 Don’t ever say, “I’ll get you for that!”
Wait for God; he’ll settle the score. MSG

22 Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!”
Wait for the Lord, and he will avenge you. NIV

22 Don’t say, “I will get even for this wrong.”

Wait for the Lord to handle the matter. NLT

22 Do not say, “I will get even for this evil.”
Wait for the Eternal; He will defend you.  VOICE


 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.  KJV

7 For just as a man swallows a bristle hair, so you eat and drink with him and his mind is not with you.  ARAM

7 ·Selfish people are always worrying
    about how much the food costs [L They calculate in their minds; or They are like a hair in the throat].
They tell you, “Eat and drink,”
    but ·they don’t really mean it [L their heart is not with you].  EXB

7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. As one who reckons, he says to you, eat and drink, yet his heart is not with you [but is grudging the cost].  AMP

7 Because like a soothsayer, and diviner, he thinketh that which he knoweth not. Eat and drink, will he say to thee: and his mind is not with thee.  DRA

7 For he is like someone who keeps accounts —
“Eat! Drink!” he says to you,
    but he doesn’t really mean it.  CJB


22 For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee.  KJV

22 For you will heap fiery coals [of shame] on his head, and Adonai will reward you.  CJB

22 You will make them burn with shame, and the Lord will reward you.  GNT

21-22 If you see your enemy hungry, go buy him lunch;
    if he’s thirsty, bring him a drink.
Your generosity will surprise him with goodness,
    and God will look after you.  MSG

21 If your enemy is hungry, give him something to eat;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink,

22 For your kind treatment will be like heaping hot coals on his head,
    it may cause a change in heart,
    and the Eternal will repay you.

Acts of kindness, especially when we know they are undeserved, awaken a slumbering conscience, stimulate sorrow, and perhaps even effect a change. They are the best ways to turn an enemy into a friend.  VOICE

22 This will make them feel the burning pain of shame, and the Lord will reward you for being good to them.  ERV


19 As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.  KJV

19 As a face is reflected in water,
    so a person is reflected by his heart.  GW

19 As water reflects your face, so ·your mind shows what kind of person you are [the heart reflects a person].  EXB

 You see your face in a mirror
    and your thoughts
    in the minds of others.  CEV

19 As water reflects your face,
    so your mind shows what kind of person you are.  NCV

19 It is your own face that you see reflected in the water and it is your own self that you see in your heart.  GNT

19 Just as water reflects a person’s true face,
    so the human heart reflects a person’s true character.  VOICE

19 When you look into water, you see a likeness of your face.
    When you look into your heart, you see what you are really like.  NIRV

19Just as water mirrors your face,
so your face mirrors your heart.  MSG

19 As water reflects the face,
so the heart reflects the person.  HCSB

19 As water acts as a mirror to a face, so the heart of man acts as a mirror to a man.  NLV

19 Just as water reflects the face,
    so one human heart reflects another.  CJB

19 Clear as a face mirrored in water, the wise see men’s hearts.  KNOX


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