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The namesake of our town, Fountain Hills, AZ, against the mountains in Pinal County. 

Here are some more I've taken from a distance that will help orient you.

Weaver's Needle, an icon of the Southwest, in the Superstition Mts. in Pinal County.

Four Peaks, northeast of town, a landmark for the Phoenix metro area.

Red Mountain, with the feature, Gunsight, the slot on the right.  Most of the Valley of the Sun sees the mountain from the other side.  Red Mountain was going to be the name of a new, east valley county at one time, but the plan fizzled.

The McDowell Mountains lie to the northwest of Fountain Hills.  Thompson Peak hosts the antennas.  Scottsdale and Scottsdale Airpark are a jump across them.

You can hike a jeep trail from Grasslands Dr. or Golden Eagle Blvd. to the antennas.  The areas on either side of the McDowell Mts. teem with well-maintained hiking and biking trails.

The southern end of the McDowells, towards Sun Ridge.

Fountain views

North is at the top of the diagram. The brown building and the rest of downtown, as well as the McDowell Mts, are along the left hand border, which is Saguaro Blvd. The mountains of Pinal County are opposite Saguaro Blvd. Panorama Blvd goes 'round the lake. Up at the apex is a traffic signal, and the intersection of Saguaro and Palisades / Panorama Blvds.

Downtown Fountain Hills, AZ from the Pinal County side, the eastern shore of the lake.  That's a disc golf basket in the grass on the left.  Thompson Peak is the jagged peak in the right third of the photo.

A closer view of downtown.  Students of Frank Loyd Wright designed the brown building on the right.

A slightly tilted horizon from the northern shore, on Panorama Dr. near Saguaro Blvd.

Staying with the tilted horizon theme, this is looking just to the right of Red Mountain.  The brown, FLW-influenced professional building is at right center.  The street in front of it is Saguaro Blvd.  The Lake Overlook trail threads through the subdivisions on the east side of the lake.

Looking towards one of those gated subdivisions.

As elegant as a taper on a clear, calm day.


Three photo-shopped phases of sunrise in Pinal County . . .

and one of downtown Fountain Hills.



Every day brings a different whorl to an old classic--the end of the afternoon.  I'm going to change this display of sunsets every few weeks for variety, and to give myself an excuse to keep pressing the shutter button.

I have three distinct shooting angles from the patio of the home where my wife and I have the good fortune to live.  This one looks across the lake towards the McDowell Mts. and downtown.  You can see the horn of Saddleback Mt. on the far left. 

Spinning to the left and towards south brings us Red Mt.

This vista is at the edge of the leftward swing, up the hill and just to the right of our neighbor.


An offerring of some of our common, non-human neighbors.

We used to live three miles north of the lake, where javelina visited us regularly.  They roam the arroyos, usually at night, foraging for edibles where they've thrived for generations.  We townspeople, living in a community built on their territory, are their indulgent stewards.

Javelinas are omnivorous.  They'll sample anything, from birdseed blocks, which they'll push around the yard like a soccer ball, to wicker furniture.

Mom and piglets.

These guys are as silent as cats.  Four of them walked single-file 10 feet away from me, one night.  I noticed them moving out of the corner of my eye.  I let them wander further into the yard before I retreated indoors.
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