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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 Let your mind be open to spiritual forces

2Begin with this knowledge: you have been associated with one another during your various lifetimes on earth, and you have prepared yourselves to be messengers by way of these lifetimes. I hope you will combine your efforts in a cooperative manner so that each of you as partners gain by doing this work, and that all individuals regardless of their social circle can choose to profit by your effort.

3Here, in this room, let your mind be open to spiritual forces that will come through your efforts – if they are made in accord with God’s will.

4Write down the lessons I give you for your group and for other such partnerships to study. Arrive at your own understanding, and let that understanding become part of the lesson. Take part in the discussions and contribute your grasp of the lesson.

5Take turns leading the group, because when you meet, one of you will occasionally have a message to convey to the others. This is not only a promise, it's a threat! Be mindful of its double nature, but be faithful to each message as you receive it.

6Who should lead the groups? Whoever feels qualified, and who has asked for a part to play.


2 Accommodate one another

7The first lesson is to learn what it means to cooperate within the group, to advance the partnership towards single-mindedness through God’s way. Meditate day and night on the question, “What will you have me do, O Lord?” The answer will be clear and specific to you when it comes, if you ask in His name. He is with you now if you invite Him in an attitude of prayer.

8You, the group of individuals to whom I speak, must determine what to emphasize. Use an outline to begin well-rounded, well balanced discussions. Allow the truth to answer each individual question.

9Develop the lesson from your outline, and develop each section conscientiously. Remember that you are not dependent for insight on one another in this endeavor, but in your Father. So, as the spirit moves you to speak, express yourself, for you are a child of the Creator, and each of you has a portion to give to the lesson.

10Complete your first lesson. Accomplish that by assembling the contributions of everyone. How does knowing what cooperation means affect what you offer, what you want to communicate, what you would like to see shared, what you would provide to others? You each contribute a smattering. You have asked me, “What may I do to cooperate” so, put cooperation into practice within your group, and then present the results as a lesson. After you’ve accomplished that, we’ll begin the second lesson, Self Knowledge.  

11Encourage harmony among your partners; you offer consciousness, truth, life, light, and immortality to those who ask for help.

12Help each partner to incorporate his or her voice into the group as it works to build singleness of vision.

13Accommodate one another. Work as a unit. Do everything in order. Resist the impulse to say anything that would falsely express what you have in mind; look before you leap. Ask the Lord’s counsel before you speak, rather than have the other group members misunderstand you.

14In order to form a study group, or a group to accomplish any task, you must have whole-hearted cooperation, whether it’s during your periods of meditation, while you plan, when you put your plan into action, or whatever. The strength of a group with singleness of purpose is a resource for any ambition, whether it’s of a spiritual, material, or creative nature. The spiritual forces act in the physical world to inspire and to support what you want to accomplish.

15aLearn to cooperate. bThis is how you advance the work; this is how you nurture unity: cyou act single-mindedly towards one purpose and one aim. dDon’t look to one another for support; instead, rely on Him, while working together as a group, each of you in your area of expertise. eLearn the lesson of cooperation, and pass that lesson along.

16You gain through your attempt to cooperate with one another. By the same token you have the opportunity to gain in another way: if you will put what you have learned of cooperation to work in your daily lives, you will make the most of this incarnation.

17aLet your prayer be repeatedly: bLet not my will but Yours, O Lord, be done in and through me. Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those who I meet, in every way. Let my leaving home and my returning home be in accord with what You would have me do, and when Your call comes, let my reply be, "here am I, send me, use me!"


3 Meditation is fundamental

18During a meeting where you hope to receive some special message, or to receive aid for an individual who requests spiritual healing, conduct the meeting in the same way. Conduct the meetings with decorum and order.

19Meet, and let one member of the group trace the needs of one – or more – of you. Then let the leader suggest various methods of meditation that she or he thinks – or that another partner thinks – might meet the individual’s need. Either group meditation or individual meditation might be initiated for the problem, or something completely different.

20Meditation is fundamental. You should set a specific time to meditate as a group; anyone who can’t cooperate with the others in this way can have little to do with the group’s achievements. Whether these acts are great or small, working in accord keeps harmony; harmony begets peace, peace allows understanding, and understanding gives rise to enlightenment. You must all share in meditation.

21Meditate on the lessons as an individual and discover your own level of development, desire, and ability.

22Ask in meditation what should be your part in this lesson; you will hear the answer.

23There’s no reason for your meditations to remain the same as you develop each section of the lesson. Each section requires insight, and your group might easily gain that insight from the enlightenment that sparks in one or more of you during meditation. In the interest of developing the lesson to the greatest possible extent, I recommend that you put off creating a meditation for the lesson as a whole until you’ve worked your way through your outline, section by section. Otherwise, you will be distracted, believing that you understand cooperation more than you really do. So, wait until you’ve completed the lesson before you create a meditation. Wait until you’ve completed the lesson, so that you might be of one mind; so that you each have given yourselves the opportunity to be a channel for insight into cooperation; so that you all have a single purpose.

24If you have understood through meditation that it is most important to place yourself in the material world as a channel for blessings, then paint a vivid description of what you received through meditation, thus becoming a blessing to yourself through becoming a blessing to others. Seek to know His way, and ponder this: "As I am lifted up in your consciousness, so will I be lifted in the consciousness of others."



4 The spiritual forces will reveal your vocation

25Preparing yourself for a group project is different than preparing yourself for a project of your own, as I have indicated by proposing that you learn the lesson of cooperation. You must cooperate with each other and you must each have the same intention and purpose, especially when you meet for a particular reason, such as giving aid. Remember: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

26As a partner, don’t be independent, but don’t depend on any one member of the partnership, either: be dependent on God! The dependence you put on individuals falls short. What you gain through working cooperatively with other individuals is the power of the higher forces, which manifest through each of you in the form of understanding and knowledge. As was said of old, “Wisdom is the summit; get wisdom, and with all your possessions purchase understanding.”

27The spiritual forces of the universe will reveal to you what your spiritual vocation is to be. The idea will take shape in your mind, it will pace your heart, and quicken your soul!

28You may become a teacher or a healer or a prophet; you may become an interpreter or a minister or an administrator. No matter where you settle, do your job well; do your part well: fulfill your contract. However the spiritual forces of the universe express themselves through you, you will become a light by way of your own actions in your field of endeavor.

29Channel your energy.  Put it at the disposal of others in the group, whether it’s during a lesson, during meditation, during a healing – whenever you can direct it for good. What you receive from the spiritual forces of the universe, give back to other individuals. You who have come together as partners to accomplish this work must give, for you have been promised: “whoever believes in Me will be able to do what I have done, but they will do even greater things, because I will return to be with the Father.  Whatever you ask for in My name, I will do it so that the Father will get glory from the Son.

30Let me assure you that as the demands for the partnership’s services change, and the locations change with them, you will recognize your contribution if you look for it, for, as I have told you, "Seek and ye shall find;" this a promise.

31All potential, all talent, comes from the same source. Some of you have the power to heal, some have the ability to translate, some of you have organizational or clerical talent, and other talents you have built during your lifetimes.

32As you study the blessings that you have built for yourself, you may find that you share similar talents with someone else in the group. Refrain from jealousy; don’t let these blessings become a stumbling block to you. Let your efforts of be lodged securely in Him, so that you can express your blessings as only you can. He knows what you need before you ask. In asking and in seeking, in the crucible of cooperative intent and cooperative purpose, your talent comes to you in your own way.

33Let the seeds that are sown be the seeds of cooperation with Him, so that the outcome may be the result of looking up to the leader - the giver of light.


5 Losing yourself in His will

34This is as an axiom you should all note well. It is the sum and substance of unity of purpose, oneness of heart, and oneness of mind: "His will, not my will;" and not your personality, either – but the losing of yourself in His will.  Meditate and pray not for yourself, but that you may be a blessing to others through this group - not as part of the personality of the group, but in oneness of purpose in Him, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

35Each of you has had experiences that add to this work. Don’t measure the value of your contribution by how many of your partners agree with you or compliment you. Measure it by how well you express a thought or a feeling. Bring into focus the vision of the Master’s face for individuals who long for it, so that they might have in their hearts and their souls the peace that comes only from being close to Him, because when He speaks, nothing but peace abounds.

36Some people may frighten you. Others may project appalling force, yet He, the Prince of Peace, bestows joy and cheer on the hearts and souls of whoever seeks to communicate His blessings!

37You have prepared yourself by the ways you’ve met the challenges of living in body and mind. You have passed through your individual trials; you know how to talk to those who seek aid and understanding. Through this partnership, you can better offer sympathetic knowledge of the spiritual sources of information, whether directly through the spiritual realm, or by how the spiritual realm has helped you during troubling times in your life. So, as you learn the lesson of cooperation, you may gain empathy for what your partners have experienced, and this will help you to advise them, as well as help you to be a missionary to many individuals outside the group.

38In your own meditation and in your work within the group, focus on what is most useful, purposeful, and unique for the group, and for the intent of each member, by continually affirming, "His will – in all things – be done." This is how you can best serve the group.

39Do not think of your own desire, but let your mind be like His, the pattern for all who seek the way.


6 Put what you learn to use

40Concentrate all your attention on whatever task comes your way. Let your mind reflect His: "Not my will but Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Be a means of moving blessings to someone, and He will bless you, as you begin to mesh with the group. "They that seek my face shall find it."

41Appeal to those who seek through these lessons a practical religion, a religion in action. Your ministry to the Master was the practical things of life, so in the lessons these must be living words, words that may touch the hearts, the minds, and the souls of individuals. In your ministry, see to it that each line and each thought is a practical thing, a living thing, having its being in Him.

42You are able to give these lessons to the world by becoming instruments for His forces to work through.

43As long as each of you contributes to the lesson, as I have recommended, cooperation will become a living lesson in each of you, if you’ll let it grow, and cooperation will be a living truth in the minds and hearts of others who may discover and study the lesson and study it for truth and understanding.

44Be a source of light to your partners, and to those you meet everywhere. Bring individuals together who could aid or provide understanding to your spiritual circle. You have been an ambassador in a past life. Be an ambassador again, for that is how you are inclined.

45The world is waiting; the world is watching; the world is seeking to know, seeking to see, a sign. However, don’t furnish the sign to anyone who is not seeking it: cast not pearls before swine. On the other hand, don’t be impatient for the moment that you recognize the sign, either. Wait on the Lord. He has promised you, keep seeking and you will find, keep asking and you will receive, powers from on high. Use these powers in a constructive manner, in a manner that fits your partnership’s motivation.  You will be able to give the world a sign that enlightens it only if you have drunk of the cup that advances cooperation in every sense of the word.

46Apply cooperation to your own life and with each member of the group, and teach the lesson of cooperation to other individuals.

47Act on what you grasp during each meeting and daily engagement. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, your understanding builds, like the yeast that raises the whole loaf; the answers are there for you to discover, if you will make the effort. The blessings that come to others through your service will be your best contribution to this partnership.

48Put what you learn into use from morning to night, through what you say and by how you act. Practice makes perfect. You will grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding. Remember this: “ If you are recognized at all, let it be for your service. Delight in the one who calls you servant.

49aThe purpose for which your group is cooperating is beautiful. bYou’ve made a good start. cNow you need act cooperatively! dCarry on in one mind and one purpose as you consider the various sides of the work and the lessons I furnish you.

50A voice that the group later identifies as the archangel Michael, declares:

51Come, you who are here. We are opening the way for all of you to have a part in the redemption of many individuals through this work. Keep your heart singing, not in sorrow, but for joy in your purpose and your achievements: you who are chosen by him should be the most joyous group of all!

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