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97In preparing the lesson, set your minds, your hearts, and your souls at peace with Him; and you will acquire the light that will shine in the darkest hour, in those periods when you need it most. Approach the throne of mercy with an attitude of showing mercy to all.

98Each of you should examine yourself first. Learn what within your own heart and mind you need to purge in order to have true fellowship with Him.

99The spirit of fellowship among you does not reflect what we have been discussing: you should practice harmony and not just talk about it.  The relationship between you and other individuals, and between you and the Creative Forces should be an example of fellowship, an example of what these lessons have to offer.

100Let your meditation be this: In preparation for the task before us, let us each become more conscious of the divine spirit in us, so that we may go on. May we face the issues as individuals called for a purpose. May we rely on His promises, for while we are often weak and selfish – and the work is great – may He encourage our spirits, our hearts, with the presence of his Holy Spirit, that there may be no idleness or delay in us. [This meditation was originally printed in all upper case letters, indicating a divine source.]

101In this manner you each truly become a living lesson, not a face masked by your partners, but an individual who has heard God’s call. Unless you respond as an individual and with your own voice, you’ll be denied the fellowship with Him that He has promised to those who have vowed and bowed to Him.

102Your outline is good, and with the understanding of its contents in your minds and in your hearts, you must all come to an awakening that some of you have not yet achieved.

103Find unison of purpose between those being ministered to and those doing the ministering, to those who are and who will be seeking the lesson of fellowship through you. You are making progress. Be not afraid, for He will guide and direct you. Trust in His graciousness, in His support, in His understanding.

104Your groundwork on the lessons is good; you show some improvement in your performance. Some of you are still rather backward - even indolent – in changing your attitude to meet the demands of this undertaking. These lessons are meant to give a definite outline for individuals who are unfamiliar with them.  You must act in concert. Your respect for the lessons, shown through your attitude, should be the same respect you’d like your teachers to show the lessons if you were a student.

105Fellowship should mean a great deal to each and every member of this group and groups like it. As each of you applies your own experience you may expect true fellowship. If you don’t achieve fellowship to that degree, then you know you’re not working on your relationship to yourself, to your Maker, and to the group.

106aYou all are wading in rather deep water! But learn what you are doing! bAs I have indicated before, there are varying degrees of spiritual development among the members of this group. Some of you can’t absorb [993]’s experience; that it recalled similar incidents marking her spiritual growth in her previous lifetimes. To you her experience, and the concepts for which it is evidence, is deep water, beyond your understanding. To you who seek to know His face, rather than find fault in those who seek, I say this:

107Know that your experience is in accord with what you are seeking through your ideal.

108Keep the promises you’ve made to yourselves and to one another, in service to that ideal which has been set before the group, as a group, as the individuals; for if you have been promised, the one who has pledged and solemnly sworn, must keep their word - or else they have sinned!

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