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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 Mr. Cayce’s predicament

52Recently, Edgar Cayce dreamt he was in meditation with this group. He heard a voice calling but was prevented from answering by the group. 

53Both the spiritual world and the material world need the efforts of Edgar Cayce, and he needs to concentrate on whichever of those worlds requires his attention most. Where the need is most, there the body and the effort of Edgar Cayce will be. There is the point of transformation, a crossroads, coming for Mr. Cayce, and whether his body remains in the material world or will be called into the spiritual world, depends on how well this group carries through its purpose.

54The meaning of the word, transformation, varies. To some, it means placing more emphasis on spirituality than on materiality; to others it means sensitivity to more sublime channels of spiritual power. For others, transformation means that their karmic influences have restyled, so that their vibrations can aid other individuals.

55What can we do to counterbalance the call from the other side?


57While it is good to look for further understanding, it is better to put to work what you already understand. You can ease or impede the Mr. Cayce’s predicament depending on how you apply your own abilities, your own talents, and your own understanding. You have indicated your wish to learn a plain-spoken approach to reincarnation and the origin of life and light for yourself and as a member of this group, in order to be a better instrument for manifesting life and light.

58Many of you have tried to resolve this predicament by applying what you know or feel. Now, as you look for direction in regards to your part in the work, apply what you know, and through testing it, gain a less confused understanding.


2 Show in yourself what you would give to another

59How you act in your individual lives, as well as with each other, creates vibrations visible to Mr. Cayce, who can measure the strength of your purpose. Each of you responded to the test. By what you have learned, you have created standards by which you measure your resolve. These standards can help you awaken both yourself and others.

60Partners of this group, by adding a little here, a little there, have gained understanding; that shows growth. Have you grown through your association with them? Have you been neglected by them? Then make demands of or give to the partnership, depending on what you need.

61You saw that, when tested, those of you whom desired understanding raised your vibrations. Pray that all of you desire understanding, and that you will endure in one mind. A partnership or a chain or a band is as strong as its weakest member.

62Whether your effort is wanting is a question each of you must answer for yourselves. Who has been made a judge? Who shows mercy, patience and understanding? Pray that each of you, as essential to the purpose of this group, finds the light within you that would give life, light, and understanding to others; for you who would be patient must show patience with those who have a different understanding or concept of life. You who would teach, you who would minister, you who would heal, must be able to show in yourselves what you would give another; for, as Christ said, "As I am in the Father and you are in me, so shall you know the way, for so is my Father magnified in the world."

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