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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 Not a problem to solve

116When these lessons are vital to you, when you deem them worthy and acceptable to other individuals, then, with the same might and power that comes from that one source, you will perceive how to transmit the lessons to individuals in every walk of life.

117In general, few of you have applied in your everyday lives the individual messages I gave you last time. You treat His presence as a thing apart: He is something to be experienced or He is something you become aware of only when you are disturbed. It should instead be your experience, knowledge and understanding that His presence dwells with you as you seek to do His biddings.

118Living in His presence is not a problem to solve. Living in His presence is not a reward like the physical satisfaction you enjoy from overcoming an obstacle.

119By living in His presence you experience joy, happiness, harmony, and love; it’s the fruit you find when you recognize and use the privileges that are yours, if you will, without overthinking it, recognize, know, and experience His presence. It lives with you if you’ll just recognize it, and understand its tie to your daily life.

120Put into practice what you know is the right choice in small matters, led by what I’ve provided you. Your contributions can help others who seek to know His presence and find the joy of His presence and the harmony and the peace that comes with dwelling in Him.


2 Grammar

121The deeds and personalities of Jesus and God are one, so the pronoun used can confuse you. Follow rather closely what I say. I use the pronouns in the same way He did: Him refers to the Father, He to the Son.

122In preparing the lessons, you may generally use Him and He in that manner, for it is generally understood by those who prefer good English, Him is rather inclusive, while He is definite or the one Son.




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