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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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88It would be worthwhile for your partnership, and later, for your students, to review the lessons up to this point before you begin.

89Each of your experiences is helpful to someone else, provided the experience compels him or her to move. Your dream of seeing Earth from space, as surely as a real experience, may be helpful to other seekers.

90Some of you seek a lifetime with people of similar beliefs; others of you seek and experience a lifetime that is individualistic.  But each of you, once you begin your search, absorbs the lessons in a way that makes sense to you.  The Spirit operates in the material world so that each of you hears, feels, and understands in your own language; you interpret the One through the filter of your own lifetimes.

91Yet all the interpretations are one, as you learned from the beginning, because the ideal must be one in Him.  Your relationships with one another must have one purpose and one aim.  In faith, recognize the virtue in what you have believed and what you have set before yourself.  In each experience during your day, find what enables you to answer the question, "What is it all about?"

92The success of your group depends on your cooperation with one another, and the lesson depends on each of you making your contribution.  You are a portion of the whole and must contribute your part.  The lesson can apply to the lives of a wide variety of individuals only if you prepare it that way.

93What a single finite mind can contribute will not touch everyone who reads these lessons, and that’s why your individual contributions, because they are living truths, will resonate in the lives and hearts of many people.  By you contributing experiences that could have come from their own lives, they are more likely to feel that their lives could improve what these lessons propose.

94Each of you must contribute to make the lesson complete. You are responsible to yourself, to the group, and to your Maker; and it is your personal conception of Him that you reflect in the completed lesson, and, ultimately convey to the minds of the individuals who would apply the lesson in their daily lives. 95Study my counsel regarding cooperation! Apply that to your individual lives and you will have what you need to carry on. Do not weary of doing good; that lesson, Patience, will follow Fellowship.

96You’ve done well on the lesson; I find it acceptable.  You are the first to consider virtue and understanding from this perspective.  The way you’ve presented it will lead many people to a greater understanding of the subject.

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