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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 Faith will bring you understanding of Him

77Faith is one of the stepping-stones by which you can find harmony as you work on these lessons.  Faith will bring you understanding of Him, the source of the good. You brighten the lives of others as a result of what you have built, what you are building, and what you will build as you apply the lessons that I recommend and that you contemplate.

78Each of you has an ideal. You grow spiritually according to how easy or difficult it is for you to apply your ideal to your daily life. The exercise has made you humble.

79You have also set an ideal for this group.  It grows towards its ideal by way of your cooperation with one another.  Practicing your ideal has yielded you insight into yourself; let that humility affect how you work with one another. You supplement your individual effort by working cooperatively with this group.

80I’d like to see the paragraphs in the outline fleshed out with your own experiences; I’d like to see how living your ideal has tested your faith or confidence.  Have you felt it consciously, through your senses; or have you felt it intuitively, through that spiritual perception that comes from close communion with the Holy Spirit, the promised Comforter – the consciousness of the Christ?


Marching orders

81Yes, I perceive Mr. Cayce’s dream, in which he traveled to various parts of the country, met various members of the group and presented them a message.

82I see not only each individual of the group, but also the mission the group aspires to fulfill.

83I also see who among you would most appeal to the people who live in a particular region; that is, who would most likely succeed in imparting the lessons based on geographic location.

84As you gather this information, you will begin to see who is most fit to present the message in each particular region.

85The means by which you teach the peoples of each region are symbolized by Mr. Cayce’s mode of transportation.  The vehicles of every imaginable type, as you saw in his dream represent possible methods of teaching the message.


3 Special ministries

86There are ministers, who, through faith, practice the laying on of hands, anointing with oil, and praying over their parishioners in the course of their services.  This is part of the orthodoxy of their religion.  Even outside of orthodox faith, you may discover such a talent exists in you, if you are willing to follow the spiritual forces that you ask to guide you.  Keep yourself unsoiled and avoid the world’s contamination, and treat your body with the reverence you regard a place of worship.

87As for who should practice faith healing, and teach it: you who feel called. As I’ve said before, some of your will feel called to teach, others to heal or to minister.  Others will find their calling through other attributes of His love, and that will be their way of serving Him in the material world. If you feel called, sanctify your bodies and your minds to humanity's service; lend to the Lord and he will repay faithfully.

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