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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 Give the lessons a soul that will live in others

63You have learned from previous lessons that to find your ideal, you must have singleness of purpose and work with your partners in a cooperative manner; this yields the ideal for the group. Though you have diverse ideas in your approach to the ideal, the purpose of discovering your ideal will blur those individual differences.

64I will give your group, or particular members of it, a sign when you have proposed the ideal that is one with Him. As He promised; "I will recall to your minds everything I have said to you; that’s how my Father will be seen for who he is in you."

65Each of you has made a contribution.  As you edit, weigh each point of view with equal respect. Reflect on each point of view with the same equanimity of thought, so that you don’t prejudice your judgment when you discuss the understanding of each individual. Through your wholehearted cooperation with one another, you fulfil your purpose, which is to pass along these lessons to others.

66Each of you should apply in your own daily lives what you have shared, and work to awaken someone through your understanding. Become a living example of the lessons that your neighbors will recognize in your daily affairs, and, later, in your published words. By your example, give the lessons a soul that may live in the hearts and minds of others. A beautiful truth not put into practice is indeed casting pearls before swine, who will return to their own mire.

67Much of what you have composed for the outline is good. Each of you should understand, though, that you and how you live these lessons is part of the lesson. If it isn’t, you’re wasting your time, for as He has said, many are called but few have answered.

68The harvest indeed is ripe and the laborers are few! The lords call for laborers in His vineyard. Who will work today? they call. The answer: You who have seen a vision of His love that you have set as your example, that you have set as your ideal.

69Ideals founded in human accomplishment lead to frustration!  Through your cooperation with one another, grounded in the spirit of truth, you animate the ideal founded in Him, just as you overcome death itself by applying yourselves to His will. Not my will but yours, O Lord, be done in me!

70The meditation should be, as you prepare the lessons of faith in yourself, in God, and in your ideal:

71Create in me a pure heart, O God! Open my heart to the faith you have implanted in all who seek your face! Help my unbelief in my God, in my neighbor, and in myself!


2 “Fear has crept in!”

72You have the opportunity, through Christ Consciousness, of understanding, yet some of you throw it away.

73How many partners have repented, or been in sackcloth and ashes?

74“How are demons cast out?” the disciples asked. “Why could not we, who have been imbued with Your own power, cast them out?”

75“Fear has crept in!” He told them. “You have neglected to pray. You have neglected to fast. Keep what is given, and parade nor flaunt it, but know that there is need for an awakening and it comes.”

76Find individuals to teach, minister to, or to form study groups.  Prepare them for their occupation, or you’ll doom your efforts before you start.

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