Edgar Cayce Edited  EdgarCayceEdited

What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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112Apply yourselves to the lessons I’ve given you.  This is how your consciousness admits the Master.  This is how He in turn shows you the way to the kingdom.

113The outline you present is good. You correctly state that you must choose to open the door; that one day you may see that opening the door is the way to approach the Son of man, the Savior; that opening the door will open your eyes to what the Creative Forces are doing in the material world, and your at-oneness with those Forces.

114Continue writing the lesson as you’ve begun it, but allow the style to reflect each individual’s voice and point of view, in order that these lessons find sympathy among the widest possible audience and accomplish the greatest good.

115For you who have not yet contributed to this lesson, begin the same way you’ve begun each lesson: How does cooperation lead to the open door?

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