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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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1 You know who

129Please give each member of the group an individual message regarding Love, calling the name of each as the message is given.

I have offered counsel that you may apply to your individual personality and to the work you need to do during this incarnation.

130Was each of us supposed to choose the one meant for us?

You know yourselves better than anyone else does!

131You gave 10 messages and there are 12 here; two didn’t get an answer.

Two of you didn't ask the question!


2 Are you wholly prepared?

132Here and there in this partnership, you who have attempted hardest have fallen short of what you should have accomplished.

133Are you, are any of your partners wholly prepared?

134Instead of presenting so many illustrations of love that you see expressed through other individuals, or through other means, present more of what comes from within you.

135Reveal examples from your own experience. Within is where you find truth, love, and life.

136Through sharing your own experiences, you add to the lesson on Love what will awaken in the hearts, the souls, and the minds of others a desire to know His ways better.

137You need compile only what your partnership has contributed, in a format and style that will be useful to other individuals who wish to apply these lessons to their own lives.

138In the end, the lessons should sum only those who have added to them.


3 Manifest life through love

139You have been chosen as channels, and each of you in your own way will bring the Spirit's response into your daily encounters with every soul, not acting alone, but manifesting life through love, for you and every soul are one – all believe, all have heard.

140Use what I’ve offered. Enter into the quietness of yourself and seek to know what He wants from you. The purpose for which this partnership was called and enjoined, was for each of you to work to show yourselves worthy of His approval, avoiding the appearances of evil, rightly sharing the words of truth, life, light, and love; and through your conversations and by your deeds day in and day out, demonstrate that love He offered and exemplified while on earth.

141Begin with what you’ve learned here, during these twelve lessons, and follow through. Use those results to put together a book that corresponds to the truth I’ve presented you.




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