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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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123What may help and benefit you in preparing the lesson is for the lesson to be more a result of the work you do on yourselves than my advice or counsel.

124If you examine yourself, you will find that the ability to draw anecdotes from your own life will help light the way for others who seek to know that God is one.

125To stimulate further discussion based on your own observations, you should make a sincere attempt to put what you know into practice.

126This should help each of you to contribute, to make you want to manifest the Oneness of the Father in Life; to desire it, to be on fire with that desire!

127Don’t let your dissection of the lesson become the object. It’s through your body in the Lord, through your oneness of purpose that you advance. Remember that your mind, your consciousness, is the builder: your oneness of purpose in Him defines the maze you must walk.

128It's time for you to start doing some work!

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