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Joy [288]: Does the dream I had last night, in which I travelled on a ship and arrived at the Statue of Liberty, indicate my part in this lesson? 

Source: Yes, symbolically. The statue stands for a spirit that is supposed to emanate from a nation, and you receive and record the developing spirit in the minds, hearts, and souls of many – the many thousands that may be reached through you. [COOPERATION.262.2:19]


Belle: During meditation, I kept seeing a large body of water; I could see it plainly.

Source: Belle, as you work with other women and men in your daily life, the promises of Christ, the Water of Life, will be made more plain, as plain as your vision of the large body of water, and what occurs beneath its surface. [COOPERATION.262.3:9]



Joy [288]: Tuesday morning, I dreamt of war. We were all on the roof of a building shooting from cubby-holes. Each of us had a post. I noticed a strip, or band, up in the air, about to break, and recognized it was holding up the building. I knew that if the band broke, the whole structure would crumble and thousands of people underneath would die, including us. I got permission to leave my post and went down and out of the building. I influenced people of higher authority to come and fix the strip so that the building would stand. What is the significance of this dream?

Source: You need to straighten yourself out, and you can only do that through the Source of all love, force, and power; then the framework of the refuge you are building can maintain its integrity, and protect the others who seek its shelter. [COOPERATION.262.5:12]


Joy: Will I be able to prophesy through dreams? 

Source: I prefer that you interpret your dreams, rather than prophesy through them. [COOPERATION.262.5:13]


Joy: Will I be able to interpret the dreams that come through me? 

Source: Yes. If you open yourself. If you allow yourself to be a channel. [COOPERATION.262.5:14]


Gertrude Cayce [Conductor]: Please interpret Edgar Cayce’s dream of Saturday morning.  He was in meditation with this group. He heard a voice calling but was prevented from answering by the group.

Source: Both the spiritual world and the material world need the efforts of Edgar Cayce, and he needs to concentrate on whichever of those worlds requires his attention most. Where the need is greater, that’s where he will focus.

Edgar Cayce is approaching a cross roads. His body will remain in the material world or he will be called into the spiritual world, depending on how well this group upholds its purpose. [COOPERATION.262.6:4]


Roberta [993]: Please interpret the dream of Saturday night, in which Mr. Cayce was testing or rousing the vibrations of individuals in the group.

Source: This is another version of the same theme. How you act in your individual lives, as well as with each other, creates vibrations visible to Mr. Cayce, who can measure the strength of your purpose. Each of you responded to the test. By what you have learned, you have created standards by which you measure your resolve. These standards can help you awaken both yourself and others.

It would be suitable if you not only knew, but felt, what it means to be measured not by what you own, but by what you can offer; or, to put it better, to know what it means to be an instrument of blessing to someone! As you have received, give, for Lo, I stand and knock. Who will open and let enter that peace and that joy, so there may be more light in your soul? Don’t dwell on the cares of the day or the hour. Don’t let things that threaten your physical body make you short-sighted by, for He that will come will not be denied. “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven.” As I am one with the Father, and you are one with me, so shall His will be done in earth as it is in heaven. [COOPERATION.262.6:6]


Sharon [115]: After group meditation, I dreamt I was talking to and walking with Joy [288]. She said, "They do not pay their rent." I asked who owned the place (we seemed to be near a house). Joy said, "Mr. Cayce [294]." The building seemed quite large and rambling and was in Virginia Beach. We wandered around the place, and I noticed much iron rubbish, both old and new.

Joy seemed to fade out of the picture, but I still wandered around the place. I discovered a lovely lake, clear as crystal. There were beautiful white swans swimming in it, being fed by loving, happy children. Looking across the lake I saw beautiful houses, like a new settlement of beautiful, happy homes, a white village with flower gardens, etc. Then I was so happy. I felt uplifted.

What is the significance of this dream?

Source: This is a picture of your developing soul and of your ripening ideal. Your mind reacts to events that occur during everyday life. You mentally take note of these events, and you unconsciously ask questions. When you dream, your unconscious provides the answers, using the same images you see every day as its language. So, images of everyday life represent your mental and spiritual state.

As you view the disorder around the house, which represents your effort to move towards mental and spiritual pursuits, your ideals rise above the rubbish you see in your dream. Your ideals are rising above material pursuits.

First, we dream, and then we build; that is the way of material life. Sometimes the dreams are visions which seem unattainable. These ideals are crystallized and then made real through the lives and efforts of other women and men, driven by the influence of the visionary individual – you! The ideals then act upon other people and make the vision possible and then a reality.

The peace and tranquility of the lake with its crystal fountains and swans, represent the peace and serenity that come with surroundings like these; the flowers, blossoms, and children represent hope. The dream is symbolic of your own visions and how you are raising the spiritual awareness of some of those around you, and how you may raise others. Hence, you are truly the missionary, the emissary. [KNOW.262.8:7]



Belle [560]: What service did I render in the temple during the Egyptian period, as the entity Isusi?

Source: Those in the temple sharpened their understanding by applying the laws of love. You taught individuals who wanted to be channels for spirituality how to apply the laws of love in their lives in a practical way; how to make practical, everyday use of the laws of love. [KNOW.262.8:9]



Roberta [993]: Were my two dreams of Sunday a glimpse of self-awakening? These are my dreams:

The first dream was a miniature statue of an adult. It seemed to have its place near me. I had a desire to take it into my aura. As I did it seemed to have life. I called Belle [560] to take it into her aura. She came but did not take it. She seemed afraid. I received joy by holding it in my arms and wanted her to have the same experience. 

In the second dream, I felt something being driven through the center of my left hand and on awakening the Master's hand appeared before me.

Source: It is a glimpse of your self-awakening. As the auras in you dream affected not only you but the area around you, so does your spiritual self-awakening move not only your life, but the lives to whom, with whom, and through whom, you minister. [KNOW.262.8:11]


Roberta: And the second dream?

Source: This shows another way in which God can stir within you an awareness of your true self, even if you aren’t looking for it. Let me make clear to all of you what self-awakening means.

It’s natural for your soul to experience this human lifetime where you’re moved mostly by physical stimulation, without considering the Source of your material existence, or feeling the need to understand your lives, why you are here, or that you have been here many times, when in fact you have apprehended life many times before. It is not your nature to think about the continuity of your soul until something awakens your curiosity. You must be made to want to discover that your life has more meaning than your immediate concerns.

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In the second dream, individuals without an awareness of their spiritual identity are being acted upon much in the same way as is an individual who is not aware of the holiness of a brother. However, this occurs not through your physical senses, but through your intuition, through an awareness of a presence. The dream is telling you that those who are standing outside, who are incurious, are in the process of, and ultimately must become awed by your spiritual development, as well as by the development of this group and what it stands for! [KNOW.262.8:12]



Joy [288]: Is the interpretation correct of the vision I had yesterday morning, and was the lesson I got from it also correct? 

This is Joy’s vision:

I appeared amid a group of people. We were standing.  We were packed closely together. We were dressed in white and blindfolded. Each of us was trying to take off our bandage and put it on someone else. Just having arrived, I did not have a bandage over my eyes, and I realized that they were all approaching me with the intention of putting one on me. Reasoning with myself, I knew that if I resisted them they would overcome me by their great number. So, I withdrew myself mentally, closed my eyes and separated myself mentally from them, at the same time saying the little prayer on Knowing Self. As I did so, I used my hands as wings and slowly began to rise. The others were prevented from touching me by my state of consciousness. As my feet rose a little above their heads, I could see them clamoring and reaching, trying to catch hold of my feet. I rose higher and higher, getting lighter and lighter, and it became easier and easier for me to transcend space. As I passed through each plane of development my form changed, and I became transparent. Finally, I reached my goal and stopped moving. I was a round ball, and reminded myself very much of the full moon as it looks to us from the earth. I could see myself and feel myself - my consciousness was in me (the ball), all around, and everywhere. Then I melted - evaporated, the same as smoke or a cloud, and became one with and a part of the whole universe. I felt the most all-inclusive feeling of wonder and pleasure that I have ever experienced; it’s a feeling impossible to put it into words.) 

Source: It’s partly true. It would be better if you would view the symbols in this vision concretely. It would be better if you would wait and see if the interactions that you felt were happening between you and the individuals in your vision actually do occur; then you’d know how accurate your vision was. [KNOW.262.9:4]




Joy: What is the deeper significance of this dream? 

Source: Better wait and see! [KNOW.262.9:5]



Belle [560]: Upon awakening I remembered the following, which I want you to interpret, please.

I was in a boat, suspended quite high from the deck, seemingly in a hammock which rocked back and forth over the side of the deck. I realized there was an ocean beneath and if I was thrown out what the result would be. Then the words came, "Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done." I then saw, as it appeared to me, a beautiful, white-robed angel in the heavens.

Was I dreaming? Did I imagine it? Was it a realization?

Source: As I see it, this is a symbolic vision of your awakening to the plight of the world, your own dilemma, and the source of help and aid that may come through the combined efforts of those in the group, which are characterized by the net-like hammock. There are many souls floundering in the sea. You see the white light of truth. May peace, harmony, contentment, and the joy of service come to you all. [KNOW.262.9:16]



Roberta: [993] Please explain the message of the dream I had last month, in which there was a beautiful white horse climbing up the side of a high wall. I seemed to be looking down upon him, and as he came nearer I became afraid and put my hand upon his head, and as I did his head became that of a man.

Source: As I have observed time and again of the possible effects that spiritual awakening can have upon your minds and bodies, these effects may confuse you; more so because each of you is in a different stage of development.

Yet - as your dream showed you – if you would welcome the approach of the spiritual entities who wish to help you with your spiritual development, and let them nudge you, you would understand that you are the child of God.

The same is true of those who suffer in body or mind, or those whose lives are unstable: If they would open themselves to spiritual influence, they would be reassured as they begin to understand that they, too, are the children of God! [KNOW.262.9:17]



Gertrude Cayce [Conductor]: Please discuss the dream Mr. Cayce had in February, in which he went everywhere, in every imaginable vehicle, and presented a box to a member of the group at each place.

Source: Yes, I have Mr. Cayce’s dream, in which he traveled to various parts of the country, met various members of the group, and presented them a message.

I see not only each individual of the group, but also the mission the group aspires to fulfill.

I also see who among you would most appeal to the people who live in a particular region; that is, who would most likely succeed in imparting the lessons based on geographic location.

As you gather this information, you will begin to see who is most fit to present the message in each particular region.

How you teach the peoples of each region are symbolized by Mr. Cayce’s mode of transportation.  The vehicles of every imaginable type, as you saw in his dream represent possible methods of teaching the message. (The purpose of this reading was to issue the partners of the group their marching orders.) [FAITH.262.16]



Joy [288]: One afternoon recently, while present at a reading on an unrelated subject, I saw a prophet, Christ on the cross, and the all-seeing eye! Exactly what should I understand and gain from this experience?

Source: You had this vision as a sign that God has heard your prayers and supplications, and that He replied to you the same way He answered the prophets of old. The way of the cross is opening for all humankind to see because God is working through you.  The prophet and Christ figures represent a portion of the life you are living now; make yourself more and more the channel of blessings for others. [VIRTUE.262.17:37]



Mrs. Hildts [69]: The phrase “18 carat gold” was repeated over and over during meditation. What does the phrase mean?

Source: That’s how you would have judged the value of your ideas, if you could have weighed them by a material standard. [VIRTUE.262.18:7]



Nalani: I had a dream several weeks ago, in which I was permitted to see the world from a distance, as though from space. Would you please interpret my dream if it would help this group? 3

Source: Each of your experiences is helpful to someone else, provided the experience compels him or her to move. Your dream, as surely as a real experience, may be helpful to other seekers.

Some of you seek a lifetime with people of similar beliefs; others of you seek and experience a lifetime that is individualistic.  But each of you, once you begin your search, absorbs the lessons in a way that makes sense to you.  The Spirit operates in the material world so that each of you hears, feels, and understands in your own language; you interpret the One through the filter of your own lifetimes.

Yet all the interpretations are one, as you learned from the beginning, because the ideal must be one in Him.  Your relationships with one another must have one purpose and one aim.  In faith, recognize the virtue in what you have believed and what you have set before yourself.  In each experience during your day, find what enables you to answer the question, "What is it all about?" [VIRTUE.262.18:36]

[Joy’s note: Nalani told me later, that she and Mai came late into the group. Hailey [2125] said to them, "Why don't you start your own group?" Nalani said to Mai [413], "I don't think I'll go any more - they don't seem to want us." At another meeting, she told Mai afterwards, "I don't think I'll go any more - I don't know what it's all about!" She then submitted this question at the next reading for the group and was convinced beyond question of the answer’s divine source.]



Nalani [585]: Interpret the meaning of the drops of blood which I saw in meditation last week.

Source: Scripture has taught you that without the shedding of blood there is no purification.  Your unconscious mind is using that symbol to make you aware of one aspect of your life. This confuses your body!

In making yourself aware of a portion of your own development, you have made the drops of blood represent your mental and spiritual purification, in order that you might be more aware in your waking life of the awareness that has reached your mental and spiritual self. You’ve received an omen: know that you are aroused!

Don’t go back to sleep! [FELLOWSHIP.262.23:8]



Belle [560]: Please interpret the following which I received during meditation: "That I may touch the hearts, the souls, the minds of others."

Source: It’s a message from the Infinite to the infinite part of yourself, seeking to use you to reach others: a call. Be true to that, all the more as the Infinite increases your opportunities and abilities – and your potency to stir the hearts, the souls and the minds of women and men you meet as you work on these truths, truths you may communicate as lessons or in thought, truths you may carry as a single message to awaken Christ Consciousness in their lives and hearts. [FELLOWSHIP.262.23:11]





Roberta [993]: Please interpret the meaning of the lights which I saw about Mr. Cayce’s head during the last reading.

Source: These may be a symbol of the close relationship between you and Mr. Cayce.  You saw these lights through him.  You have often seen spiritual essences manifested in the material plane during your work with Mr. Cayce. The events you witness reflect the spiritual.

Remember the laws I just stated! What’s made manifest in three dimensions is a shadow of that from which it emanates! So, the lights you saw recall your lifetimes in the various epochs in which conditions for you were much as they are now. You associate these conditions with those of a particular moment or period that you call time. You are harmonizing yourself to what is being manifest.

You all are wading in rather deep water! But learn what you are doing! [FELLOWSHIP.262.23:9]



Fiona: [295] During meditation, recently, a voice asked, “Fiona, can you reach–?” and then stopped suddenly. Did I hear the entire question? Did it refer to this lesson?

Source:  Compare that with what I just said: purge yourself through patience of what would keep you from entering in. [PATIENCE.262.26:28]


Roberta: During a previous reading, what did you mean by "All are wading in rather deep water! But learn what you are doing"?

Source: As I have indicated before, there are varying degrees of spiritual development among the members of this group. Some of you can’t absorb Roberta’s experience; it recalled similar incidents marking her spiritual growth in her previous lifetimes. To you, her experience, and the concepts for which it is evidence, is deep water, beyond your understanding. To you who seek to know His face, rather than find fault in those who seek:

Know that your experience is in accord with what you are seeking through your ideal. [GLADHELPERS.281.8:26]



Belle: During meditation, I saw the Christ walking with a shepherd's rod in His hand.  Beside Him was one lone sheep. And then I saw Him again, and there were many sheep beside Him. Is this in any way related to the lesson, The Open Door?

Source: He is the way.  He stands at the door.  Those who hear His voice are His sheep and He the good shepherd.  Many may become His sheep if they seek to be one with Him.

This is an illustration of The Open Door.  If you have done, are doing, and will do those things contained in the lessons, you may open the door for others to enter the fold.  They hear His voice and answer by name as He calls.  "There are other sheep I have that live outside of this pen," He spoke. "I will bring them, too, and the two flocks will be one flock."

The same applies to you.  You seek with Him and through Him.  You seek through the door that you’ve opened to Him.  It is just as he said, "I do nothing myself."

We may, by opening the door with Him, be one with Him in the Father.  We may all be one in Him. [DOOR.262.28:13]




A personal message for Mai [413]:

Source: The visions you have during meditation furnish you with insight into the motives and conduct of the individuals you work with every day. When you respond, don’t be afraid to drop Jesus’ name, and to describe His walks with you during meditation. [DOOR.262.30:4]



Benjamin [2124]: What was the significance of the dream I had in which I saw an incline, three­­­ houses tied together, a man drowning, bubbles, and so forth.

Source: Your recognition of your soul’s course goes through various stages of development.  This development occurs in both visible and invisible – in both physical and astral – planes of existence.  Your conscious mind finds it easier to relate to your soul and its direction through what is happening in your day to day life, which your soul represents to you through images such as houses, knots, drowning, bubbles, and so forth. It uses those images as building blocks to make your soul’s message relevant and immediate. These items are familiar. Your soul assembles them to represent your growth during this lifetime.

What you saw in the vision represents what parts of the physical plane, and what parts of the astral plane you should incorporate into your waking mind. Your visions represent either the decline in your consciousness of material things; or in the case of the bubbles, your comprehension of realms of life that are incapable of being the dwelling place of humankind alone. You must develop through various stages in other spheres before you can gain access to that force from which all spiritual authority emanates. The same is true for all humankind. [PRESENCE.262.32:8]


Benjamin: What is the significance of the dream immediately following, in which I saw spirits, got messages from them, and passed the messages on to people.

Source: It was Part 2 of the vision just given.  The stage of your development in the astral planes limits how much you’re able to understand, and you can affect only as many people as your spiritual understanding allows. [PRESENCE.262.32:9]


Benjamin: What links the first and second dream?

Source: All the images are tied together – the house, the water, the rope – they are one. O, that all men would know, "Know, O children of men, the Lord your God is the only Lord!" Each spirit, each manifestation of life is one. Any manifestation in the physical plane is one. Any manifestation in this or another astral sphere is one. Any manifestation in any place or orbit or realm where the purpose is to develop an understanding of One - Him - I Am - God - Jehovah - Yahweh – it is all one! [PRESENCE.262.32:10]



Mr. Hildts [Mrs. Hildts’ (69’s) husband]: What was the meaning of my experience during meditation?

Source: The strength of the Spirit arouses every atom of your physical and mental body. Your experience was the shadow of the spark and the shadow of your determination to choose what you know is His way. [PRESENCE.262.33:9]


Roberta [993]: Please interpret the message I received earlier, when a voice told me, "It is time for you to take the Holy Grail.”

Source: Coupled with these continuing lessons and your own work, reading the quest of the Holy Grail would bring you the proper interpretation of what the vision means to you and how you might use its meaning right now. You will see in the story of the quest what He meant when He enjoined, "You must eat of my body and drink of my blood," and why it is necessary for you to partake of his “body” and his “blood.” [CROSS.262.34.7]


Nalani [585]: Whose voice did I hear speak to me three days ago, and what was the message?

Source: You feel there is a manifestation of a force, a power from without. This is built into what you, through your experience, attribute to such an influence and power over your consciousness.

To be sure, this was a manifestation – but rather than being specific, rather than being an entity acting on you from without, it was in fact the awakening within you of your own capacity to associate and connect and communicate with those influences from without. As was said a long time ago, if you will hold and magnify within your consciousness what you desire, that voice, that presence that would help you attract various women and men, must be from the universal influences, or from His messenger. May this be magnified in you and for you. Be mindful that it is not clothed in some other power. [ONE.262.40:9]



Mrs. Hildts [69]: Who was I talking to last month and just why am I getting this experience?

Source: Don’t be afraid when you hear, "It is I." See these experiences as ordeals provided to you to make you aware of how your inner self may be controlled by those powers, those influences that you entertain.

Be mindful that you entertain strangers that come to you in your consciousness; they penetrate your inner self and they reach to the cosmic spheres. These are often angels. Clothe and feed them only upon the words and the urgings of the spirit of truth, and through these strangers may come those experiences you have long sought: the time is near at hand. [ONE.262.40:10]


Mrs. Hildts: Is this information that I have been receiving the past four nights coming from some source other than my subconscious?

Source: To be sure, and these are worth entertaining. [ONE.262.40:11]


Mrs. Hildts: Who is doing the talking?

Source: Who do you want? Who would your inner self entertain?

"Seek and you shall find" is spoken for your soul, is spoken for those who would be your guides, the influences in your lifetimes, and this citation bears on what you are presently studying, The Lord Your God Is One.

Do not attribute the voice to forces lower than His emissaries. [ONE.262.40:12]



Mr. Hildts [Mrs. Hildts’ (69’s) husband]: Please explain in a manner that I may correctly interpret, "Keep to your present opportunity, that of conveying to those you meet your vision of what lies ahead." What is the vision?

Source: The vision is what you hold as you approach the throne, the consciousness of the divine that is within you.

You are often in a quandary, and fearful of being ridiculed for attributing your impressions to contact with the various influences. Don’t be reluctant to bear witness, by word or act, to your friends and co-workers, nor underestimate the potential of bearing witness to the power the manifestations conveyed to you during your encounter, and their impact on you. By your witness each soul and each individual becomes more and more aware of the oneness of the Father in the world. [ONE.262.40:13]



Adrienne [303]: One night some weeks ago, I saw an exceedingly bright sphere floating above me. It seemed to be moving within itself as well as through space. What should I make of this?

Source: As a group of individuals, you are reaching that place in your lifetime, where the signs, where the current running through you, where the consciousness within each of you, has become acutely aware of the lessons and the truths that I am providing, the lessons and truths that you are to express during your encounters with others, and nurture in yourselves and in the lives of other seekers.

So, in your vision, it is the world without and the world within – their movements coordinating with each other as one. The brightness of the orb itself reflects the impulse within you to radiate beyond yourself the light, the understanding, and the enlightenment that is obtained from within.

Well was it said by Him, "You do not light a lantern to put it under a basket."

For the same reason, while you are conscious of vibrating more and more closely with the light that shines more than ever into the darkness; and though there may come strife, though there may come disappointments, though there may come turmoil from without and from within; know that His peace promotes harmony between you and God – with the cooperation of your personality and individuality. [ONE.262.40:14]



Adrienne: How I may devote myself to the love of His ways?

Source: The same as in your vision. Let the light which is created from within propel the light that illuminates those around you, harmonizing the motivation of your inner self and the acts of your outer self. Let what others see be motivated by the light from the love of the Giver of life, light, and immortality. [ONE.262.40:15]



Mrs. Hildts [69]: What did you mean by "It is I" and the "Time is near at hand" during the last reading?

Source: I have been saying for some time, now, what is to happen and who is to speak. Have you reached the state that you’ve forgotten it, or not looked for nor expected, nor understood it? And as to what the message is to be, or who it is to be from? If you have forgotten that, you are falling away! [ONE.262.41:8]


Belle [560]: In a vision, I saw an arm and I was told to touch it. And after touching it, it became an arm of flesh. What should I make of this?

Source: As I have noted, respecting your visions or encounters, you may be a better interpreter of your own experiences, provided, of course, you want to know your spiritual influences, are willing to be guided by them, and yield to their urgings.

Your interpretation is correct for the most part, but I see the vision from a universal, rather than from an individual point of view. [ONE.262.41:11]




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