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What if Edgar Cayce had spoken plain English? 
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This section, which I excerpted from the readings which became the book, A Search for God, the 262 series, includes both the partners’ questions and the Source’s reply, as channeled through Edgar  Cayce. They are images that occurred during sleep, meditation, or a waking vision. For reference purposes, the reading number is in brackets at the end of the Source’s reply. An abbreviated chapter name in A Search for God, which that reading helped to form, precedes each reading number. The number of the specific paragraph in the reading follows the colon.

When Gladys Davis began archiving Edgar Cayce’s readings, she gave each person who asked Mr. Cayce a question during a reading, a number, to protect their privacy, rather than using their name. This is the number that appears in brackets at the beginning of the paragraph. If that person attended other readings and asked a question, Miss Davis used the same number in lieu of his or her name. In my opinion, though, the numbers in brackets lack personality, and they’re difficult to keep straight; they’re even devoid of sex. To give the participants more distinction, I've assigned each bracketed number a fictional name.  In Appendix 1, I've included all the biographical details about the individuals that the bracketed numbers represent which are available from the Edgar Cayce Readings.

The name of one number in brackets, [585], is public information. This is Ruth Lenoir, who revealed her identity in 1978. The names of other bracketed numbers can be inferred from the list of names at the beginning of each original Reading, and my inferences are a result my scrutiny of those lists. I’ve maintained the fictional names, though, because in the Readings, as in fiction, it is a character’s development that’s important, rather than who may have inspired her or him.

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