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 Love: Lesson XII




4.16.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:10 to 4:25 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group #1, members of which are present in this room; also a copy of the Lesson, The Lord Thy God Is One, which I hold in my hand. You will go over this lesson as I call each paragraph, making such suggestions for change or additions that would more completely express the truth we are trying to convey. You will answer the questions which we will ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group and the individuals, and the lesson that has been prepared by members of the group.

3. Ready for questions.

(The answer for each paragraph, 1 through 32, is, "Very good.”)

4.  (Q) Please give us the affirmation for the lesson, Love.


In the preparation, then, for your study of the self that you have refined through your work on these lessons, you have developed a better concept of the Father, of the Son, and of why He, the Son, came into the earth. You now understand that as sons of God you might have access to the throne of mercy, grace, peace and pardon through the Son through His life by way of meeting these same trials in your own lives.

For, he that would expect mercy must show mercy to his fellow man; he that would find peace and harmony in the love of God must act with love, peace, and harmony towards humankind.

And, as you have had your problems, your own trials in reaching this understanding as you studied and prepared yourself to give truth, light, and even the words of life for others, so may you as you prepare this present lesson find love that surpasses understanding; peace, as He gives peace; love, as He gave love.

For, if you prepare yourself, you may in this lesson find Him as a brother who would speak with you.

For, His promises are sure; just as He stated, "I will not leave thee comfortless, but will come to you."

"If ye love me, keep my commandments - that I may abide with you," and through you shed abroad the light, the Love of God, unto the sons of men!

5. We are through.

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4.30.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:30 to 5:00 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group #l, members of which are present in this room. Please provide us aid in preparing the lesson, Love. You will answer the questions we ask.

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

3. As discussed previously, you have prepared yourselves in this way or that manner.

4. You are anticipating what you may become aware of, what you may manifest in your life respecting Him who was love made manifest.

5. Here and there in this group, you who have attempted hardest have fallen short of what you should have accomplished.

6. The first lesson you must learn: Love is the expression of what’s inside you.

7. When you indulge in slights, slurs, or even suspicions towards other women or men, you cannot be expressing all of what love should be and should mean.

8.  For, "He so loved the world as to give His own son." And He has asked everyone, "Love me, keep my commandments, that I may abide in thee even as I abide in the Father."

9. You believe, and yes, you know and you understand that what hinders your soul is selfishness and self-centeredness, exclusively, and these prevent in you even the dawning of what love means.

10. You recognize maternal love when you see it, and love in friendship, and love of an ideal; they are part of everyone's experience.

11.  Yet, to know the whole truth that makes one free indeed; the love that prevents slurs, slights, unkind remarks, falterings here and disappointments there, in things, in people, and in circumstances; to preserve faith, the foundation of manifesting in your life, few have found this.

12. Are you, is anyone in the group, then, wholly prepared?

13. For, in His presence have you opened the door and been satisfied, or not even dismayed at times, at what you’ve seen within yourself?

14. Has He entered with you in your daily conversations with one another?

15.  You have purpose, yes; your aims are high and your desires mount; yet you have not left yourself in the background. Instead, you occupy the foreground - even as Satan did.

When Christ answered as to who was the Son of man, when He was threatened with mental and physical suffering, Satan needed to be upbraided, for such things must not be when God himself walks in the earth. Yet with love, as He demonstrated, he was able even then to say, "Get thee from me, for thou savorest rather the things that be of the earth than the things of life."

16.  Then, come, my children! Attend to what you’ve secured in yourself. Put on the whole armor and be fruitful in the love of Him who calls, that everyone should hear, should know, and should understand, that God is in His heavens and that His love endures even for those who harden their hearts and wills, that no one should perish. Rather, that through the love you manifest in your daily walks and daily activities, you may exemplify the love which compels you to offer everything within you as a result of He, the Master, having spoken with you!

17. Don’t lose strength, don’t be defeated. Don’t lose patience with your sister or brother, or with your neighbor, or - most of all - with yourself.

18.  For, as Jesus said, "In patience possess ye your souls" that you may know Him as your elder brother, who is at the right hand of God to make intercession for you day by day; and who calls unto all who will listen, "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me."

19.  Through the results of your speech and actions day by day, you gain awareness of His love, the love that surpasses all human understanding, yet is a practical, personal love that creates joy in the services you may render - even in the toils, pain, and misunderstandings that shape the lives of so many that would walk with Him!

20.  In the deed, in the act, we see what He promised come to each, that "I will come and abide with thee - If ye love me, keep my commandments." For, these are neither grievous nor hard to bear when you do not seek to exalt yourself in the day or in the hour.

21.  "Ye that have known me knoweth my Father also, for I am in Him, and ye in me may know that love that maketh the life burn as an ember in a darkened and unregenerated world. For unto me must come all that would find the way. I AM the way. Ye are my brethren. Ye have been b
egotten in the flesh through the love made manifest in the earth."

22. Finally, in the spirit and in the mind that has brought you to your understanding and consciousness of His love made manifest, abide day by day.

23. We are through.

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5.14.1933 Norfolk, VA

4:15 to 4:45 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group #1, members of which are present in this room along with their work on the lesson, Love. You will answer the questions which we will ask.

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

3. You may find in this lesson what you’re seeking. By taking the lesson to heart and applying it, what each of you seeks to manifest through the lesson, you may in fact manifest. As you endeavor to make manifest, you may find what you seek.

4. You may see it expressed in a baby's smile; in the hope, in the light, in the seeking, in the manifestation of that which is love undefiled.

5. You may see it in the rose, as it seeks - with what it was endowed - to make manifest beauty that glorifies its Maker.

6. You may find what you seek in friendship, when you speak without thought of yourself; it’s the expression of love glorified through the friendliness that comes with friendship.

7. You may find what you seek in the beauty of a song, in the harmony that expresses the soul within; whether through instruments or by the soul raised in praise to the Giver of light.

8. You may find what you seek by doing the duty that may be your lot that, without thinking about yourself, you execute for purely worldly reasons, yet you manifest love, from wholly imitating His life, His love, till He comes again!

9.  You may find you can manifest what you seek in the way you talk during discordant circumstances that arise every day between you and the people you meet, and how you can encourage someone with a kind word – in effect giving a cup of water to anyone wanting one or needing one. You may show those individuals the love that is manifest in "God Is love."

10.  You may find what you seek by doing with your hands the work that comes your way each day and doing it well, making yourself useful, so that in each moment of your life you glorify the expression, "As ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."

11. You may find what you seek in the satisfaction of having a contented heart, in knowing that, in the course of each day, you have taken advantage of the opportunity to show kindness here, that you have gone out of your way to make the lot of a neighbor brighter and more joyous.

12. You may find what you seek in the days to come, when you occupy those positions that may be shaped for you or accorded you through the lives of other individuals who have spent their talents in the service of Him who may call them; that your family honor might be what brings you knowledge of your life and your heart, as you spend your time in His service day by day.

13. Ready for questions.

14. (Q) Please give a definition on At-one-ment.

(A) At-onement may be stated the same way as atonement. At-onement, then, is making your will one with the Creative Forces, which in turn become the driving influence in your thought and mind, and your mind is the builder of your every act, whether in the physical, mental or material body.

Then, in making at-onement, your will, is made one with the Creative influences in your incarnation.

15.  (Q) On "the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin."

(A) As we described, without the shedding of blood there was no remission of sin. Shedding blood was the beginning of humankind’s concept of making atonement for the wrongs done to itself and by itself in relationship to the Creative Forces.

For, the error that an individual or that humankind makes is more often against himself or the species than it is for the breaking of any law related to divine influence in the incarnations of a single individual or the development of a race of humans.

For, love is law - law is love, in its essence. And breaking the law requires atonement and forgiveness, in order to diminish the error or uproot its affect on the individual’s incarnation.

Hence, in shedding his blood, the man Jesus atoned for all men, through making Himself at-one with the law and with love. For through love, God gave you the desire to join His brother in a state of at-onement.

Atonement, or the shedding of blood, redeemed humankind, and showed it the way to at-onement with Him.

16. (Q) Do you have any advice on the paper, Present World Conditions, which we have sent to Dallas, Texas? [3976-11, Par. R1]

(A) This should be re-sent to Holland's, in Dallas, Texas.

17. (Q) Please give each member of the group an individual message on Love, calling the name of each as the message is given.

(A) We have offered counsel that you may apply to your individual personality and your incarnation.

18. (Q) Were the messages for each to choose?

(A) Each knows themselves better than you may tell 'em!

19.  (Q) There were two more present than messages were given.

(A) They didn't ask!

20.  (Q) Any message for the group as a whole?

(A) Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Study the lessons He provided. He presented Himself, his entry anticipating His return to the glory that He had before the world was, before His crowning, so that you in your lifetimes could experience what he did. If you live your life so that it manifests His love, the very rocks and stones will cry out in praise, even if you keep your mouths shut.

Yet these lessons will bring you all you seek, if you show forth the love He gave. Indeed, "Though one may possess all things and have not love, his life is nothing."

21. We are through.

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5.28.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:25 to 5:10 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group #1; also their work on the lesson, Love. We present a copy of the preparation so far, a copy of which I hold in my hand. We seek guidance in completing this lesson. You will answer the questions that we may ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group of individuals; also their work and that presented on the lesson, Love. Much of that is good.

3. Rather than illustrating so many of the manifestations that you see expressed in others or in things, present more of what comes from within you.

4. Give examples from your own experience, that you may find within yourself the truth, the love, and the life.

Life, in all its manifestations, drives every animate force, every creative force, and every action; and life drives the love of expressing that life. Truth is a result of life's love expressed – but these are barren turns of speech – unless you experience them in the consciousness of your own soul.

5. Then, commune more often in your inner shrine, in the holy of holies, the throne room of God’s presence. Meet the presence of the Father there; know the love of the Christ in action; experience and see truth and the Holy Spirit in the results that come from making your ideals sacred.

6.  You may have the experience of speaking with Him through making your ideals sacred; for His promises are true, "I will not leave thee comfortless, but will come and abide with thee."

7. Through such of your own experiences, then, may you add to the lesson on Love what will awaken in the hearts, the souls, and the minds of others a desire to know His ways better.

8.  You have been chosen as channels, and each of you in your own way will bring the Spirit's response into your daily encounters with every soul, not acting alone, but manifesting life through love, for you and every soul are one – all believe, all have heard.

If you have them, let your eyes see, and your ears hear, what the Spirit says to you during meditation.

9.  By virtue of your heart’s abundance you speak, while the love of the Father through the Son constrains1 you, if you will be less selfish, less self-centered, and more desirous of demonstrating His love, His abundant mercy, His peace, and the harmony that comes from being quiet in the Lord, being joyous in service, and being happy in whatever state you find yourself, knowing that he whom the Lord loves He calls into service, if you will just seek His way rather than "my way or your way." Let your yeses be yeses in the Lord. Let your understanding guide your spiritual pursuit, for it alone is eternal.

10. For, the children of light are called – this moment – into service, that His day may be hastened, lest many grow weak.

11. Ready for questions.

12.  (Q) Please give a definition for, "God so loved the world as to give His only begotten son."

(A) A beautiful lesson has just been given, as well as a definition, but this may suit you better:

God, the Father, the first cause…2 brought the world into being as we (as individuals) observe it – through love, at the same time offering humankind, His creation, His creatures, the ability to become one with Him. He brought the son we call the Son of man, the Christ Spirit, the love made manifest, into material being in a plane we call earth.

That son was shown the way through the love of the Father, and He made manifest that love in giving His earthly, material life for a cause, an example, a mediation, a contact with the Father, and a mediator for man. Hence in love, through love, God is love through Christ Consciousness, through the Christ Spirit, and the Son of man made love manifest through all His experiences on earth.

Hence, as stated by the beloved disciple, John: "God so loved the world as to give His only begotten son,” that you, through Him, might have life – might have God – more abundantly. He, though He was the Son, learned obedience through the things which He suffered.

If you climb up any other way than by submitting to those circumstances that you meet every day, the same as He did, then you sneak in through some other channel. The servant may never be greater than the master. He has promised that you may be equal and one with Him – but only through Him, through His manifestations. Through Him you live in the earth, you move, and you have your being.

13.  (Q) What did you mean, just now, by “the children of light?”

(A) They whom choose to be guided by His will and did not, through themselves, attempt to manifest their own will rather than the will of the Father.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. He said, Let there be light - and there was light. Like begets like, and light is both cause and effect. They whom choose some other way become the children of darkness, and they are known by these traits: envy, strife, and hate; and these yield sedition and rebellion and the like.

The children of light first love, for "Though I may have the gift of prophecy, though I may speak in unknown tongues, though I give my body to be burned and have not the spirit of the Son of man, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Spirit, I am nothing." The children of light know Him, and He calls each of them by their name.

14.  (Q) [404] and [462]: Please give us a message in regard to our experiences.

(A) Be patient in doing good. Count not the time long, for in so doing you give the forces of doubt a place in your own experience; and he that doubts, or looks back, is worse than an infidel. Much joy and peace have come to you; the little discouragements that make you falter, if you keep your heart singing, will bring you brighter joys and greater appreciations, and the glories of the Son may be made the brighter in your experience.

Live each day as if you were to meet Him the next. In that anticipation and in that glory, let not those things that would hinder you have a place in your consciousness. Thus do His children and His brethren manifest that faith that removes mountains.

15.  (Q) [69]: When may I expect the promise given me to be fulfilled?

(A) In waiting, in being overanxious, you often delay the appearing. Rather, open yourself, and know that He will speak with you. "Be not afraid, it is I." Then, when you’re open, there will come - not one, but many - such experiences.

16.  (Q) How may I open myself more than I am doing?

(A) By entering more into His throne room, into your inner self.

17.  (Q) [295]: May I have a message on the lesson?

(A) In you may there be manifested that love, the same as He showed in you during your incarnation as a minister with and for Him. The promises He made you are true, if you represent the spirit of love, faith, hope, and charity as He did. "If ye love me, keep my commandments" is ever the call of Him.

18.  (Q) [993]: Why do records entities are making come constantly to me, and a desire to know more about them?

(A) As you know, in a previous lifetime you kept the records of the individual souls whom solemnly devoted themselves to accomplish specific conditions in the experiences and in the affairs of the sons of men.

Your experience of seeing and feeling – and even of visioning, at times – these accomplishments by entities, by groups, is just a portion of your development towards those marks of higher calling that you may ground only in Him.

By exalting Him, and not yourself, you become conscious of what He would accomplish through you.

So keep, just as was said of Jesus’ mother, "She pondered these and kept them in her heart," knowing that there will be revealed - even as you are put to service for others – what stimulation your soul needs for broader and better service in His name.

There is no other name given under heaven by which humankind may be saved.

19. (Q) Please explain what you meant in the Life Reading given [329] that he would be offered work on the 15th of May?

(A) The way was opened. You may assist him in understanding what he needs to do for his material and his mental self, for his perseverance is to only give him understanding of his relationships to time, space, condition, relations, and individuals.

20.  (Q) Any message for the group as a whole at this time?

(A) Use what we’ve offered. Enter into the quietness of yourself and seek to know what He wants from you. For, as you know, the purpose for which this group was called and enjoined, was for each of you to work to show yourselves worthy of His approval, avoiding the appearances of evil, rightly sharing the words of truth, life, light, and love; and through your conversations and by your deeds day by day, demonstrate that love He offered and exemplified while on earth.

21. We are through.

1 An example of Cayce’s poetic use of language: constraint, in the dictionary, means both urging forward and holding back.  God urges you forward, Cayce seems to say, but with discipline.

2 What’s missing is this incomplete thought: “…seeking - in the manifestations of Himself -…”

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6.11.1933, Virginia Beach, VA

4:35 to 5:05 PM, EST

1. GC: You have before you the Norfolk Study Group No.1 and their work on the lesson, Love. You will give to each member of the group, as I call their names, a personal message which will aid in their own experience. You will then answer the general questions which I will ask.

2. EC: [Acknowledges group.]

3. To gain from this lesson, as we have said, you must have in your own heart and soul what you would have Him manifest in your relationships with other women and men.

4. As you seek in your own way, you will find a more personal idea of what Christ Consciousness means for you day to day.

5. Ready for questions.

6.  (Q) Please furnish a personal message for: [379]:

(A) Your own life is the answer. You are a living example of the love which He manifests in you who seek to know His way. Don’t tire of doing good.

7. (Q) [295]:

(A) Seek to live what you have learned, here. Let your endeavors glorify Him, for He may forgive you in the same measure as you proffer love. Abide by what He said, and conduct your affairs in the light.

8.  (Q) [585]:

(A) Work hard to earn His approval, for, as the scriptures tell us, he who seeks to know He will in no wise cast out.

Love exalts Him, and the more love you proffer in your daily life, the more it yields evidence of His grace in the world.

9.  (Q) [413]:

(A) Demonstrate the love that He manifested through you by forgiving you: Live without grudges or discord, and intend nothing other than accomplishing good results through your endeavors, for the more you magnify your certainty of the Father, the more you manifest the Spirit of the Christ. "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."

10.  (Q) [307]:

(A) By the power of His name He radiates glory and love to all those who seek to know and to do His biddings. To the person who is faithful with a few things He allots the ruling of many things. So, keep to the course you’ve set, knowing that He is always present with you.

11.  (Q) [303]:

(A) Offer your love and let Him lead you in the way He would have you go. Don’t look back at what frightens you; for if you turn your face to the light the love He bestows will illuminate you speech, your actions, and your life. As He said, "If ye love me keep my commandments," for they are not oppressive if you seek to follow His direction.

12.  (Q) [294]:

(A) Work hard to gain His approval, rightly teaching the words of truth and avoiding the appearance of evil, so that no one speaks evil of your love and your goodness. Glory in the Lord and in His promises, so that day by day, in you and through you, many may awaken and call Him blessed.

13.  (Q) [538]:

(A) "Let not thine heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me." In every good work the Father shows his love through His Son to those who bless His holy name. And you accomplish good work not by creating resentment or discord, but in the little kindnesses and by your demeanor, whether at home, on the street, or here. Keep your course uncluttered.

14.  (Q) [560]:

(A) As a representative of those who would know His way, seek by way of your inner self to know how He would have you offer the love He has manifested through you. Christ’s promises reflect the love of His Father for Him, and you express that love in the acts of your mind, your body, and your personal conduct. His ways are not beyond your power to discover; nor are they strenuous if you are willing to be examples of His love till He comes again.

He will not delay his return, if you who love Him will just manifest His love on the earth.

15.  (Q) [993]:

(A) The course of revealing the ways that He would have you go, for as the love of the Father was born out in the life of the Master, so may His love for you be confirmed in the hearts, in the minds, and in the souls of those whom you touch every day. To you whom much is given much is required; yet who would resist the demands rather than learn His ways and put the love that surpasses human understanding at others’ disposal every day ?

16.  (Q) [69]:

(A) As your ways are His ways, rejoice in the love that is shed on you. Pass it on. For, in giving does one receive the joy that He gave; so did the radiance of the Father shine on the earth. Even though you face trials and disappointments, His love enables you to know and to understand what He would have you do day by day, here a little, there a little.

17.  (Q) [[69]'s husband]:

(A) In the course of your day, let His light so illuminate you that those you meet will know that it is the Father’s love by the way you speak and by the way you conduct your affairs. For, as He said, whoever projects His love will keep the Father’s ways day by day. Patting yourself on the back is the same as self-worship, but worshipping the Father and the Son shows you are willing to do what He bids you to do day by day. What, then, are His biddings? "Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and thine soul, and thy neighbor as thyself!"

18.  (Q) [341]:

(A) As a channel of the love that He manifested, examine the way you act, when you leave and when you return. Know that if you seek you shall find; if you knock, He will open the door, and - as He has stated - "My ways are not thy ways" unless ye keep the way of the Lord. In your praising, don’t laud your individual contribution; rather, let His glory be manifested in your acts day by day.

19.  (Q) [288]:

(A) In exhibiting His love, know "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them,” for, in your demeanor towards your brothers and sisters is the Father glorified. Your conduct during any situation is the reflection of that purpose in your heart. Keep your heart clean. Keep your purposes in Him, for He is the way and the light.

20.  (Q) [404]:

(A) Honor the Lord, for the ways that He would guide you are the ways in which your soul could know Him better. Because he loved you, the Father gave you His Son. If you love Him, keep His ways day and night, for His ways are not more than you can bear; nor will his ways elude you if you seek to know His face.

21.  (Q) [462]:

(A) To manifest the love as He has bestowed on you, just be kind one to another; not to impress or to manipulate, but to do the little things that bespeak of a mind that often speaks with Him. Not for notoriety, but because you undertake things that are often despised by men yet projects the love of the Father for His children. For, as the father pities his children, so does the heavenly Father have mercy on those who would revere Him.

Come ye, my children, in that ye have all been called unto that way which would show forth to thy neighbor, thy brethren, that the father loveth his children. Who are his children? They that keep his commandments day by day. For, unto him that is faithful and true is given the crown of life. The harvest is ripe, the laborers are few. Be not weary because there has been that which has seemed to trouble thee, for the ways are being opened to those that show themselves faithful and true. Faint not, for the day of the lord is near at hand. [GD's note: Was this a message from the archangel Michael? It sounded like it. Thus it is being indexed under Angels and Archangels, to be considered along with the rest. See 262-49, Par. 5-A.


22. We are through.

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6.25.1933, Virginia Beach, VA

4:10 to 4:30 PM, EST

1. GC: Please provide what we need to complete work on the lesson, Love, and answer our questions.

2. EC: [Acknowledges Norfolk Study Group #1]

3. You need compile only what the members have contributed, in a format and style that will be useful to other individuals who wish to apply these lessons to their own lives.

4. In the end, the lessons should sum only those who have added to them.

5. These twelve lessons can form the starting point for those who seek truth. However, as you have learned, the greater part of these lessons is merely knowledge unless they put them to work every day.

6. Begin with that study, with what you have learned here. Follow through: use those results to put together a book that corresponds to the truth we’ve presented you.

7. Your next lesson to practice for you as an individual, and for the group as a whole will be   Opportunity; then Day and Night; and then God, the Father and His Manifestations on the Earth.

8. These, as you will see, will also become living truths, as you practice day in and day out the fundamental truths you discover.

9. We’re ready to answer your questions.

10. (Q) Do you have any advice for the compilers in regard to the paper, Present World Conditions, which has been returned from Dallas, Texas? [3976-11, Par. R1]

(A) We suggest you edit it and bring it up to date, and then submit it to Collier's Magazine.

11. (Q) Should another reading guide that edit?

(A) The compilers have already asked for another reading. Let them ask for what they need to finish.

12. (Q) Why did Mrs. [585] call the group to Miss [993]’s home on the morning of June 15th?

(A) Because of certain pressures in Mrs. [585]’s life.

13.   (Q) Was the pressure benign?

(A) "By their fruits ye shall know them." [See 585.2.40]

14. (Q) Do you have a message for the group as a whole, today?

(A) (Long pause)

15. GC: If there is no message, we have no more questions. (Gertrude gave Edgar the suggestion to wake up.)

[Note: See 264.67.4 for EC’s explanation for not answering the last question.]

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