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  The Cross and the Crown: Lesson X



1.8.1933, Virginia Beach, VA

4:00 to 4:15 P. M., EST

1. GC: You have before you the group and their work on the lesson, The Cross and the Crown. Please provide more material on this subject to aid us in developing this lesson. You will answer the following general and individual questions, as I ask them:

2. EC: [Acknowledges group]

3. We can see by your outline, as well as by your meditation and the questions that you are, or at least should be, asking yourselves, you have reached that stage in your development where to serve means to share in a practical way the changes that occurred within you as you worked through these lessons. You must, each of you in the way that is most characteristic of you, be a channel of blessing to your brothers and sisters by teaching these lessons, by passing on what you have learned as a result of your studies. To teach these lessons, it would be helpful to ask yourselves questions much like these:

4. Why have you chosen the way of the Cross?

5. Why must you bear a cross; just because the cross was borne for us by another?

6. Why did He, the maker of heaven and earth, have to bear a cross as a man?

7. Why did He come into the world as a man, that He might as a man bear a cross?

8. Why do you bear much that He did, yet say that by accepting His instruction, the cross becomes easy to bear?

9. You must answer these and similar questions, and find in your own heart an answer that satisfies you in light of how living through these lessons – and teaching them - has changed you.

10. Does your life, lived in accordance with your own faith, your own virtue and understanding, and your own walking in the Presence, explain of why your soul must bear a cross?

11. Why have you chosen the Cross, rather than any other system of thought that might unify your many lives on Earth - and correlate your current material and spiritual challenges?

12.  Why is the Cross, the emblem of shame, still necessary for you to bear, if, ultimately, you are meant to gain the Crown? You have reached that stage in the incarnations of your soul where you will walk no more with this thought or else say as Peter, "Thou alone hast the words of eternal life, to whom shall we go?"

13. These, then, are the questions you should ask yourselves, and put into the lesson under a heading such as: "Why I as a soul, in the development through this material plane, must bear a cross."

14. Then, when you’re finished discussing this portion and you’ve written your reply, we’ll offer, "Why the Crown."

15. We are through for the present.

For Bible citation from 262.35 Index, go here


1.22.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:00 to 4:30 PM EST

1. GC: You have before you the group and their work on the lesson, The Cross and the Crown. As we have answered the questions suggested in the last reading, will you please continue, "Why the Crown," providing counsel that will strengthen and help us in our daily lives. You will answer the questions I ask.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group, and the work each of you have contributed to this present understanding.

3.  All of you have concluded that the Son of man needed to enter the world for the sake of human understanding, and that the Cross necessarily became the symbol of He who offered himself.

He came into the world that He, in overcoming the world, might gain the Crown.

4. You, too, find your cross overcoming the world, overcoming those circumstances that not only enable you to meet the issues of life, but enable you to become heir with Him of the Crown of Glory.

5. What, then, is this Crown of Glory? Does it describe only those circumstances that have to do with the spiritual life? Did overcoming these give Him authority? Did overcoming the world make this Son of man the Lord, the Glory, the Crown of Life?

6. He, as your pattern [role model], opens the way for your soul - as it meets the cross, endures the temptations and overcomes them - to become a joint heir with Him to the Crown of Glory.

You have the temporal, mental, and spiritual power to become a Son or a Daughter of God, to fulfill that purpose for which you are called, to carry on in His manner: overcoming, meeting, and bearing within yourself, not in sorrow or in in wailing, but in the joy of the Lord.

7.  The first the sign that you have met the cross, that you have endured, is that in whatever circumstance you find yourself meeting your cross, you meet it in the joy of the Lord. Happiness and joy go hand in hand.

8. When you have overcome, you are joyous in the knowledge that He has granted you the power to meet, to use, and to overcome, and you’re joyous in the knowledge that you understand why.

9.  With joy, then, you serve by making known to others the Way of the Cross and the Crown of Glory. You serve with joy, knowing you are spending your life in the way that He would have you do, for He is always present. The door is open. Virtue and understanding find expression. Faith is renewed day by day, for you understand your relationship to each and every circumstance that arises - whether from mental, material, or spiritual influences; for the Father is a cooperative force in whatever sphere of endeavor you are engaged in this service.

10. By enduring the cross, the patience that makes you aware of your soul finds its kinship with the Father’s patience through your attitude towards service, and through your attitude towards those you serve day by day.

11. As He has said, and as we have repeated again and again, not in times nor seasons, not in new moons nor in any place, but every day, every hour, demonstrate His love in a way that makes it plain to everyone you touch that He walks with you, that He is your friend.

12. With the cross comes the crown to you if you’re faithful in the few things, and your joys shall be many in the service you are called to do; for His path is made plain if you look for it.

As He has said, he that seeks shall find, to him that knocks shall it be opened.

13. You shall enter into the joys of your Lord, enjoying that crown that brings joy, happiness, harmony, peace; for He is the Prince of Peace.

14. Ready for questions.

15.  (Q) The paper, "Present World Conditions" which we sent to the Argosy Publishing House, Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., has been returned to us, unclaimed. Is there any further advice to us concerning this address or the paper? [See 3976-11 Reports.]

(A) That is the address, that is the building. If these are rejected, then send it on to the others.

16. (Q) Upon what is His glory in the Crown conditioned?

(A) Faith-ful-ness. (sic)

17.  (Q) Please explain, "He with the cross, represents something in the experience of every entity in their activities through the earth and has led in all the experiences of thought in any of the presented forms of truth in the earth and comes at last to the cross." [See 262.33?]

(A) As we have said, and as He said, in the beginning He was the Son.  He made the Son - and the Sons that went astray. Through His various lifetimes He overcame the world, bearing the cross in each and every lifetime, reaching the final cross with all the power and knowledge gained by having overcome the world - and by His own choice accepted the Cross, the task each of you has of overcoming the world, hence doing away with what you call karma, which everyone must encounter if you choose to not accept the burden of overcoming the world.

The immutable law of cause and effect is at work in the material, the mental, and the spiritual world today; but He, in overcoming the world, in overcoming the law of cause and effect, became the Law.

The law of cause and effect, then, remains the schoolmaster for most individuals, or the school of training for most individuals, while you who have named the Name are no longer powerless under the law of cause and effect as an unchallengeable principle, but are under His mercy, for in Him all things – including your desires – are in step.

Remember the pattern Christ created in the mount. The mount is your self. It is your physical body, your mental body, and your spiritual body. It is the platform for your soul. That is the mount!1 As long the mount maintains a suitable balance, all things work together for its good. But when there is willful disobedience in the mount, chaos erupts, and the mount labors against itself, and anarchy in the mount’s mental, physical, and spiritual efforts result in its physical death.

So, in overcoming the world, He set as the Throne, or the mercy seat, what you will find within the temple, as part of the pattern in the mount - and in your own self when you say, as the wayward son said, "I will arise and go to my Father, in Him, through Him. I will! I will!”

18. (Q) What is the definite stand we all must now take?

(A) That you accept the Cross, the task of overcoming the world, as your Ideal- rather than the mental or any other facet of life during this incarnation.

19. We are through for the present.

For Bible citations from 262.36 Index, go here

Try these synonyms in place of mount: platform, underframe, framework, structure, skeleton, bones; pattern, frame…

Edgar Cayce used mount in earlier and later readings. A helpful reference is this one from the Work series, 254.101.22, dated 6.28.1938:

21. Then may each of you here, through the coming year, have this - in your own words - as your counsel in meditation:

22. God, in You I put my trust! You know my heart, my mind, my purposes, and my desires! Make them, o God, Yours!

May I choose to do what you would have me do. May my purposes and my desires be one with Yours - for I would be one with You!

And just as You have promised, as You have shown us Christ’s pattern in the mount of our own consciousness, may we walk with the Son of light and mercy and grace, just as shown to us by Jesus - the lowly one!

And may our will be with You, that You may come and abide with us day by day.

Not my will but Yours, o God, be done in me.

See also 262.37.5


R2. 5/9/60 GDT's comments on SFG - Cross and Crown -

Lesson X - A Search for God, Book I pp. 107 - 108

Comments by Gladys Davis Turner - 5/9/60 on tape for Study

(Q) Why did He come into the world as a man that He might
bear a cross?

(A) For me, the answer to why He came is found in the Edgar
Cayce readings' explanation of the incarnations of the soul
who became Jesus.

First, as Amilius, He led - or projected - souls into the
earth as thought forms.

Then He came as Adam, the first physical man, who "fell" in
the flesh and thus it became necessary for him to eventually
come as the last Adam to show us the way.

Thirdly He came as Enoch, who walked with God and was not
because God took him.

Then He came as Melchizedek, the prince of Salem, without
father, without mother, without days; he was not born and he
did not die. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek. Many
parallels can be found here with the life of Jesus.
According to the readings Melchizedek, as I understand it,
had attained the state of mastership such as we find in the
so-called Eastern masters. In order to save the souls who
had become involved in the earth because of his example, he
then realized he would have to start all over in the earth
and really go through all the trials and tribulations just as
every other soul. [As Melchizedek he wrote the Book of Job.
See 5719-14, Par. 9-A; 262-55, Par. 14-A; and 3744-4, Par.

He came then as Joseph. We see many parallels here with

Then He came as Joshua, the medium through which Moses
obtained the laws on the mount.

Next He came as Jeshua, the scribe, who compiled and rewrote
the Biblical record as we have it to that date.

Then He came into the earth as Zend [San - Zan?], father of
the first Zoroaster, who wrote - the readings say - the Zend
Avesta, sacred writings of the Persians.

Finally He came as Jesus, the last Adam, in whom we all may
be made alive - or at one with our Creator.

Until He started over again as Joseph, he had not actually
taken on the trials and tribulations of man. He chose, as
Melchizedek, to come down into the depths of materiality, and
He moved step by step back to the father. Having chosen to
do this, it was not possible then for him to get out of the
flesh without perfecting himself in the flesh.

Nothing is said in the story of the prodigal son about how
long it took him to return to his father after he had decided
he would return.

Gradually, life after life, here a little, there a little,
the soul perfected itself in the earth and, as Jesus, took
his spiritualized body back to God, becoming the Christ.
According to the Edgar Cayce readings each of us must do the

A later editor for the Edgar Cayce Foundation noted:
Edgar Cayce readings on which Gladys Davis Turner based the
preceding comments on THE CROSS AND THE CROWN, Lesson X - A
Search for God, Book 1 pp. 107--108: 281-10, Par. R1 in re
Egyptian incarnation as Hermes; 1158-9, Par. 41-A; 1035-1,
in re Asaph, David, etc.; 262-55, Par. 14-A; 364-8 and
entire series; 2072-4; 2072-5; 2072-6; 2072-7; 2072-8;
3054-4; 3342-1, Par. 4, 23-A; 5023-1; 5322-1; [5749] series
especially 5749-5, Par. 13; 5749-6, Par. 6, 21; 5749-8,
Par. 13-A--15-A; 5749-10, Par. 26-A, 27-A; 5749-14, Par.
18-A--21-A, 5-A. Also [991]'s Persian incarnation re
Zoroaster, and 991-1, Par. 59-A.



2.5.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:10 to 4:35 PM, EST

1. GC: You will have before you the group and their work on the lesson, The Cross and the Crown. You will answer the questions they ask as individuals and as a group.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group and their work on the lesson, "The Cross - The Crown."

3. As you study and prepare yourself to teach these lessons to other women and men, you must also analyze yourself, and determine what has been and what may be motivating you.  You must cast aside selfish considerations and you must not fan the appetites that would only satisfy only your body’s desires.

The method of individual reflection and group discussion by which we approach each lesson suggests the shape of the lesson which should follow it, which this time is, The Lord Thy God Is One.

Ready for questions.

4.  (Q) Please explain, "Ye may be known by the name He has given."

(A) As He said, there is no other name uttered among men through whom you may be saved – and saved from what and for what purpose, you may ask? In the quote above, this name which has been chosen should stand as the answer to those questions. As we have said, to you whom He has called – and called for service along a specific path or an area of endeavor, that you may be a channel of blessing to someone – He gives the power to become a son of God.

5. (Q) Please explain more fully what is meant by the mount as patterned in the physical body.

(A) A whole volume might be written on this subject!

The reference is to the pattern provided in the Temple Mount for those under that particular system of rules, for their edification as they approached what they worshiped during that period.1 And the pattern in the mount is represented in your body through Christ’s glorification seen at the time of His change from His physical state into His spiritual state [His transfiguration], which makes specific reference to the Cross and the Crown.

As the wall of the dry outer court of the Temple Mount represents the limits of your physical body, use your mental body to approach the verdant inner court, which represents your spiritual body, and the holy of holies, where you may speak face to face with the Father.

In the vision - or the representation - of the Temple Mount, the law and the prophets were represented in the physical (Moses), the mental (Elijah), and the spiritual (the Christ).

In the same way, find the physical, the mental, and the spiritual pattern in yourself. This is the pattern you must perceive in the manner that other women and men, to whom you may be a channel of blessing, conduct their lives, and (need we say it?)  the manner in which you conduct yourself in this lifetime.

6. (Q) As I call the name of each individual in the group, you will please give an individual message of guidance: First, [993]:

(A) As we have indicated, your course is front of you. Remain faithful to your commitment, letting Him guide you day to day.

7. (Q) [560]:

(A) While it’s reason that guides you, as you awaken through these lessons from day to day, follow where He leads you.

8.  (Q) [69]:

(A) From him who has been given much, much is required. You have imposed goals on yourself that reflect the hope you feel.  Renew that hope only in the measure you need to drive you through the various trials.

9. (Q) Please tell me the condition.

(A) Whatever renews your hope.

10. (Q) [[69]'s husband]:

(A) Keep to your present opportunity, that of conveying to those you meet your vision of what lies ahead. [See 262-40, Par. 13-A.11.]

(Q) [585]:

(A) As dilemmas arise that test your commitment, know these are efficient and sufficient for you; that these dilemmas will brace you during those periods when you need strength. Don’t give way, for the Crown is ahead.

12. (Q) [538]:

(A) Embrace that state of mental and spiritual awareness that follows communion with Him in your inner self, for He is able to steer you through all shadows that may arise.

13.  (Q) [294]:

(A) Preserve your faith, for if you endure, you will wear the Crown of Life.

14. (Q) [341]:

(A) As the opportunity opens for you to distribute what you gained through the mental and material aspects of your spiritual relationships, be ever ready - as He said, "Go call thy brother.

15. (Q) [288]:

(A) As you begin to recognize the trials of your past lives through studying your hardships or the hardships of others, so may your good cheer bring peace and harmony to the women and men around you.

16. (Q) [295]:

(A) In the promise that through you may come blessings to many, make yourself a perfect channel, that those who seek His face may see His glory through you.

17. (Q) [413]:

(A) Keep the channel open and your heart sensitive to those calls from within, that His glory - through your mental development - may gain you more of the peace and harmony from contentment in His service.

18. (Q) [303]:

(A) In keeping your face to the light the shadows fall far behind. His strength sustains, His love is sufficient, His power is always at hand - to those who are faithful in His service. Lose your self in the love for His ways.

19. (Q) [462]:

(A) Keep to the course that brings gladness in the strength of the power of His might toyour life.

20. (Q) [404]:

(A) The door is open, the path is before you. Let what makes for a closer walk with Him guide every footstep.

21. (Q) [379]:

(A) The way of the Cross is light. Though it may have its crown of thorns, it also has the glory that befuddles the finite mind. Yet, as the infinite opens the way the thorns become less and the way brighter.

22.  (Q) [307]:

(A) The glory of the Lord is in your day by day service, in making His ways known to others through your life experiences, experiences that may act for others as signposts along the way for His promise that, if you endure, you will bear the cross and the crown.

23. (Q) [243]:

(A) He protects the road you travel on; trust Him.

24. (Q) Is there any message for the group as a whole?

(A) Be joyous in your service day by day. Don’t let trouble deter you from knowing the peace, the happiness, and the joy in the Lord.

25.  (Q) Any other message at this time?

(A) Keep your heart singing. Keep the glory of Him before you. Amen!

26. That is all.

27. We are through for the present.

For Bible citations from 262.37 Index, go here

1 From the Wikipedia entry, Temple Mount (Bible citations and hyperlinks omitted): Judaism regards the Temple Mount as the place where God chose the divine presence to rest; according to the rabbinic sages whose debates produced the Talmud, it was from here the world expanded into its present form and where God gathered the dust used to create the first man, Adam. The site is the location of Abraham's binding of Isaac. According to the Bible, two Jewish Temples stood at the Temple Mount, though there is no proof for the first temple. According to the Bible the site should function as the center of all national life—a governmental, judicial and, of course, religious center. During the Second Temple period it functioned also as an economical center. From that location the word of God will come out to all nations, and that is the site where all prayers are focused. According to Jewish tradition and scripture, the first temple was built by Solomon the son of David in 957 BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The second was constructed under the auspices of Zerubbabel in 516 BCE and destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 CE. Jewish tradition maintains it is here the Third and final Temple will also be built.

The location is the holiest site in Judaism and is the place Jews turn towards during prayer. Due to its extreme sanctity, many Jews will not walk on the Mount itself, to avoid unintentionally entering the area where the Holy of Holies stood, since according to rabbinical law, some aspect of the divine presence is still present at the site. It was from the Holy of Holies that the High Priest communicated directly with God.


2.19.1933, Norfolk, VA

4:25 to 4:50 PM, EST

1. GC: You will have before you the group gathered here and their work on the lesson, "The Cross and the Crown," a copy of which I hold in my hand. As I call each paragraph you will comment on it and make such suggestions for corrections or additions that will make this lesson a more complete expression of the truth we are trying to convey. You will answer the questions which will be asked by the group or by individuals in the group.

2. EC: Yes, we have the group as gathered here, as a group, as individuals, and their work on the lesson.

3.  (Q) GC: Par. 1.

(A) This is very good. You might show in the introduction just why the group chose the Way of the Cross as their way. As Jesus argued, If you know the truth the truth shall set you free. In the Cross then, there must be more freedom than is ordinarily termed or considered in a way of the cross.

(EC Answers "Very good" to each paragraph from 2 through 39.)

In considering additions to introduction, you will find that you’ll have to make some minor changes to Par. 12.

As we begin with the next lesson, Know He, The Lord Thy God, Is One, your affirmation should be:

As my body, mind and soul are one, You, o Lord, in the manifestations in the earth, in power, in might, in glory, are one. May I see in what I do, day by day, more of that realization, and manifest the more.

Then, the culmination of this series of lessons will be Love; for He so loved the world as to give His son, His self, that man should come to the realization of the Oneness of the Father in the earth.

You as a group, you as individuals, have been chosen so you may manifest the power, the might, the glory of the love of the Father, so you may come step by step to the realization of that wonderful experience in yourselves of being a channel through which many may come to know the mercifulness of God, the loving-kindness of His love, the power in His name.

And may you all be on fire with the powers that may manifest through you; becoming less and less self-centered, less and less selfish; and more and more at peace and in harmony with those experiences that are yours as you go about emanating His love, through applying what you are gaining through your walks with Him in prayer and in meditation.

So, meeting together may more and more have the purpose of spreading those truths that make you free in your abilities to become lights, helpers for, through and by, His power.

As you seek then, my children, to know His way, so does He glorify in you what He has appointed you to do.

Keep your heart open, that the Voice of Him who has called may quicken each thought and each act in your daily walks.

For, little by little, line by line, you grow in grace, in knowledge, and in understanding of His ways. They are not hidden, nor far off, for all is made manifest to those who will hear and will see the glory of the Father’s Oneness.

4. We are through.

For Bible citations from 262.38 Index, go here




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